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貌强: The Struggle Between the Junta and Its broad Opponents

by Maung Chan ( Burma’s Chinese )

The junta’s National Convention reopened on Dec 5.

   All people of Burma and the internatinal community abroad are watching it carefully.

   17 “Cease-Fire Groups” and 13 “other peace-groeps” were invitedby the junta to the convention. the NLD(National League for Democracy) and SNLD(the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy), the absolute winners of 1990 General Election, and the KNU (Karen National Union), the main armed force that has fought heroically against the Burmese government since 1948, are not invited. The NMSP(New Mon State Party) was invited, but it decided not to attend the sham convention.

   All nationalities of Burma that have been cheated and oppressed bythe fascist junta nearly a half century point out:

   “All playactings of these fascist junta serve merely to grip, maintain and consolidate power! nothing more!”

Is it true?

First,let's check the 17 Cease-Fire Groups:

   1。Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army.

   It belongs to the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance ( MNDA),originally was the former Communist Party of Burma CPB’s Kogang district. Nationality: Kogang.

   The junta names it the Northern Shan State Special Region 1 (MNDAA 1)。

   2。The United Wa State Solidarity Army(UWSA).

   It belongs to the United Wa State Solidarity Party (UWSP),originally was the former CPB’s Wa district. Nationality: Wa.

   The junta calls it the Northern Shan State Special Region 2。

   3。Shan State Army(SSA).

   It belongs to the Shan State Progressive Party(SSPP). Nationality: Shan.

   The junta names it the Northern Shan State Special Region 3。

   4。National Democratic Alliance Army(NDAA-ESS).

   It belongs to the National Democratic Alliance-Eastern Shan State (NDA-ES),orignally was CPB’s 815 Military Region. Nationality: Akha-Shan。

   It is named by the junta the Eastern Shan State Region 4。

   5。The New Democratic Army-Kachin (NDA-K).

   It belongs to the New Democratic Party-Kachin (NDP-K),originally was the former CPB’s 101 Military Region. Nationality: Kachin。

   The junta names it the Kachin State Special Region 1。

   6。The Kachin Democratic Army (KDA).

   It belongs to the Kachin Democratic Party KDP,originally was the former KIA 4th Brigade. Nationality: Kachin。

   The junta gives it the name of “the Northern Shan State Special Region 5”。

   7。The Pa-O National Army (PNA).

   It belongs to the Pa-O National Organization(PNO) ,an Ex-SNPLO breakaway faction. Nationality: Pa-O 。

   The junta calls it the Southern Shan State Special Region 6。

   8。The Palaung State Liberation Army (PSLA).

   It belings to the Palaung State Liberatin Party PSLP (PSLP). Nationality: Palaung。

   The junta names it the Northern Shan State Special Region 7。

   9。The Kayan National Guard (KNG).

   It belongs to the Kayan National Development Organization,originally was KNLP’s splinter group. Nationality: Kayan。

   The junta’s designation is the Kayah State Special Region 1。

   10。The Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

   It belongs to the Kachin Independence Organization(KIO). Nationality: Kachin。

   The designation given by the junta to it is the Kachin State Special Region 2。

   11。The Karenni Peoples' Liberation Army (KPLA).

   It belongs to The Karenni Nationality Peoples' Liberation Front (KNPLF),a KNPP’s splinter. Nationality: Karenni。

   The junta names it the Kayah State Special Region 2 。

   12。KNLA(Kayan New Land Army).

   It belongs to KNLP(Kayan New Land Party),Nationality: Kayan。

   The junta calls it the Kayah State Special Region 3。

   13。The Shan State Nationality Peoples' Liberation Army .

   It belongs to the Shan State Nationality Peoples'Liberation Organization(SNPLO). Nationality: Pa-O。

   14。The Karenni Army (KA).

   It belongs to the Karenni National Progressive Party(KNPP). Nationality: Karenni。

   15。The Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA ).

   It belongs to the New Mon State Party(NMSP). Nationality: Mon。

   16。The Mong Tai Army (MTA).

   It belongs to the Shan State Patriotic Council,originally was the Aik Sa's force. Nationality: Shan。

   17。Rakhine State Nationalities Solidarity Army.

   It belongs to Rakhine State Nationalities Solidarity Party,originally was the Former CPB’s Arakan State. Nationality: Arakan。

   MTA and Arakan CPB both are invited to the convention. The two surrendered unconditionally to the junta, so both are not included in the 17 Cease-Fire Groups.

   Moreover, MTA was splitted into 6 groups, of which 3 groups wereinvited to the convention. One of them, the Shan State National Army (SSNA), after disintegrating from MTA, united with SSA/SSA(North) to form the Shan State Peace Council SSPC. SSPC has failed in negotiation with the junta.It has combinded later with SSA-S(Shan State Army-South)。

   The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army(DKBA) is a splinter of KNU. It negotiated peacefully with the junta and has been allowed to keep its armed force,economic privilege and limited autonomy.

   The KNPP’s splinters are invited to the convention.

The Peace Groups That Surrendered Unconditionally

   They were mostly reorganised by the junta into CIGs and have been allowed to maintain their respective territories, armed forces and economic privilege.

   They are:

   1。The Karenni National Democratic Party(Dragon group).

   It surrendered in 1995, originally belonged to KNPP. Its leader is Lee Reh。

   The junta has not granted any special region in Kaya State for it .

   2。The Kayaw peace group.

   It surrendered in Sept 1999 and originally belonged to KNPP (Karenni National Development Party ).Its leader is Khoo Ree。

   The junta grants it to govern the Hoya ,Kayah State。 3 The Karen National Unity and Solidarity Organization, with Karihtoo ,Tin Neh and Saw Lawt as its leaders.

   It surrendered in Nov 2002/ Jan 2003 and originally belonged to KNPP. The junta grants it to govern the Mawchi and Khe-Ma-Phy, Kayah State。 4。Haung-tha-yaw/ Azin/Kyaik-don, Karen State.

   It originally belonged to KNU and surrendered in Feb 1997. Saw Tha-moo-heh is its leader.

   the group is granted by the junta to govern the Haung-tha-yaw Special Region。

   5。The Phayagon (Pa-an),Karen State with its leader Pado Aung Sann.

   It originally belonged to KNU and surrendered on the Apr 5, 1998。

   The junta grants it to rule the Pha-ya-gon Special Region。 6。Ho Mong,Southern Shan State with its leader Mahajar.

   It originally belonged to MTA and surrendered on the Jan 6, 1996。

   The junta grants it to lead the Ho Mong Special Region Welfare and Development。 7。Ka-thel-kwin (Pekon), Kayah State with its leader Khunn Main.It originally belonged to MTA and surrendered in Jan 1996。

   It rules the Shwe-pyi-aye Special Region。 8。Manpan/Naung-lai, Northern Shan State with its leader Sai Monn.

   It originally belonged to MTA and surrendered in Jan 1996.

   The junta authorized it to be the Manpan People's Militia。 9。Chaun-chi, Bok-pyin -Mergui, Tenasserim.

   Its leader is Aung Thaik Hin, originally it belonged to NMSP and surrendered in May 1997.

   It becomes the junta’s Mergui Mon Army MMA =Mon Armed Peace Group(MMA)。 10。Mon Splinter Group with its leader Nai Saik Chan.

   It originally belonged to NMSP and surrendered in 1997。

    The junta lets it govern the Iron Island=Kawt-thaung, Tenasserim.

   11。The Arakan Army Group with its leader Than Shwe.

   It originally belonged to the Arakan Army(AA) and surrendered in May 2002.

   The junta grants it to govern Kyauktaw, Arakan State. 12. Aik Sa’s Army, were reorganised into junta’s 6 Counter-Insurgency Groups / People’s Militia of 6 Special Regions respectively .

   The junta allows them to do business by cooperating and co-existing with the junta’s commanders.

    The follwing are Aik Sa’s 6 Special Regions:

   a) Ho Mong Special Region-Southern Shan State .Leader: Mahajar。

   b) Mong Taw/Mong Ta Special Region-Eastern Shan State .Leader: Hsan Monn。

   c) Man-Pan/Naung-Lai Special Region-Northern Shan State.Leader: Sai Monn。

   d) Mon Hin/Mong Ha Special Region-Northern Shan State .Leader: Law Mar。

   e) Shwe Pyi Aye--Ka-Thel-Kwin Special Region-Pekon ,Leader: Khunn Main。

   f) Na-Yai Special Region-Southern Shan State. Leader : Li Chang。


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