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Burma's Chinese Call England for the UN Security Council to Act in Burma

   Right Hon Jack Straw

   Foreign Secretary

   Foreign and Commonwealth Office

   King Charles Street

   London, SW1A 2AH ,United Kingdom

   The Hague, 5-10-2005

   Your Excellency,

   We, the Burma’s Chinese residing in Hongkong, Macau and EU, beg your office for favour in handling the Burma issue at the UN Security Council.

   We, same as all other brotherly ethinc people of Burma, do admire your support and concern regarding Burma in international arena.

   We,same as all other brotherly ethinc people of Burma, express our gratitude for your efforts in the interest of the future democratic Federal Union of Burma .

   A 70-page analysis report with the title “ Threat to the Peace – A Call for the UN Security Council to Act in Burma ”, researched by the international law firm DLA Piper Rudnik Gray Careyreport, has been submitted to the UN Security Council by Nobel Peace laureates President Va´clav Havel and Archbishop Desmond Tutu .This report has been univocally supported and endorsed by the democratic forces and the ethnic forces inside and outside Burma, including NLD Headquarters in Rangoon, the CRPP, NCGUB, NCUB and ENC (Ethnic Nationalities Committee) .

   The UN Security Council has intervened in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Yemen, which featured one or more of the following determining criteria:

   -Overthrow of a democratically-elected government

   -Internal conflict between the regime and ethnic groups

   -Widespread internal humanitarian/human rights violations

   -Substantial outflow of refugees

   -Cross border problems such as drug and sex trafficking, AIDS etc

   The world knows that the Burmese military regime has overthrown illegally the democratically elected U Nu government in 1962 and seized power illegitimately till now.

   The world knows that the Burmese junta has lost the General Election in 1990 but till today prevented the winner NLD from taking power. It harassed, jailed or murdered the multi-parties’ leaders, denied the democratic force and the ethnic force their political rights and has long launched the civil war against the ethnic factions since 1949. It has destroyed villages, forced massive relocations, allowed widespread military rapes and slave labor, turned children into soldiers, and exported 700,000 refugees. It has turned Burma since 20 years ago into one of the world's poorest nations, one of the top producers of heroin and amphetamine, and, through its sex and drug trades, the leading contributor to the AIDs problem in Southeast Asia .

   In other words, the Burmese regime features all the above mentioned criteria and therefore fully needs the UN Security Council to intervene.

   In other words, this is a vile regime that begs for more direct U.N pressure.

   In addition, the Burmese junta offers 3 extra criteria for direct Security Council intervention:

   1。The National League for Democracy NLD led by Aung San Suu Kyi was legitimately elected to power by a landslide 15 years ago in Burma, however, the generals till now refuses lawlessly to hand over the political power and oppress all oppositions.

   2. Aung San Suu Kyi is the world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace laureate, who is till today under unlawful house arrest .She has spent her 60th birthday in solitary confinement in this year.

   3.The United Nations has been dispatching special envoys to engage the Burmese generals on their human-rights violations, thouands of political prisoners, drug trade and role in spreading AIDs ,but till now all in vain!

   We would like to request Your Excellency’s Government :

   --Please stand for justice and support the Havel/Tutu initiative publicly.

   --Please use your good diplomatic resources to work with the UN Security Council member nations, refrain exercising veto powers, support to restore democracy in Burma, free the Union of Burma, free Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners.

   We do hope that your Government, as a traditional supporter of Burma’s democrats, would not be reticent and passive, but uphold justice on this Burma’s issue.

   We look very much forward to your positive response.

   Yours Sincerely, Maung Chan

   Burma’s Chinese Buro

   The Hague, Holland

   [email protected]

   (S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese 貌强 )

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