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Declaration of the Shan State National Army

   (BOXUN Received from S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese)

   No. 0018/2005

   Date. May 21, 2005

   1. In believing the SLORC would be sincere with the peaceful negotiationmeans to settle the problems in Shan State, the SSNA (Shan State NationalArmy) left the MTA (Mong Tai Army) in1995 and entered into a cease-fire for10 years.

   2. During this 10 year period of one-sided cease fire, the Burma Armyviolate the cease fire on numerous occasions and have attempted to destroythe SSNA. The following SSNA troops were forced to surrender by the BurmeseArmy.

   (a) In 1996 – Sao Kanna (Mong Yawn) in No. 275 Military Area and Sao Pho Mar with his 8th Brigade.

   (b) In April 2005 – Sao Kanna (Hsenwi) and his men from 11th Brigade.

   (c) In April 2005 – Second Lt. Sai Hsu and 9 followers.

   (d) On 20th May 2005 – Lt.Col. Gung Khur and his men from 19th Brigade.

   All were forced to surrender. Many more men and officers from SSNA wereeither detained or killed and their weapons confiscated by Burma Army inseveral separate occasions. These incidences have proven that, thecease-fire is a tool used by SPDC, where there was nothing to ease themisery of the people, except to destroy us.

   3. In 2004-2005, the SSNA was invited by the Burmese Generals to attendtheir National Convention. SSNA sent 3 delegates to attend the NationalConvention. It was well prepared and designed, for their own benefit. Ethnic Nationalities found that they could neither express their views, nor annul a single clause to benefit their own people. Thus we believe that it is useless to join the undemocratic National Convention, where Ethnic Nationalities have no rights to express their views.

   4. The Burmese Generals said they are upholding their 3 main nationalcauses, which are (a) Nondisintegration of the Union (b) Non-Disintegratingof National Solidarity and (c) Perpetuation of National Sovereignty. But, in practice, they are against the construction of unity among Ceasefire groups,among ethnic nationalities and above all the forming of a genuinefederation, which was accepted by all Ethnic People. At this time, theydetained the Chairman of SSJAC (Shan State Joint Action Committee). And also the Chairman of the SSPC and the Chairman of SNLD were detained by theBurmese generals.

   5. The SPDC made it clear that they do not accept Democracy. They rejectfreedom of expression and will hold on to power by the use of military force for their ethnic cleansing policy.

   6. We the SSNA, believed that “To settle the problems by peacefulnegotiation through cease-fire is now impractical”. Due to the oppressionof the SPDC and the resultant failure of the cease-fire, we will continue to defend our people and our nation by any means. Therefore, we declare that,“From now on The Cease-fire between the SSNA and the SPDC, as well as SSNA ’s participation in the SPDC’s National Convention is terminated”.


   Col. Sai Yi

   Commander in Chief

   Shan State National Army

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