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貌强:Shan State Army Is Against Racial Hatred & Union Disintegration

   by 貌强 Maung Chan ( Burma's Chinese )

   In February this year the junta arrested the Shan leaders that had worked hard jointly for the real Federal Union。

   Col Gaifah, deputy commander of SSA-N, was so angry and disappointed that he was absent in the Consitutional Convention.

   Resently the main cease-fire groups held a year-end meeting. Through a hot debate they demanded Col Gaifah to attend the junta-sponsored National Convention on December 5.

   "It is necessary to participate the convention", they concluded.

   Shan State Army SSA also held a meeting and declared on November 22 "the 2005- No.1 Statement of SSA", in which the Centre Committee of SSA announces:

   1.promises never to use force except in unavoidable self-defense.

   2.vows not to disarm or disorganize SSA until a constitution has emerged guarantying all nationalities enjoying the equality and self-determination.

   3.will solve all political and domestic problems through peaceful negotiation.

   4.will work together with all democratic and peace-loving organisations for realization of the real Federal Union.

   5.appeals to release all jailed Shan leaders who have never tried to disintegrate the country,contrary they have tried their best to work for the real Federal Union.

   6.Hopes the country leaders (junta) having great fore- and farsight, not to create racial hatred which hurts the national unity and the Union integration.

   Col Gaifah, the 52 years old commander, followed the requests of the main cease-fire groups and obeyed as well the SSA's 2005-No.1 Decision.

   Out of 4 delegates who accompany Col Gaifah to the National Convention, only one, Lt-Col Harn Seuk, is from the original delegation. Majors Awng Aye, Awng Myint and Than Htay (Haw Lern) are newly selected by the recent annual meeting.

   In the 17 May- 9 July 2004 session of the National Convention, there were 13 cease-fire groups who called for "more powers to the states" .They requested jointly:

   1. Concurrent legislative power for the states.

   2. Residuary powers, meaning those that are not articulated in the Constitution, to the states.

   3. The states to draft their own constitutions.

   4. Separate school curricula force for each state.

   5. The states to conduct their own foreign affairs in particular subjects.

   6. Independent finance and taxation.


   These 13 cease-fire groups were:

   1. Shan State Army

   2. Kachin Defense Army

   3. Palaung State Liberation Front

   4. New Democratic Army-Kachin

   5. Kachin Independence Organization

   6. Kayan National Guard

   7. Karenni Nationalities Peoples Liberation Front

   8. Kayan New Land Party

   9. Karenni National Progress Party (Hoya splinter group)

   10.Shan Nationalities Peoples Liberation Organization

   11.New Mon State Party

   12.Shan State National Army

   13.Mon Armed Peace Group (Chaungchi)

   ( 貌强 Maung Chan is the distributor and main responsible person of "S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese" 缅甸风云 )

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