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The Generals Are Doomed to Hell (Part Two)

(Mar. 31, 2005)

   Fascist Generals and Oppressed Soldiers by Maung Chan

   Patriotic War Veterans of Burma , those anti-Colonist and anti-Fascist heros, appealed on March 27,2005 that people should differentiate between the nearly 500,000 oppressed soldiers and the handful fascist generals. The Burmese soldiers are also victims of the fascist generals.

   Yes. It is no doubt that people will ever forgive and always welcome back the oppressed soldiers ,

   -if they obey the general' s orders no more to burn, kill, loot the people, force whole villages to be displaced, force villagers to labour, use their lives to detect mines, gang rape their wives and daughters,

   -if they stop to abuse human rights and turn to the people's side; fight together with the people against the generals.

   We know that 30 comrades have been trained by the Japanese Fascists during the 2nd World War.

   Although most comrades led by Aung San are patriotic, few generals like Ne Win fully accept the fascist ideology and behaviour. It is a historical tragedy that the fascist Japanese Army was brought to Burma in 1941: not only bringing disaster to our country and our people, but also damaging all anti-fascist democratic forces worldwide.

   After Independence of Burma Union in 1948, there emerged in our country the civil war mainly due to the chauvinism and fascism of the generals.

   These generals seized the power by coup in 1962, lawlessly overthrew U Nu's parliament-democracy government and established the dictatorial military regime.

   They abolished the Union Constitution and intensified the civil war to kill and torture ethnic people.

   They occupied people's enterprises under the name of "Nationalization" and looted people's fortune by annulling without compensation the Bank notes 100 Kyats & 50 Kyats in 1963-64.

   They whipped up Chauvinism, let the Burmans kill other non-Burman nationalities including Burma's Chinese. They instigated racist sentiments creating racist conflicts among 135 ethinc races and nationalities.

   They produced during 1965-87 several bloody religious conflicts among Theravada Buddhism,Christians, Muslim and other sects of Buddhsim.

   They gave the order to open fire, and shot dead thousands of students, civilians, monks and nuns demanding democracy in 1988.

   From 1990 onwards, the generals have intensified the Divide & Rule among the Burmans: suppressing brazenly Bokyoke Aung San¡¯s daughter and the National Leaque for Democracy led by her.They attacked Aung San Suu Kyi's English husband and said that she and her sons can not be trusted and her NLD will certainly sell the country to western powers. Recently the generals have intensified the struggle for power among them, resulting General Khin Nyunt and his followers jailed and his National Security Department dissolved.

   The generals defy laws human and divine.They dare to think ,speak and do resolutely for their own interest.

   Thus the nearly 500,000 Burmese soldiers become the killing machine and the oppressing instument of the successive military regimes.

   On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Resistance Day, which falls on the 27th of March 2005, the Patriotic War Veterans of Burma is releasing this statement for all ranks and files of the 'Tatmadaw', the Armed Forces of Burma.

   Comrades: Almost sixty years ago this time, our Tatmadaw was founded by Bogyoke Aung San, the architect of Burma's Independence, for these noble aims: to achieve our country's independence; to safeguard the independence and sovereignty of our country; to protect the lives of the people and safeguard the interests of the people; and to maintain the national unity among the ethnic groups of our 'Pyidaungsu'. Throughout the history of our Tatmadaw we have successfully carried out our duties, sacrificing with our blood and sweat, and our Tatmadaw was well respected and loved by the people.

   But after the bloody coup in March 1962 by General Ne Win and under the wrongful guidance of the successive military dictators up to this present day, not only our country is in shambles, but also our Tatmadaw has been washed of all the good credentials and has become a stooge of these dictators. The people have lost faith in and respect for our Tatmadaw and their love for us has turned into disgust and hatred. All of you are well aware of the true situation of our country and the true situation of today's Tatmadaw because we all are sharing the sorrows and tragic events with our people, passing through time together.

   In fact, these so-called military leaders have used our Tatmadaw, which was one of the top armed forces in South-East Asia with great discipline and integrity, to rob the country's power from the people, the rightful owners. These so-called military leaders have used our Tatmadaw to harass, intimidate and suppress our own people. Thousands of our people had lost their lives, thousands more are still being tortured in prisons, families are separated and their lives are shattered, people are displaced in whole villages, and many more atrocities are committed.

   Comrades: These military dictators will do whatever they can to prolong their grip on power. In the pretence of acting in the interests of the people, in the pretence of defending the country from disintegration, they have deceived the people and even the Tatmadaw, saying that their aim is to hand over power to the people one day and that the Tatmadaw will eventually be going back to their barracks. In reality their promise of that 'day' never arrived, even after almost two decades. If only they were really sincere, this period of time, two decades is ample time to turn our country back on the road to democracy and freedom, reunification and reconstruction and back into the international community of civilized nations.

   Our people and the majority of our Tatmadaw men have realized these so-called military leaders' real identity especially in the past few months. The upper elite of the military leaders is deeply involved in corruption and scandals. There are many factions and those factions are fighting among themselves for stronger positions in order to be in the best position to become the richest generals. Those generals who are calling for the unity of our Pyidaungsu cannot even manage to have unity among them.

   The sad thing is that our Tatmadaw has become a puppet of these military rulers. These generals are very much aware that if they can control the Tatmadaw they can hold on to the power. And in doing so they are trying to destroy and corrupt the Tatmadaw, not only the good name, but also the spirit, the integrity and the discipline of once a proud Bama Myochit Tatmadaw.

   In fact, our Tatmadaw has nothing to do with this handful of generals who call themselves the Tatmadaw Government. They are taking all the benefits of the elite society when our soldiers are at the frontlines, sacrificing their lives. Our soldiers do not even have enough uniforms or boots when the generals are making millions of dollars in kickbacks from foreign companies selling off our country's natural resources.

   Our troops are not provided with rations and our families are living in very poor standards whereas these generals are living in luxury homes. In addition, there is no future for our children in the family barracks whereas the generals of children are getting education in foreign countries. Not only our soldiers but also the 50 million of our people are suffering under the rule of the generals. If only we can disassociate ourselves from this handful of generals, they will have no place to hide and no place to run.

   Comrades: On the 27th March in 1945, our Bogyoke Aung San gave a speech to our troops at the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda. "We are going to march to the battlefront. There are going to be hardships and sacrifices. Find and fight the enemy nearest to you". Today we should all know our nearest enemy. We should all go back to the warmth of our people. Our people will always welcome us back, ever forgiving.


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