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Invitation to Participate in the Largest Project in Human’s History

   Invitation to Participate in the Largest Project in Human’s History


   22th December, 2013

   (Translated by Ailian and Edited by Kaer)



   To whom it may concern,


   We are engaged in the largest project in Human history and we need your support.


   The specific contents of this project are: to establish two hundred and fifty-six Xanadus around the world by the construction of spirit and soul gardens. By doing this, we could unite all human beings into one big family and to demonstrate the best prospects to people with board and sustainable development.


   To achieve this goal, we have spent ten years finishing the theory system with nearly five million words, and we have put it into practice in China for more than four years. We have established three Xanadus. And we have recently added a new branch in Japan. In the future, there will be dozens of similar Xanadus born in other parts of the world. The facts have proven that this set of theory and practice is effective and it has achieved very good results.


   In the beginning stage, we used a small fund to start up. Since the practice has proven that this set of theories are effective, and since this project involves everyone, therefore we hope that everyone will participate in this project. We especially hope that you can and will invest in this project.


   The return we will give you is in honour rather than money. We will hang your big picture in the most significant places of each Xanadu. Let people remember the efforts you made for the happiness of the humankind. Moreover, we will build a bedroom for you in each Xanadu where you can come to enjoy and experience the paradise-like life at any time.


   This project is currently at a choking point because of the incomprehension by and interference from the local Chinese governments. One of the Xanadus we built up was invaded and all the members there were forced to withdraw. And another two Xanadus are on the verge of destruction. At this very moment, we urgently need your funding help. With your financial aid, even if the current Xanadus disappear, we would be able to establish more beautiful Xanadus in more suitable places. We also could build an oasis in the Gobi Desert.


   The minimum investment we need from you is USD$150,000. However, more is better.


   If you want to know more details about this project, please contact:


   Website: www.newoasislife.org; www.lifechanyuan.org

   Email address: [email protected]; [email protected]

   Please contact: Linda Yan +86 1-591-215-2873

    Julia Yan +86 1-508-701-3374



   We wish you health and happiness every day!



   Project Chief Officer


   *Note: this letter is to all the billionaires around the world. Any people who are dedicated to this big project are requested to forward this letter to any billionaires you know. Please change the title from “to whom it may concern” to the specific name, for example, “Mr. Jone Smith”. We hope you will contribute your efforts for the happiness and sustainable development of all the human beings.

(2013/12/25 发表)

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