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Re: Seek the Possibilities of Survival and Development

   February 6, 2014


   Dear Sir/Madam:


   Re: Seek the Possibilities of Survival and Development


   We are the permanent members of the Second Home of Lifechanyuan, a community in China. We are sending this letter to more than two hundred countries, seeking the possibilities of survival and development. Because the Lifechanyuan theory system is huge and has surpassed many people's understanding, and the production and life modes established by Lifechanyuan are far beyond their comprehension, we have recently encountered many difficulties in China. Therefore, we are now seeking worldwide help and we hope that some government will admit us.


   The aim of Lifechanyuan is to revere the Greatest Creator (God), life, and nature, and to walk on the way of the Greatest Creator. The core concept of the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature. Developing the Second Home community would not only purify people's soul gardens, but would also build up a sound ecological system where people will live in harmony with each other, with society, and with nature. In addition, it will help people to walk on the track of sustainable development, and also lead them to a highly civilized era.


   Lifechanyuan's theory system has been promoted on the Internet for more than eleven years, our new production and life modes established by the Second Home have been present for nearly five years, and our practice has proven fully that the development of the Second Home is very successful. From the attached articles, you can briefly learn about the level of civilization we have achieved within the last five years.


   We hope that your government will understand and accept us, and allow 150 community members to come to your country to continue our cause. If 150 people are too many, eighty would also be fine. We hope that you can accept us as your country's citizens and offer us a gift of eighty hectares of arable land, even in hilly or mountainous regions. The development of the Second Home would be integrated into your country's development plan.


   As a return, we will guarantee the following returns to your government:

   Your country's crime rate would decrease by 70%

   Your nation's cultural soft power would improve exponentially.

   Your country would become a universally recognized ecological garden and its living environment would become a very idylic place.

   Your country's GNH (Gross National Happiness) index would increase tremendously.

   People in your country would live in full harmony with each other, with your administration, and with nature.

   Your country would become a new global culture and a lifestyle research and development center.

   Social stability and harmony in your country would be promoted and its people's enthusiasm for creation and love for life would be inspired.

   Your citizens would respect your government, and the government's administrative capacity would become much more efficient.


   These eight guarantees are not just an ideal drawn from empty slogans in the air. They are, however, based on our theories and practical experience. I hope that your government will send representatives here to check and understand our community in depth, and that you will find that there are surely great treasures here.


   We are not asking for political asylum and we still love our country. We are instead looking for a place where the new lifestyle “the Second Home of Lifechanyuan” is able to exist and develop in a healthy manner. I am sure any farsighted politicians will understand its profound purpose and values.


   I hereby send this request and your careful consideration on it will be highly appreciated,





   The founder of Lifechanyuan



   Attachments (Series of the Bright Spots of the Second Home):


   A Beautiful and Harmonious Xanadu



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   Paradise Management



   Walk on the way of nature, love all Life beings



   The Largest Ecovillage in China



   The Elderly and Children Are Taken Care by the Community



   Illnesses are Decreasing and Crimes Disappear



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   Everyone Must be a Worker



   Ladies Shall be firstly Respected



   The Value of Study and Life meeting



   No one would Pocket Anything Found on the Ground, and Doors are not Bolted at Night



   Everyone Here is a Thoughtful University Student


(2014/02/08 发表)

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