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Asked Foreign Policy: You know Gu dough?

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments · one hundred thirty-nine

   Translator:God has eyes
   The title of "taking care of the dough was"
   characteristics theory. No democracy Foreign
   Policy of well-informed, as well as with the
   Chinese Communist Party's origins (see "On
   foreign policy"> magazine publishers "), of
   course, can not fail to know to control a fifth of
   the world population characteristics theory .
   Without knowing Gu dough should be
   Know that people mostly do not know or dumb
   deliberately I do not know, why ask? This, but
   want to speak a common sense, Foreign Policy
   thinkers before they vote to prove how absurd.
   Yu Ping, Zhou Xiaochuan, Han, Ai Weiwei and
   other selected TOP 100 Global Thinkers, in fact,
   told Foreign Policy from cucumber shelves to
   identify a bunch of potatoes almost. With the
   old Chinese saying that "the tree, so the beans,
   sow beans get melons".
   With the party's "Three Represents" ideology
   dominate the political arena, but also the birth
   of what thinkers within the system. Think is
   nonsense is not?
   In the the characteristics theory "under control,
   China or is no thinker. Only outside the system.
   Outside the system, only regarded thinker, non-
   none other than Mr. Gu Xiaojun. China Network
   China the assessment officer Hundred "to" taking
   care of the dough; "Down with Lu Xun" to
   "criticize Deng Xiaoping Theory" until
   enlightening "Three Represents is nonsense, is
   swindling. Gu Xiaojun doctrine is its tenacious
   gorgeous vitality affects countless people out of
   the confusion, and went straight to the "justice
   is the first values" Avenue.
   Chinese people have a saying called "the first in
   the world". Mr. Gu Xiaojun done; Chinese people
   as well as the sentence did not say it, called "an
   enemy of the people of the world". Mr. Gu
   Xiaojun do. "Unimportance" of the Chinese
   people like risked his life to eating puffer fish,
   maybe nothing. However, "an enemy of the
   people of the world, has always believed in the
   case of wind to follow the crowd down, the law is
   not responsible for the masses, outnumbered
   people, is commendable, everlasting, a rare
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun "Down with Lu Xun", is "an
   enemy of the people of the world," Battle of the
   model. That old Lu since had Mao Zedong
   personally touted the crown of its great thinkers,
   revolutionaries, writers "have been in vain
   wearing for decades because of its text
   dominating the nerve center of the stupefying
   education, national small monasteries, which
   dare not to the old Lu thought "pay homage"?
   The Thunderbolt I heard loud, some people have
   dared to build Lu Xun anti. World who is not
   scared, that is not to be gasped it. Can be
   demon Temple cents ", Huan Lu Xun true colors,
   Gu Xiaojun national hero" a, calm down and
   think of them, although doubts not release full,
   the people of the world had closed the beak,
   dark recognized Lu Xun is a stupefying symbol.
   Lu Xun, where "great ideas"? If people than
   people, Lu Xun and Han, that not that different
   mound with raccoon you.
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun called "Down with Lu Xun, Lu Xun
   fade out textbooks, insufficient glimpse of Gu
   Xiaojun 'forceful magnificent. Its critique of
   "Deng Xiaoping Theory" is undoubtedly
   comprehensive, three-dimensional display of the
   doctrine of profound Gu Xiaojun, Deng. "The set
   Gu Xiaojun philosophy, economic, political and
   even literary culmination of. Not thinking of top
   wisdom has Gu Xiaojun, on not enough to
   criticize the "chief architect of China's reform
   and opening up --- Deng Xiaoping theory to
   convince the people. Criticism of Deng Xiaoping
   Thought, explained theoretically open to the
   "restoration" inevitable. Unwittingly, Deng
   Xiaoping's thinking of "let some get rich first",
   "development is the last word", has become a
   powerful weapon of the conservatives from the
   reformist banner, has become a source of social
   injustice , has become China's social demolitions
   blood levy, black to play the spiritual pillar.
   I ask, Foreign Policy, you TOP100, can be so
   ideological, so thinkers?
   Gu Xiaojun 'starting from the end of the year
   2008, to the advent of the "great democracy
   social Introduction. Gu Xiaojun thinking by the
   reality of Chinese society, the phenomenon of
   reflection and criticism, the development will
   have a profound impact on the future of human
   society as a whole "new philosophy".
   "Fair values" proposed, not just that of the
   Western world advocating "universal values" left
   behind by mistake, but also profoundly reveals a
   the elite capitalist society stop evolution, turned
   and authoritarian social elitism are cahoots fool
   to deceive the people of the essence.
   "Fair" is the touchstone of "fairness" is a magic
   As long as there is justice, like feudal society
   was born civilization Lubushiyi;
   As long as there is no justice, even Obama,
   President of the European Parliament will
   become senseless hesitate installed blind to
   self-deception and deceptive.
   Good drafting this point. Will the Foreign Policy,
   you now finally know Gu Xiaojun 'know to follow
   Gu Xiaojun' fans group ---- Gu dough.?
   If you still do not know, they ask you all sorts of
   trade-offs among the Google "To Foreign Policy"
   it. Do not learn the the Chinese ancients insane
   to come up with a donkey looking for a donkey
   [Shi Sansheng Sunday, November 4, 2012 10:51 China]
(2012/11/04 发表)

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