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One Who Takes No Liberty Will Not Understand Morality

One Who Takes No Liberty Will Not Understand Morality


July 9, 2017

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)



   First of all,the morality of which I speak here are Tao and Virtue. Tao is the consciousness of the Greatest Creator and the synthesis of all laws and rules of the universe. Virtue is the level of which LIFE is consistent with Tao, and as with love, it is only a state of Life.


   Liberty is a state of mind with neither selfishness nor ego, and without worry, fear, responsibility, or obligation, but rather is acting freely and being unfettered. Without it, we can neither enjoy Life nor understand the meanings of Tao and Virtue. In other words, those who take no liberty remain confused.


   Very few articles are worth reading. All those that were written by authors who have taken no liberty will cheat and deceive their readers. As the five blind men who patted parts of an elephant, they will concentrate on details while not understanding the “whole picture”. Therefore, rather than reading textbooks, it is better to read the “book without words”.


   Who are some of the people who take no liberty?


    Leaders of governments are surely not free, nor are any of their officials who serve them.


    Masters of commerce who administer obligations and responsibilities to their disciples are not free, nor is anyone who lives for money, power, status, or fame.


    Those who own wealth and property are not free, nor are those who sleep all night only to work hard all day.


    Those who are fighting for some ideal and those living in traditional marriages and families are certainly not free.


    Finally, those who fear death and those who are inflexible in any way are deservedly not free.


   Actually, liberty is the quality of LIFE in heaven. There are very few free people in the mortal world, and this is why history is so full of pain, confusion, misfortunes, struggles, contradictions, and all too often, total chaos and disorder.

(2017/07/29 发表)

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