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Statement by the Committee Representing People's Parliament

   (April 11, 2005)(BOXUN Received S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese)

   The PDP Paliamentary Democratic Party denounced the militarty junta to have seized power through coup and ruled the country with fascist dictatorship till now.The PDP believes in that only by a determined unflinching struggle, Burma can regain the 2ND National Independence and Liberation. The Paliamentary Democratic Party was established by Ex-Premier U Nu (has passed away) in 1970.They have Liberation-Army at the Liberation-Area near Thai-Burma border.

   Having seen the demands of the whole nation, 106 elected people's representatives, leaders from political organizations, women organizations, youth organizations, and civic society institutions from the Union of Burma declared "Statement by the Committee Representing People's Parliament",saying that we cannot expect the rights of the nationalities can be discussed and resolved at the ongoing National Convention. For decades, the entire citizenry of Union of Burma has been suffering under successive military dictatorial regimes because of the demise of democracy and the loss of equal rights for the Ethnic Nationalities.

   Hence, in establishing the Union in the future, it is imperative to lay down Union principles which take the wishes of all the nationalities into account and which are backed by guarantees.

   The Basic Principles are as follows:

   1. Sovereign Power:

   The sovereign power of the Union shall derive from the people.

   2. Equality:

   Every nationality in the Union shall enjoy equal political and ethnical rights.

   3. Self-determination:

   Every nationality shall fully enjoy the right to self-determination in political, economic, social, and cultural affairs.

   4. Federal Principles:

   The Union shall be established with states which fully enjoy the right to self-determination, and the Union Assembly shall be a bicameral legislature consisting of a Chamber of Nationalities (Upper House) and Chamber of Deputy (Lower House).

   5. Minority Rights:

   All rights of National Minorities who reside in the member states of the Union shall be fully guaranteed by Constitution.

   6. Democracy, Human Rights, and Gender Equality:Discrimination based on religious belief, ethnicity, or gender shall not be permitted and fundamental human rights and democratic rights shall be protected and guaranteed by law.

   7. Secular State:The Union shall be a secular state.

   8. Multi-party Democracy System:The federal Union shall practice a multi-party democracy system. (boxun.com)

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