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America China Kill children case Superficial and deep

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • The one hundred ninety-two
   Translator: God has eyes

   President Obama mind missing strings, and
   finally in the primary malignant Conn. shootings
   occurred, aware of the shootings occurred the
   past few years the United States, political
   reasons. But, perhaps want to explore for
   themselves the Obama blame these "political"
   reasons to political differences.
   According to China Xinhua reported, Obama is
   the 14th the vicious shootings occurred on that
   day in a primary school in the state of
   Connecticut in the White House issued a brief
   speech, he said: "In the past few years, the
   United States experienced again and again
   shootings time has now come to political
   differences aside, to take action to prevent
   similar tragedies from happening again. "
   A death toll of 28 people, at least 20 children.
   The brutality of the shootings is really God must
   weep. Coincidentally: On the same day,
   Guangshan County, Henan Province, China, with
   suspected mental patient armed with a knife
   killing 22 children and an old man's tragedy
   China and the United States of tens of
   thousands of miles apart, but it occurred in the
   morning of the same day, the same injury case
   for children. Jis, seems to be an act of God. But
   first "justice is the first values," Mr. Gu Xiaojun
   hole but if the concept of fire, wrote "the United
   States and kill big game kicked off. Mr. Gu said:
   "Needless to say, this Ryan - Lanza (Ryan Lanza),
   by the injustice from his parents (As unfair, I do
   not know)., If not by injustice, who would kill
   their own parents?"
   Although the United States is a highly
   democratic country, with the CIA or FBI idiot to
   even fled to the United States Chen Guangcheng
   is a "fake" (Gu Xiaojun language) not out. Final
   survey of primary school shootings in the state of
   Connecticut, it is estimated that only
   generalities, can not find out on this hidden
   behind the child's injury case against the crux
   ---- American society like China, is missing. " just
   "cause. The killers identified as mentally ill, is
   the final solution of the American politicians.
   Fox News reported: "Local officials disclosed
   brother, Ryan said, his brother Adam with autism
   or Asperger's Syndrome, and personality
   disorders Adam's neighbors described him as a"
   strange "people, and mental illness. "
   The same day, China and the United States
   located in the Earth's poles, each with a
   suspected mental patient "attack, slaughter and
   butcher's knife pointed at young children.
   Seemingly unrelated, each interpretation is
   reasonable. In fact, regardless of whether these
   two murderers have a mental illness, China and
   the United States for the first time ahead of the
   murderer is mentally information revealed.
   Purpose, but however you want to cover up their
   serious dereliction of duty in the management of
   social. Needless to say, the deadliest,
   bloodthirsty naive ability of children to be
   naked, is certainly a kind of morbid.
   However, if they really are "mentally ill."
   Selected from two claws of alignment young
   children: they different country, different social
   systems of the host country, is it the onset of
   mental illness will be so diametrically opposed
   this state? "Psychosis" of the United States, first
   at home Shamu (reported this very confusing),
   after wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying four
   guns, drove to the school where his mother, shot
   and killed 28 people. "Mental illness" and
   whether more effort than the average person? ;
   "Mental illness" is even more absurd, actually in
   the knives to injure, asked, "Why knives to
   injure", he answered very easily, that he cut a no
   hacked to death. "
   Psychiatric answer, I feel like Guangshan County
   Committee to speak. I remember the The
   Taizhou kill child case, unanimously stressed by
   the Government and the Hospital did not kill.
   This time, the government really is progress, the
   to know "mentally ill" for Government rumor?
   Really should congratulate Henan, Zhuhe Guang
   Shan County Government! You to the 22 people
   were cut down, a miracle did not die, creating a
   latest symptoms of epilepsy: "mentally ill"
   people know the truth from facts! Shi Sansheng
   Masters I seen and heard more than a mental
   patient, they always attack, like a normal person;
   once the attack, it becomes a different person.
   And afterwards can not remember the attack did
   what? Guangshan County, Henan epilepsy Min
   should be how the military, in the brain awake
   when opening the kill ring?
   Why China and the United States, two mental
   illness, so unusual? Effort is so, so sober. The
   sober person committing the crime, also can be
   regarded as psychotic episode?
   If Mr. Gu Xiaojun sent me a "Sino-US
   commentary home" tall hat, did not wish to pipe
   Americans Trivial. Watching Obama muddy ball
   speech choked several painful look quite
   seriously. Shi Sansheng Masters, I had the right
   of dead horse a living horse medicine, enlighten
   Obama regarded right about one thing, it is
   overwhelmed by killing the Tong case involves
   political. Continue to occur in order to prevent
   the killing child case, that not only the various
   political factions to give up intrigue will be able
   to do, you must also reach a consensus. And in
   order to reach a consensus, they have to be
   recovered in the United States professes to free
   and democratic country "justice" to do so has
   long gone. Throughout the United States over
   the past decade did, especially pretend blind,
   through the introduction of the "New York
   Times", "foreign policy", "Times of Chen
   Guangcheng, Ai Weiwei, the Han series of
   residual brain-Chinese politicians after the idea,
   the whole community in the United States, has
   also been no righteousness at all. A righteous
   society and inevitable is evil breeding.
   By Chen Guangcheng, Ai Weiwei, etc. become
   very popular in the United States, a reflection of
   self-righteous United States, has entered an
   epilepsy incubation period of all citizens,
   including politicians. The most important feature
   of the universal nature of the mental illness, is
   contrary to the true psychosis --- usually are like
   mental illness, but harmless in the society; Once
   the attack, the mind is extremely sober.
   The only way to cure universal psychosis, only
   the great thinker Mr. Gu Xiaojun Tranquility
   recipe: "fair" medicine-supplemented universal
   "democracy", "freedom", "rule of law" and
   "human rights" of the a.
   Fair complex. Either the United States or China,
   or even the world, are unable to contain the
   various social contradictions into the outbreak
   "(Gu Xiaojun language). The Chinese government
   has vowed to solve the killing of child case has
   never been stopped, is the best American role
   [Shi Sansheng Sunday, December 16, 2012, 05:54 China]
(2012/12/16 发表)

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