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貌强:Burmese Echos to UNSC Briefing On Burma

   by Maung Chan (Burma's Chinese)

   The UN Security Council has decided the first time in history to bebriefed on the situation in Burma.

   There are different echos among the people and the leaders of Burma.

Normal Burmese

   Normal Burmese believe that U.S. has NOW changed his "lip service" onBurma to a US priority .

Too Optimistic Burmese

   Some too optimistic Burmese even expect a US-led UN invasion to removeSenior General Than Shwe a la Saddam Hussein".

US Campaign for Burma

   The US Campaign for Burma ,a grassroots organization of Americans andBurmese dissidents-in-exile working to promote freedom, democracy, and human rights in Burma, said that it is a Major Step Forward,

    "We are grateful.......the decision is especially significant not onlybecause it is the first time in history the Council has agreed to a briefing on Burma, but because it had been widely presumed that China and Russia would refuse to participate. Instead, all 15 members of the Council agreed by consensus”。

NCGUB led by Premier Dr. Sein Win

   The National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) led byPremier Dr. Sein Win is disappointed .It sees the UNSC Briefing only 'SmallStep Forward 'toward resolving the problems in Burma,

   "since Burma is not on the main agenda and no formal resolution will beforthcoming”.

Harn Yawnghwe

   Harn Yawnghwe, Director, Euro-Burma Office, Brussels, warned people notto expect too high.

   "Wrong expectations can lead to wrong decisions by all sides andhundred if not thousands of lives can be needlessly lost in Burma".

   According to Harn,

   1.The UN Security Council briefing on Burma will not solve Burma'sproblems unless and until there is a viable alternative to the currentdictatorship.

   2.The US has acted on Burma by bringing it before the Security Council.But calling for a briefing is very different from calling for a resolution.This does not signal a change in US policy. Burma is still not of strategicinterest to the US, and is unlikely to be for some time.

   "Do we want to see the US intervening in Burma? Recent examples aroundthe world are not encouraging" Harn said, "The best option for Burma as awhole and for all its people, is for the leaders in Burma to act in acoordinated manner. It should now be very clear to the generals that Burmais moving towards a crisis.”

   In talking about acting to bring about a change in Burma, Harn pointsout,

   "I am not advocating a people's uprising as some of my colleagues are.In my opinion, this will only lead to chaos and instability, andendanger people,especially Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. I am saying this becausethe Burma Army will have no compunction about shooting unarmed civilians.The ensuing unrest will also scare Burma's neighbours. They will quicklysupport another military dictatorship to stabilize the situation. This willbe done before the UN can be mobilized".

Sai Wansai

   Sai Wansai, General Secretary of Shan Democratic Union, believes theissue won't be discussed formally and there won't be resolution to carryout. In other words, it will be shelved.

   "But I must say, half a loaf is better than no bread. At least we gainmore exposure internationally and could be used as a stepping stone for more concrete actions in the future" Sai Wansai emphasized.

Henry Soe Win

   Henry Soe Win of Democracy for Burma, wrote to Sai Wansai as follows,

   "No matter the negligence of UN hesitate to take the issues on Burma, we are determined to continue our struggle. The time is now to change, thecountry under regime is getting no where only people are suffering in allaspects of health & commodity inflation and corruption is still the ways ofliving there to survive. Kyats is like the paper money and people cannotafford to survive these days. Now it all depend on the people to takematters in their own hands, to take revenge and topple the regime".

Loong Seng Suk

   After reading what Sai Wansai and Henry Soe Win had written, Loong SengSuk said, "We might get democracy and federalism as a new year gift to theBurmese people by the international community. Who knows?".

   ( Maung Chan is the distributor and main responsible person of "S.H.A.N. &Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese" )

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