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貌强:Burma Re-opens National Convention

   By Maung Chan (Burma’s Chinese)

   -----In the following: Chinese journalist = CJ, Maung Chan = MC

   CJ: Your Burma has on Dec 5 reopened its National Convention, hasn’t it?

   MC: Yes, still at the same village Htan-na-pin, about 40 km from Rangoon. With traditional music and dances, Very lively! But the people’s will or wishes is less than 9%.

   CJ: The regime boosts 1075 representatives are from political parties, governmental servant,ethnic nationalities,merchants, profectional experts, workers and farmers, stating that they represent widely the nationalities ,parties and circles and classes of Burma.

   MC: Three biggest parties,NLD led by Aung San Suu Kyi ,SNLD led by Shan leaders and ethnic based UNLD that won together more than 91% of parliamentary seats have not been invited to this junta-sponsored National Convention.That means the convention loses more than 91% popular wishes or will.With less than 9% of freedomless cease-fire groups and junta-picked “representatives”, how can you call it “National Convention”?

   CJ: (laughing) if you do not let the junta name the meeting “National Convention”,then they will call it “Convention of People’s Representatives”. The junta knows how to give a beautiful name.......By the way, did your country already have a “Union Constitution”in 1947, on the eve of independence? Didn’t you?

    MC: Yes, that one is 1947 First Union Constitution. Although it is not genuine Fedreal Constitution,the ethnic nationalities have been forced to accept it. However, the Great Burman Chaovinism led by General Ne Win nullified it on 2-3-1962 after having overthrownthe democratically elected U Nu Government.The successive regimes have ruled the country since then under military dictatorship up to now.

   CJ: Mr. Ne Win’s government has drafted also a constitution, is ittrue ?

   MC: True. that is 1974 Constitution.The Burmese people said repeatedly that Burma had no law since 1962. “Burmese Laws are those what the junta have said”. So General Ne Win led his followers to establish a “civilian government” just by putting off the military uniform and wearing traditional clothes.

   “Civilian”U Ne Win led his followers making in 1974 “the Burmese Socialist Programme Party”and “the Socialist Constitution”.U Ne Win became the Chairman and his followers “the people’s representatives of all classes”.The Chairman and “The people’s representatives of all classes”created the people’s highest institution, the People’s Parliament.

   “Thus, Burmese Socialist Programme Party leads Burmese labouring people marching towards broad way of Burmese Socialism”.said the Burmese people.

   CJ: What is the Burmese Socialism’s basic policy as well as its highest form ?

   MC:The basic policy of Burmese Socialism is firm-gripping the political power with guns. The junta sings and shouts “Long live the Burmese Socialism!”on one side,they kill, burn, displace,rape and torture peoples of all nationalities on the other side. The junta knows nothings about economy, but they retroact according to their army interest.In 1963-64 the junta “nationalized”(rob officially) Burma’s Chinese factories,enterprises and Chinese schools, in 1967 the junta killed, burned and jailed innocent Burma’s Chinese. Burma, being once the richest country in the south-east Asia,became in 1987 one of the poorest countries in the world, reaching the highest stage of the Burmese Socialism.

   CJ: What happened then?

    MC: In 1987 ,Chairman U Ne Win stepped down, Burmese Socialist Programme Party was abolished.Another general was acclaimed Chairman and another junta-organisation “State Law and Order Reconstruction Council”was established. On 8.8.1988, the whole country revolted.The new junta gunned down “the counter-revolutionary rebels”.

   All people of Burma and the international community denounced the Burmese Fascist junta. Another General stepped up and promised to hold a General Election in 1990. The junta lost the election because even its soldiers voted for the democratic parties.

   CJ: The junta admits its loss?

    MC: The junta knows how to grip firm the guns and refuse absolutely to hand over the power. Every one knows the Burmese Army (Tat-Ma-daw) was originated and trained in Taiwan and Hainan Islands by the Fascist Japanese in 1941.The Burmese Fascist kill and torture people just according to Fascism .The people of Burma requested the junta in 1990 to reform. OK! they just changed the SLORC to SPDC“State Peace and Development Council”,nothing more.

   CJ: Good pupils of the Japanese Fascist!

   MC: the people of Burma and the world were in an uproar! But the junta cared nothing! the junta believes absolutely in their “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

   CJ: Burma’s successive juntas are really sons and grandsons of the Japanese Fascist.

   MC: Under the pressures of peoples of Burma and the world, in 1991 the junta announced“Draft the consitution first. We’ll hand over the power according to the constitution”. In 2004 the junta announced again ,”We’ll construct our country according to 7-step toward Democracy.”

   CJ: Very good player!

   MC: In 1995 the junta led to hold the National Convention. All participators were allowed to speak or work only according to what the juna had arranged. NLD was so angry with junta’s dictatorship that it went out of the convention.

    CJ: We believe the military government knows its own wrongness and will restrain itself.

    MC (laughing): The junta said “without NLD the globe turns as usual and our convention is going on as our plan. We Burmese Army ,the Great Tat-Ma-Daw, never flinch from difficulies!”.

   CJ: very good speaker! What will be the major item for this theatrical performance you think?

   MC: Let’s wait and see!

   ( S.H.A.N. & Burma’s News Published by Burma’s Chinese)

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