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Talk GU theory and the current political situation with the Dalai Lama

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu
   Comments•two hundred twenty-three

   Translator: God has eyes
   In the hope that he can be a little rest, waiting
   to hear the open letter "To the Nobel Peace Prize
   winner the Dalai Lama," wrote three. Because I
   believe that the Dalai Lama will give an answer,
   whether or not to accept the recommendations
   ---- Recommended Mr. Gu Xiaojun.
   Self-confidence, and not just because of the
   more than 70-year-old Dalai Lama elderly
   amiable countenance. But recent studies after
   the Dalai Lama on his understanding. Want to
   Gu Xiaojun doctrine Shi Sansheng since
   followed, was a direct instruction from the
   Central Propaganda Department banned outside
   Toward Politics thousand articles, involving
   dignitaries numerous, in addition to former
   senior spy in Communist China, now Australians
   Yang Heng doctorate or in person by calling
   (Email) or posing as foreign journalists
   solicitation tea; Chongqing, Bo Xilai forces in a
   high-profile temptation. Really no one can be
   open-minded, and dare to confront Shi
   Sansheng the criticism or questioned, Dr. Yang
   Hengjun is no exception, only next to say so
   outright. Not imaginary fire Ruogu, of course,
   including Premier Wen Jiabao's claim to "respect
   the people and the CPC leadership. Premier Wen
   Jiabao Shanghai artist Zhou jokingly said "do not
   care", but then the people respond to his call,
   echoing his speech without the slightest
   representation. "The public impartiality" Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun he can of fairness and justice, but is
   unwilling to mouth confided "Gu" slightest
   lipped. Some elites arrogantly behind your
   support of 1.3 billion people "Does the Premier
   really believe this?
   I saw 18 large, especially after the events of The
   New York Times, "News Network" Wen lens,
   suddenly a gray hair did not hide. Wen sad
   really, actually not seen that elite is willing to
   stand up and support him to refute the New York
   Times about the poor "1.3 billion people". Mr.
   Gu Xiaojun really should be the words, "In fact,
   to verify or not verify or really worth mentioning,
   fake worth mentioning, I thought: This is a
   failure of the authoritarian regime. 2, which is
   the failure of elitism. Anyway, I first public
   impartiality "and" the plebs ism democratic
   values "​​, no, it will not fail." Funny Wen rainy
   day, the "anti-discredited" coup entrusted the
   famous leftist leaders in Hong Kong. But some
   media clippings, but also to prove had what?
   The Chinese Communist Party can not be open-
   minded, courteous, and really listen to the voice
   of the people. Last year, it decided to hand over
   the political rights of their hands, the 14th Dalai
   Lama, of course not the same with the Chinese
   Communists narrow-minded. That salvation is
   open cases of the righteous cause of the
   Buddhist, the Dalai Lama only aired committed
   to universal values, it should at least
   "reciprocity" to respond to Shi Sansheng the
   requirements recommended, even including
   some of his own Dharma misunderstanding and
   confusion? Tibetan Buddhist vegetarian devout
   famous for Han Buddhist: I saw people burning
   incense, but not the Buddha should. I am afraid
   that Tibetan Buddhism is also impossible to
   deep into the heart of so much of the Tibetan
   century, right?
   The biggest shortcoming of the Chinese
   Communist Party rule, is not a moral (CCP than
   any one political party, nice), but rather indulge
   in obscurantism of the show. But can see
   through the CCP's tricks, really world, Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun only one ear. Expose Han, Down with the
   ideological critique of Lu Xun, Deng Xiaoping,
   the Three Represents is nonsense, Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun understanding of the Chinese
   Communist Party, we can say that the wise
   understanding of human nature and the Dalai
   Lama. Take the recent traumatic event for the
   ruined and the "Southern Weekend dedications,
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun only a" the Tuo shock 'conspiracy
   ", it will be the elite countenance portrayed
   vividly. Southern the week name of the universal
   anti-universal evil, than the Chinese Communists
   openly unconstitutional, suppress dissidents
   surpassed the very. Terms of the Chinese
   Communists kill knife killed Yu, Southern weeks
   trick is warm boiled frog is also! Really coax the
   dead do not attractiveness ah.
   Of course, the Dalai Lama is also well aware of
   the political reformers within the Communist
   Party would not live long. The Dalai Lama is
   thinking: Why the reformers within the
   communist system, are "short-lived"? Elites
   obsessed with the acting one hand, you still able
   to extricate themselves because people addicted
   to drama? Dalai Lama himself has also become
   the "traitors" by the people generally believe it?
   What people should believe that the Dalai
   Lama's confession? Or to believe that the CCP's
   side of the story? In this case, in addition to
   "the public impartiality first to distinguish
   between right and wrong, there are other ways
   to do?
   Dalai Lama to look Gu learn the essence of ----
   "the public impartiality is the first values"!
   Perhaps, from "the public impartiality" to find
   the resonance of Buddhist thought and earthly
   [Shi Sansheng Tuesday, January 8, 2013 06:57 China]
(2013/01/11 发表)
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