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·Deliver the Junta of Burma to the International Criminal Court
貌强:Poor Border Chinese Shot Dead by Burma Army

   by Maung Chan ( Burma’s Chinese)

At Sino-Burma Border

    Begin May this year, I was invited to present my “Theravada & Shan/Tai/Dai Region” in the Yunnan Dai Culture Forum.

    According to my kind request, the sponsor arranged Dai brothers bringing me to Dai villages along the Sino-Burma border, to explore the “unsettled historical case”:

    “Burmese king Ba Yin Naung after having conquered Shan State , brought his main forces marching along the Shweli river( then called Mao river ) to have crushed Mao Shan kingdom and built Theravada pagodas and monasteries there.

    ( Please note that we do not agree to call Theravada Buddhism as “Hinayana” which has derogatory sense)

    Please refer my article: Theravada and Shan/Tai/Dai Region in link: http://www.boxun.com/hero/Burma'sChinese/6_1.shtml

    By car we passed dense woods, small river or brook which mark the border-line. We faced often serial heavy-loaded wood trucks in front of us which were climbing slowly.

    “Are they from the Kachin State of Northern Burma? ”asked I.

    “Yes sir. Here always heavy traffics day and night. Sorry to waste your valuable time! ”The driver regretted. After a while, he asked me surprisingly, “You came here far far away from Europe, how you know it? ”.

    “Ha! Ha! Global Witness and numerous international environmental protection institutions and organisations ,mostly from the U.S.A , have denounced China destroying the world’s rain forest, wrecking the world’s natural environment. The latest report in October by Global Witness says during the year 2004 more than 1 million cubic meters of timber, worth 250 millions, were illegally exported to China. You know? they have collectively written an open protest-letter to your Premier Wen Jiabao”.

    Please refer my articles:

    1. Stop logging Burma’s Rain Forest!


    2. Who Ruins Forest in Burma?


    3. Who is the Rain Forest Destroyer?


    “All woods factories have signed contracts with the Burma’s local authority, they trade officially, transport openly” The driver was with a puzzled face, “If you object or protest, first of all to Burma’s local authority, the seller, the next, to the buyers, you can persuade them with full reasons to refuse the purchase, of course you can convince also our Yunnan local government to ban the trade if possible ”.

    He paused a while, continued, “I can not understand why the white people, especially American people condemn us first? they confuse cause and effect and begin at the wrong end. They even so wrongly attack the Central government ten thousand Li(Chinese km) far away in Beijing!”.

Shot Chinese people Dead

    According to our reliable information reporting from the Sino-Burma border,

    --On 10 November ,7 cattle drovers were shot dead through their chests, some accurately through their hearts, by the Mongmit-based Light Infantry Battalion 348. The cattle drovers are hired and they are very poor people.

    --On December 15, six Chinese loggers were shot dead by Burma’s patrol army in the triangle of Namkham (Shan State) ,Manwiang (Kachin State) and China’s Yunnan .The six loggers died with a grievance. They are very poor too. Their poor wives and children cried their heart out for losing their dearest livelihood prop.

    Kutkhai-based Infantry Battalion 123, Namkham-based Infantry Battalion 144 and Kunlong-based Light Infantry Battalion 312 are known to be operating in the area. However, the Burma Army have shirked responsibility and shifted the blame onto the non-ceasefire Shan State Army-South's 241st Brigade commanded by Khun Kyaw for the killings.

    Immediately the SSA-South denied having committed the crime.

    Chinese authorities are mad and unsatisfied with Burma authority.

    The international community is watching closely the development.

    ( Maung Chan is the main responsible person and comtributor of “the S.H.A.N. & Burma’s News Published by Burma’s Chinese”貌强 )

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