·曹雅学:谁是许志永—— 与滕彪博士的访谈
·高层有人倒行逆施 民间却在不断成长
·China’s growing human rights movement can claim many accomplishments
·Testimony at CECC Hearing on China’s Crackdown on Rights Advocates
·Tiananmen at 25: China's next revolution may already be underway
·"Purdue Consensus on Religious Freedom"
·Beijing urged to respect religious freedom amid ‘anti-church’ crackd
·Speech during the June 4th Vigil in Victoria Park in Hong Kong
·【林忌评论】大陆没民主 香港没普选?
·June 2014: Remembering Tiananmen: The View from Hong Kong
·The Strength to Save Oneself
·讓北京知道 要甚麼樣的未來/苹果日报
·Beyond Stability Maintenance-From Surveillance to Elimination/Teng bia
·就律协点名维权律师“无照”执业 滕彪答德国之声记者问
·Politics of the Death Penalty in China
·What sustains Chinese truth-tellers
·From Stability Maintenance to Wiping Out/Teng biao
·25 years later, Tiananmen cause is still costly
·A Chinese activist: Out of prison but not free
·Activist lawyer vows to keep fighting for human rights
·Head Off a Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong/Yang jianli,Teng Biao,Hu ji
·滕彪被中国政法大学除名 因参与新公民运动
· Ilham Tohti should get the Nobel peace prize, not life in prison
· Chinese activist scholar Teng Biao on how Occupy Central affects main
·« Révolution des parapluies » contre Pékin / Teng biao
·We Stand With You
·Don’t Get Too Excited About the Investigation of Zhou Yongkang
·Sensing subversion, China throws the book at kids' libraries
·China’s Unstoppable Lawyers: An Interview With Teng Biao
·Hongkong: the Unbearable Weight of the Revolution
·Courts are told what decision to make in important cases
·RISKY BUSINESS fighting for Human Rights in China
·The Supremacy of the Constitution, and Freedom of Religion
·如果有人倾听你对 昨夜梦境的复述(诗四首)
·China’s Empty Promise of Rule by Law
·Sensing subversion, China throws the book at kids' libraries
·What will this crackdown on activists do to China’s nascent civil soc
·The most dangerous job in law
·Selective Blindness over China and Huamn Rights
·Blood, Justice and Corruption: Why the Chinese Love Their Death Penalt
·Human Rights Advocates Vanish as China Intensifies Crackdown/NYT
·‘Did We Stand on the Side of Tank Man?’
·The Quest to Save the World's Scholars From Persecution and Death
·Comments on the draft law on Foreign NGO Management
·China is moving toward a new totalitarianism
·Uncivil/ The Economist

   ● Emily Bell: academic and journalist, professor of Professional Practice at the Columbia
   University School of Journalism and director of the Tow Centre for Digital Journalism
   ● Yochai Benkler: author, professor at Harvard Law School and faculty co-director of the

   Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University (Israel, USA).
   ● Teng Biao: academic lawyer and human rights activist, visiting scholar at the U.S.-Asia
   Law Institute, New York University (China).
   ● Nighat Dad: lawyer, Internet activist, and founder and executive director of the Digital
   Rights Foundation (Pakistan).
   ● Primavera De Filippi: faculty associate at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet &
   Society at Harvard University and permanent researcher at the CERSA (Italy).
   ● Mireille Delmas-Marty: emeritus professor at Collège de France and member of the
   Institut de France (France).
   ● Christophe Deloire: secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders (France) (joint
   ● Abdou Diouf: former President of the Republic of Senegal and former secretary-general
   of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) (Senegal).
   ● Can Dündar: journalist, columnist and documentary filmmaker; and former editor-inchief
   of the centre-left independent newspaper Cumhuriyet (Turkey).
   ● Shirin Ebadi: lawyer, former judge, human rights activist, founder of Defenders of
   Human Rights Centre and 2003 Nobel peace laureate (Iran) (joint president).
   ● Francis Fukuyama: political scientist and political economist, professor at Stanford
   University (United States).
   ● Ulrik Haagerup: journalist and founder and CEO of Constructive Institute (Denmark).
   ● Hauwa Ibrahim: human rights lawyer and 2005 laureate of the European Parliament's
   Sakharov Prize (Nigeria).
   ● Ann Marie Lipinski: journalist, curator of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at
   Harvard University, winner of the Pulitzer Prize (USA).
   ● Adam Michnik: historian, journalist and essayist, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza
   ● Eli Pariser: executive director at Upworthy, co-founder of Avaaz and chairman of
   MoveOn (USA)
   ● Antoine Petit: head of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS),
   former President and CEO of the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and
   Automation (INRIA) (France).
   ● Navi Pillay: jurist, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former
   president of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (South Africa).
   ● Maria Ressa: journalist and CEO of the Rappler news website (Philippines).
   ● Amartya Sen: economist, philosopher and 1998 Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences
   ● Joseph E. Stiglitz: economist, 1998 Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences (United
   ● Mario Vargas Llosa: writer, politician, journalist, essayist, college professor and 2010
   Nobel laureate in Literature (Peru).
   ● Marina Walker: journalist, deputy director of the International Consortium of
   Investigative Journalists (USA) and John S. Knight fellow at Stanford University
   ● Aidan White: journalist, president and founder of the Ethical Journalism Network and
   former general secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (UK).
   ● Mikhail Zygar: journalist, writer, founding editor-in-chief of the independent news TVchannel
   Dozhd, 2014 laureate of the International Press Freedom Award, CPJ (Russia).
   The role of rapporteur will be performed by Antoine Garapon, the secretary-general of the
   Institut des Hautes études sur la Justice (IHEJ) and editor of the magazine Esprit. He will be
   assisted by Emile Boutelier and Constant Méheut.
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