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Declaration of China Democracy Constitutionalism Party

   Declaration of China Democracy Constitutionalism Party
   Human being are born with nature of compassion, dignity and coopertion, which help the formation of human society.
   Human beings are born with difference and diverse, which is one of the sources of human innovation.
   To exempt from the fear of the disorder in the world, and to ensure freedom, equality and security, human being will be pursuit of human rights and democracy.
   Because of the lack of material resources, the human being pursues efficiency, fairness and green, and then run after the free market economy, the social welfair and environment protection.

   Thus, the rights of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness are sacred and inalienable.
   To protect these rights and to defend our homes, the people establish country and mandate to form the government. And under the principle of the separation of powers and the name of the law, the fundamental freedom and rights should be protected. To limit the abuse of power, the people require that all activities of any party cannot be over the law. It is a simple and indisputable principle that if the government is extremely evil, the people have the right to resist the oppression.
   In 1949, the CCP established "one-Party state" and controlled everything in China, and then manufactured a series of human rights disasters; 34 years before of reforming and opening up, China has initially restore some vitality; under the one-party dictatorship, however, the economy has become increasingly abnormal development; the natural environment and the human environment have been seriously doubly damaged.
   Our fundamental freedom and rights can not be protected, and there is a lot of pollution around us everywhere. We have no clean water, no clean soil and no clean air. Our babies have no safe milk powder,…
   There are 200,000 a year of public grievances event, which fully express our anger,…
   At this time, we are glad to the JinPing Xi and Keqiang Li who actively express "China Dream, constitutional Dream"; Welcome Xi and Li proposed to stop Labor Camp, also welcomed the reformation of the government agencies.
   We hope that Xi and Li can really "close powers into the cage," “play the market and the role of the society " and " administration according to law ".
   Therefore, we hope that the new government, from the national freedom and happiness, will be responsibility for human society and realize "constitutional Dream” as below:
   1. Freedom of speech and independent press: formulating " Law of News and Publications; abolishing political restrictions, Internet blockade and "inciting subversion of state power ";
   2. Freedom of religion: the government should implement the separation of church and state and will no longer interfere in the religious activities; abolishing the religious groups to be registered before they are legitimate prior permission system, filing system with uncensored;
   3. Freedom of association: Abolishing party restrictions, enhancing supervision and restriction of civil society; repealing semi-official nature of Societies Association, turning them into completely non-governmental organizations;
   4. Freedom of movement and freedom of settlement: abolishing the dual urban-rural household registration system, protecting the fundamental rights of freedom and equality of farmers’;
   5. Independence of the judiciary: abolishing Politics and Law Committee, abolishing reeducation through labor, and detained and interrogated; every cases among people, official, government should be judged by the law;
   6. Free market economy: the government staff do not use the powers to participate in the market and promote the privatization of land in urban and rural areas;
   7. Cleanliness of government: approving the sunshine laws of public officials' property;
   8. The university autonomy: implementing the basic principles of academic freedom and Professor’s governing, and undo all party committee of departments in Universities;
   9. Social welfare: everyone has the right to enjoy basic welfare and health, especially children and women in rural;
   10. Social justice: releasing Xiaobo Liu, Quan Guo and other political prisoners or prisoners of conscience, and paying state compensation or rescue.
   We firmly believe that China will be able to achieve freedom, democracy and constitutional government, because we firmly believe that justice will prevail over evil! The way, no matter how difficult! How Long!
   We also firmly believe the principles of justice "repentance and amend for reconciliation". The barbaric in China is rooted in the barbaric dictatorship.
   The persons full of stubborn and heinous crime will by cursed by the Chinese. No matter when, no matter where, no matter who, the Chinese will follow you, like hunting Nazi war criminals. The curse is never stopped, until you are judged under the name of the law.
    Issued by Henggeng Wang, Secretary-General of CDCP in Melbourne
(2017/07/13 发表)
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