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貌强:Arch Usurper of State Power and People's Wealth

   by Maung Chan (Burma's Chinese)

   Industry Minister Aung Thaung told a meeting of business leadersTuesday that if enough jatropha crops were planted ,it could

   A) improve the livelihood of farmers,

   B) fulfill the nation's fuel needs & be the "only way out of the oil crisis.

   Hayh! a moment!

   concerning A):

   Don't fool others as well as yourselves.

   You always shout "to improve people's livelihood".Since your coup, you have indeed improved you generals' livelihood. However,since 1962 the people have been year by year suffering more and more .

   Our Burma was,once upon a time, a land of world rice producer. Our farmers were the richest in the South East Asia after the second World War.

   Listen, it is you, yes! merely because of your cruel exploitation and dictatorial rule, our farmers have become poorer and poorer. Finally ,the whole Burma faced unprecedentedly the nation-wide famine in 1967 and in 1987 our country was confirmed openly by the international community one of the world-poorest lands.

   How about now? -- All Burma's people live in bottom-poverty, same as hell!

   Boost no more ! NOW we have to pray our Lord Buddha to save our suffering people from the hell.

   concerning B) :fulfill the nation's oil needs & be the only way out of the oil crisis.

   Hayh! Listen again! the world-people know that our Burma was ,once upon a time, one of the region's most important oil producers.

   We interrogate you junta:

   1.What quantity and amount of people's oil have you sold abroad every year? In which generals' safeboxes or in which foreign banks are our Burma's oil-dollars kept?

   2.The international oil price has dramatically risen yearly.You have increased the price of people's oil too, keeping pace with rising global prices.

   You generals,your relatives and those businessmen closed to you, become richer and richer while we people are too poor to live. WHY?!

   Don't you know that Burma's oil-field and Burma's oil-dollars belongs to the entire people of Burma?

   We people know well: in 1979, our country pumped AT LEAST 32,000 barrels of crude a day. Now according to your so-called official figure, it was as low as 16,000 barrels of crude pumped a day in 2002, or an annual total of 5.8 million !

   Don't try to hide something from us! We people of Burma never,YES, NEVER! trust you ,the most greedy and notorious generals in the world. You generals always steal and rob if possible. Do you remember: you used the name of "nationalization" to occupy people's enterprises? rob people's wealth by nullifying the bank notes?

   You cheat the people,resulting all the people hate you.You cheat also among yourselves,causing cruel power struggle among you.

   You usurp state power ,you sell natinal interest and steal people's everything, you all are notorious Burma's thieves,the arch usurper of state power and people's wealth.Therefore, Burmese people call you "Thu-Hkoo Nga-Thet-Pyaa" in Burmese, "Ali Baabaa" in foreign language.

   (S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese)

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