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   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年3月21日

   Wei Liu Revolution 405: Talk in Living Room May Save China

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu March 21, 2015


    Abstract: Can talk save or democratize China? Yes, it can. Can talk in the living room at home save China? Yes, it can. Since 1980, 1.3 billion Chinese people frequently say against the Communist regime in at their home, like “The Communist Party has been too corruptive. The Communist Party is too bad.” The Communist regime cannot do anything about it. If it arrests 100 million people, it will cause itself to collapse. Today in the 2010s, since the Communist Regime keeps robbing and oppressing Chinese people, we should add more content into our conversation at home or with our around 200 relatives and friends. The new content includes the address of the two regime buildings in our local city/county, the location of the local Communist troops, the first to uprising has the right to coordinate people around him/her, and the first troop/office to uprising has the right to coordinate troop/office around them, the four steps to use a rifle, the four fundamental human rights, the eight excellent human activities. Once most content including those about military added into most people’s weekly communication with one’s about 200 relatives and friends, the full sense uprising should happen in China within one year.


    以我来自的重庆为例,我就跟人讲,“重庆市委的地址是‘重庆市渝中区中山四路36号 400015’,重庆市公安局的地址是‘重庆市渝北区黄泥磅黄龙路555号 401147。’”应该说一个地方民众的苦难根本上就是这两个政权楼造成的。重庆市委与大门在人民路的重庆市府连成一片。民众平时也可以了解中共军警,武器库,兵工厂在本地的分布情况。再以重庆为例。中共在重庆是重点驻军,警备区是一个师的编制。如果军部不算多少人,中共在重庆共驻军约15个团,5个师的兵力。

    重庆市警备区 (渝中区新华路) 13集团军军部 (重庆市江津) 13集团军37摩步师 (江津师部,铜梁109团,沙坪坝111团,壁山装甲团,璧山炮兵团) 13集团军装甲旅 (丰都) 13集团军通讯团 (重庆渝中区) 13集团军陆航2团 (重庆江津) 空军33歼击机师 (大足师部,97,99团,白市驿98团,共3个团) 空军第34雷达团 (沙坪坝区上桥)

    民国29家兵工厂,重庆占约17家。1949年以前国军用的2/3的枪弹是重庆的兵工厂造的。中共所谓改革开放后,重庆的兵工企业多转为生产民品。我们了解到信息有限,篇幅也有限,有以下几家兵工厂。1. 重庆长江电工厂 位于重庆市南岸区铜元局,生产步枪子弹。2. 重庆望江厂 位于重庆市江北区郭家沱,生产37等较小口径火炮,现在主要生产摩托车等民品。3. 重庆嘉陵厂 位于重庆市双碑,生产子弹。4. 重庆建设厂 位于重庆市九龙坡区谢家湾,生产步枪,冲锋枪,机枪,后来生产雅马哈摩托车等民品。5. 重庆空压厂,现在更名为“中国西南汽车制造厂” 位于重庆市九龙坡区杨家坪梅子榜,生产坦克,不包括主炮,现在主要生产载重汽车。

   还是我们说的,如果有办法可以生存,谁会去当兵,谁会呆在身边都是武器,弹药的地方,谁会去满是噪音,高温的兵工厂每天工作几小时?所以这些人都该赞成中国走向民主,并做力所能及的事情。将各种民主革命可能用的着的信息向民众传播就是贡献。我刘蔚已经做到了。下面我还要简单谈谈怎么使用步枪/冲锋枪的事情。步枪/冲锋枪有保险,单发,连发三个设置。要消灭对手时,搬到单发,一般不用连发,打连发子弹很快打光。其它时候设置是在“保险”。上子弹,现在枪都是弹夹供弹。弹夹里面有弹簧,托起子弹。上子弹是一发一发地压在弹夹里,弹头朝着枪口。于是给30发的弹夹上4发子弹的话,这4发子弹在弹夹的顶部,而不是中部或底部,因为弹簧的作用。拉枪栓的目的是把弹夹里的最上面那颗子弹送进枪管。所以各位,13亿人,使用步枪/冲锋枪就是四步。1. 给弹夹上子弹,把弹夹放进枪里。2. 战斗时,拉枪栓,此时第一发子弹进入了枪管。3. 把设置从“保险”转换到“单发”。4. 最后一步才是各位最熟悉的,扣扳机。这时子弹就打出去了。之后,扣着扳机的食指,松一下,扣一下,第二发子弹就出去了;松一下,扣一下,第三发子弹就出去了;以此类推。现在的枪都是自动退弹,自动供弹,在打出第一发子弹后,打后面的子弹就只有一个扣扳机的动作,直到弹夹里的子弹打光为止。那时如果需要继续战斗,就换一个上了子弹的弹夹。开打前,如果有那么多子弹,弹夹,肯定先把子弹装进弹夹。如果战时再把子弹一发一发压进弹夹,那肯定来不及,对手不会等你装好了子弹,再来打你。上面的全民学习军事知识,就是我们以前讲的“全民学军法”。




   公友/民主人士/觉醒人士/普通百姓 刘蔚 2015年3月21日更新

   All-People Revolution in China

   Human Rights Worker/Democratic People/Awakened People/Common People

   Wei Liu Renewed on March 21, 2015

    中国能否实现民主人权,直接关系到每个人能否拿回一份土地,住房,食品,环保等生存福利人权,你最好读完这篇长文。2010年起中国已经进入了全民革命阶段,本文就是中国全民革命篇。你可以从Google translate/谷歌翻译听文章的朗读。你可告诉你外国朋友/老师我写的英文。他们可以在google上用“Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”搜寻出我的文字。更多文章见我的海外博讯boxun网站的博客,加上前后的www, com 我名字在首页底部的作者群中。从2007年到2015年1月,我博客的显示点击量已达500万,而按博讯说的各博客的实际点击量是显示点击量的10倍以上,那我博客的实际点击量到2015年1月已达5000万。我们的文字是对中国民众说的,是我们认为真实的情况,欢迎各位,各媒体.转载,传播。一个人给5个以上人讲我们《中国全民革命篇命》中的1项国际公约,2项活动主张,2幢中共政权楼地址,步枪/冲锋枪使用4步,4项基本人权,8项优秀活动,民众兵器弹弓枪,等起义事宜,壮大进步力量,救自己,救别人,救中国。

    Since 2010, China has entered the stage of All-People Revolution. Google translate can read text aloud for you. If you have foreign friends/teachers, you may tell them to read the English part of my essay. They can google me out by “Wei Liu Revolution” or “Wei Liu Memoir”. More articles of mine can be seen in my blog at “boxun”, with “www” in the front and “com” in the back, my name Wei Liu/刘蔚 is at the bottom of the homepage. From 2007 to 2015, my blog has 5 million displayed visits, and the website says that the actual visits is 10 times as the displayed visits. Then the actual visits of my blog is 50 million. What we say here we hold is true and is for 1.3 billion Chinese people. Every one is welcomed to publish, to spread our words, one person tells 5 or more persons, about the 1 international convention, the 2 uprising opinions, the 4 fundamental human rights, the 8 excellent activities, the couple of addresses of the Communist regime buildings in the local county, the uprising elements like the slingshot of people’s weapon. Anyway, we expand the democratic strength to save ourselves, our friends and our country.


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