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貌强:Military Dictatorship vs. Colonialism

   Written in Burmese by Ba Aw

   Translated by Dr. Tayza (Burma Digest)

   Many unforgettable things happened this year. That’s why an important event has been totally forgotten_ the 120th anniversary of falling under colonial rule.

   On such an anniversary thoughts naturally wonder comparing this era and that era; and hugely surprised to find a lot of similarities. These are:_At that time, colonial powers were robbing the world with the whole world in chaos_ conditions previously agreed under previous agreements had been abandoned by all colonialist countries.

   How’s it different from today? Not much!

   Half a century of cold war era with well balanced world situations has been changed now. Powerful countries are ruling over the world_ trying to get a permanent place in UNSC and also trying to change UNSC set-up as well. Look at EU; look at US invasion in Iraq_ so many problems in the world today.

   At that time, 120 years ago, Burmese Kings had little contact with the outside world. Likewise, SPDC of nowadays is a loner in international community. Burmese Kings did not know about outside world because of their backwardness and lack of education. But SPDC knows little about outside world because they just want to isolate themselves and hibernate.

   At that time, Burmese Kings, knowing both English and French fancied Burma, tried to play the two colonial powers against each other. It’s the same today; SPDC, thinking themselves very smart, are trying to play a game among America, China, India and ASEAN. As a blind man is not afraid of ghosts, SPDC is doing whatever they like without regard to the danger of falling victim among powerful countries.

   At that time Burma was very backward. But, what about now? The gap between England and Burma at that time is not quite different from that existing between today’s Burma and America.

   At that time, the conditions in the Palace were very complicated. A large number of Royal Princes were detained and killedLikewise, these days SPDC has removed Gen. Khin Nyunt and all his followers from power and many more are going to see the same fate.

   A very wonderful similarity is that Burmese King moved his Capital while English colonialists were planning to invade upper Burma after they had got lower Burma according to Randapo treaty.

   It doesn’t mean that the history will repeat exactly in the same fashion_ just pointing out the fact that SPDC generals do not learn lessons from history.

   Burma’s problems has reached ASEAN, then Asia-Pacific forum, and EU; and eventually to United Nations. Burma has become hottest topic on all international forums.

   Burma’s affairs had been discussed by international community in the same way just once in history previously_ during Kuomintang invasion into Burma. But at that time Burma was the complainant in UN. But now, on all international forums, Burma under SPDC is always a villain. In history, our country has never been disgraced that much. Now, after being disgraced so much, our country will be despised by the international community for many decades to come.

   From historical point of view, the world today is in a transitional period. America is the only super-power but dragged down in Iraq. Bounded by her own problems, America cannot intervene in world affairs as usual.

    Such a transitional period provides a golden opportunity for all countries to try for their own benefits. E.g, Latin American countries are taking advantage of America’s being occupied by Iraq, and they are trying to increase their independent stature and prestige. But, Burma’s SPDC is just rolling around in the ashes.

   SPDC talk too much about opposing colonialists. But nobody listens to them. Every body knows why they are shouting like that. Shouting crazily does not make a National Hero. A national Hero has to struggle and fight along with the people.

   Having said that, it can be questionable if Burma will become a colony again. We can say that colonialism will never come back. But if Burma is very very backward, it is not much better than being a colony.

   Nobody wants to live in rubbles listening to the sounds of gun-fire and bomb-explosions everyday. Nobody wants to live a frightful life as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

   In business sector, Burma can sell only the raw materials (Primary Product) and have to import everything relying on the outside world.A small hut squeezed among sky-scrapers will not get fresh air however free and independent it is. How will lack of fresh air affect our health?SPDC is dragging Burma down to such a condition.

   Since the time of falling under colonial rule, Burmese people has been trying to be able to stand up proudly in the international community_ and it has been 120 long years since then.

   [The original Burmese article was written by Ba Aw and published in Mojo journal January issue. Translated into English by Dr. Tayza and into Chinese by Maung Chan]

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