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Annihilate Burma’s Poverty & Inequality

    by Burma’s Chinese 貌强 22-10-05 ===========================

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    The world population is now 6000 million and the poor people are as high as 1000 million.

    Because of Burma’s half-colonial and half-feudalist system and the selfish dictatorship , we, all nationalities of Burma, have been suffering since independence day deeply in nationalities conflicts, half-century civil war, social inequality and instability, worse and worse economy . Our Burma has become one of the poorest country since 1987 and the third most corruptive land this year. Our Burma, together with some African countries, is now at the top list of the most human rights violation and no freedom.

    Our country is exceptionally rich in natural resources , has long cultural history and rich cultural heritage. Our people are simple,honest and optimistic. We have been the richest nation in 1950-60 in the South East Asia. So the poverty, corruption ,human rights violation, nationalities inequality and social injustice of our country, let ourpeople lose face in the civilized world.

    Corruption is a major cause of poverty.

    The prime criminal of poverty, human rights violation, nationalities inequality and social injustice , is the selfish dictatorship.

    How can we save our country out of hell?

    First of all, we should uphold self-respect and self-reliance ,all nationalities should love and respect each other . God helps the people who rely on themselves and love themselves.

    Second or the last is the foreign aid .

    To annihilate the Burma’s poverty and corruption, we should stop, first of all, the civil war. The people of Burma, especially the military regime, the democratic force and the ethnic force, should sit down together, in accordance with the U.N. Resolutions, to negotiate peacefully and cordially for co-constructing a democratic Federal Union of Burma, in which all nationalities, big or small, enjoy equal rights. All people of Burma should work hard for democracy and improvement of people’s living standard.

    All the parties and their leaders , should not be selfish, should seek the common points while reserving difference, be of one mind to serve our suffering people, be of one mind to democratize our country and improve the productive and economic forces. They should avoid shifting responsibility or own mistakes onto others or attack each other, which is useless or even let the people and country suffer losses.

    Only when we, all nationalities of Burma, love and help each other, only when our integrated force of economy, production, society,education, culture etc are highly improved, we can reconstruct our Federal Union of Burma to become a democratic, prosperous ,peace-loving and world-respected country.

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