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·To the world's Nobel Peace Prize laureate's fifth letter
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·Please Ban Ki-moon to conduct a thorough investigation the Malala Yous
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·愚蠢的问题 难产的答案
With the like argue's U.S.Foreign Policy experts to talk

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group "Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments • The one hundred sixty-two
   Translator: God has eyes

   I do not know since when, the Chinese
   superstition on "all the way the monks chanting.
   Perhaps it is the decline of the nation,
   superstitious foreigners the wind continues to
   this day, from the late Qing Dynasty. Marxism-
   Leninism to the Chiang dynasty recognized the
   United States but the pro-worship from the
   Chinese Communist Party, and then to Harvard
   to become the Central Party School, as if both
   are to verify the mouth of the foreigners really
   have a spit ivory to the myth.
    People more superstitious, and the foreigners
   also more feel most will Scriptures. To 18 before
   a standard illiteracy Chen Guangcheng Chen
   blind TIME identified as the world's Person of
   the Year. The mighty ocean people no longer
   satisfied with vomit Ivory wondering must even
   fart smells.
   Gu Xiaojun 'come out, I'm afraid people also
   chasing fishy Zhuxiu the number of years, right?
   Even Shi Sansheng myself, I'm afraid, will still
   dream of thinking about the American People's
   Liberation Army "to liberate us.
   Fortunately Tianlizhaozhang, God has eyes a
   prophecy come true! Gu Xiaojun Lu-Americanism
   was encircled an Ice angle, has given way to the
   ocean people shudder, trembling: foreign policy
   has finally admitted shy TIME lasted more than
   ten years created by Chen blind Higurashi
   Xishan impact "minimal" . Foreign policy shared
   with TIME Korea three cheat Ai large stay dead
   end, so that the altar across the car, literary
   amphibious cargo Han pediatric, and had to rely
   on the subject matter of speculation, "Little
   Three" to maintain their influence.
   Before, look at the foreign policy experts
   Yasheng Huang Xinwen, Old Man, "is how to
   bring the democratic China" and "China's people
   talk about", also saw a Mr. Wong's article, the
   name " argumentative Chinese people. " Original
   to his "Chinese people" refers to. I discovered
   that "Chinese people" after reading only means
   he Yasheng Huang is concerned, if only he was
   in "good to argue" the Chinese people. Yasheng
   such big words, whether it is because of the
   narrow eyes, I do not know Chinese also created
   doubts about school, "Mr. Gu Xiaojun it?
    With Mr. Wong "to talk with the people of
   China,". So, he will have to talk about the idea
   foreignof ​​ policy and Yasheng. Multitude of
   Yasheng Huang vehemently denied "American
   conspiracy" may wish to talk about it.
    In fact, even if "American conspiracy" does not
   exist, "such an intricate situation in China,
   Obama tried to form a strategic surrounded by
   large, only hair left their ammunition (see" Gu
   Xiaojun political views a summary account (02) ")
   . Let alone as Chen, the blind are not blind, Han
   ghostwriter, Ai Weiwei fundraising refusal to pay
   the scam, one by one was exposed, the U.S.
   government has not denied that he is the
   manipulation of these puppet backers. Fool
   wants to come, since Obama commissioned a
   private assessment agencies Chen Guangcheng
   made "completely impossible to flee," the
   assessment, go to the U.S. will also serve Chen
   blind Qindie general life of debauchery. This is
   not a conspiracy what?
   To the CIA, the FBI can not even a blind really
   blind, the fake blind can not see. Is it impartiality to
   prove that Americans are very residual brain?
   This, of course, is a conspiracy. Such an obvious
   fact, why Yasheng two years ago for the U.S.
   government sophistry still dare not admit it?
    Imperative foreign policy we need to do, it
   should be the courage to look at itself, to
   prevent the Obama administration continues
   vigorously for the benefit of China strategy at
   the machinations. Own side of evil, also counting
   on evil can rot magic to bring heaven democracy
   for the Chinese people simply Dairen paranoia.
   A blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise. If
   Sevon deliberately put out their own mares to
   seduce a stallion back, it is wicked home.
    It should be said that: Yasheng The wisdom
   since the eighties led by Deng Xiaoping, Zhao
   Ziyang, Hu Yaobang, the Chinese Communist
   Party during the reign of the most free, the most
   hopeful era. Naturally understand that American
   politicians instigated Fang Lizhi, Liu Xiaobo, who
   engage in what the 1989 movement, this in itself
   evidence of the intentions of the U.S.
   government is how shameless! China has impartiality
   begun the process of civilization, was hit / dog /
   day / United States lead the way to the party
   abruptly misleading to above irreparably astray.
   Only this theory, to ride a horse is not a good
   bird! Tiananmen Snow debt, and how little it
   had a great credit of the U.S. government!
   Past can not recover, humans can only go
   forward. Yasheng Huang and foreign policy have
   if we did people of conscience, whether it
   should be on this repented of their evil and play
   the fool. Come to their senses, to support
   China's real advocate impartialityice Gu Xiaojun
   [Shi Sansheng Monday, November 26, 2012 08:00 China]
(2012/11/26 发表)

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