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Injustice as the root of terrorism: Social political and economic fact

   My argument and conclusion is that: Justice is the most important value of all human society, whenever and wherever lacking it, if through peaceful agreement could not reach compromise, by legal procedure cannot obtain compensation, the dispute often eventually turn to violence. Thus, until the justice either political and economic or social really established, there is impossible to eliminate terrorism. The nature ofthe terrorism is use violence attack innocent with political purpose, either state or non-state group and individual can be terrorists. The causes of terrorism are extremely complicate involving social, political, economic,ideological, religious, cultural elements. My argument is that the injustice is the most important root of terrorism. For political power cannot divide with either economic interests or ideology, as the scarce and most invaluable resource, human being have been struggling for it for tenth centuries, mainly through violence and war, until 18 century after created liberal representative constitutional democratic republican, a political institutions which offer all competitor for political powers a peaceful mean, free and fairness public election by vote to decide who, when and how to governance of government and law-making, policy-making. Pure military action will never eliminate terrorism; however strong a state may be,however advance army a state have, however harsh punishment may be, it is impossible to defeat terrorism totally; by the contrary, it only nourishing more hate and inspire much stronger struggle passion. Even if Al Qaeda is defeated, other terrorist groups and other Ben Laden will easily arise under this electrical information time. If the fundamental root of terrorism is injustice, especially in political, economic, and social sphere, then do best and most sincerely to establish domestic and international justice should be the best policy to dealing with the international terrorism issue. To those historical injustice victim countries or nations such as formal colonial states, highly industrialize Western states should help them develop their economics,education, social and political etc, to promote mutual understand and respect; to those still under totalitarian dictatorship regimes ruling countries, liberal democratic Western countries can do a lots to help those slaved people, through help them to end the totalitarian regimes as soon as possible. To deal with any terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, it must be combined with diplomatic, political, economic, psychological, and humanitarian efforts,while find out what is the real root of their hate and terrorism, and do best to eliminate such root. As long as military actions remain the primary response to terrorism, then the precipitating, exacerbating, and maintenance causes of terrorism will remain and terrorism will continue.


   Injustice as the root of terrorism: Social political and economic factors

(2015/11/14 发表)

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