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Foreign Policy yes or no rational legitimate?

   "China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments · one hundred forty-one

   Translator:God has eyes
   Unexpectedly, the Foreign Policy recommended
   Mr. Gu Xiaojun "tough fight" so soon MingJin to.
   With the advent of Gary's wrong "League"
   Foreign Policy and the political elite, said Gu Gu
   door rookie "won the Shi Sansheng Grilled
   material effort" non-democratic "theory Policy> publishers" series has been Mr.
   Gary's "conclusive" one, it means that the past
   few years to engage in "TOP 100 Global Thinkers"
   made fast, and the legitimacy of the Foreign
   Policy of the world situation, has been seriously
   questioned. Foreign Policy innocence are not
   dictated TOP 100 will what goods? The world
   with the toes can guess what happens.
   So, regardless of the Foreign Policy of the club is
   the Carnegie Foundation, the Washington Post,
   in cooperation with the Communist party, in the
   end there is no order to the Chinese mainland
   thinkers candidates shall countertops
   transactions done anything on it? Says not even
   order blocking the mouth of Gu dough, the
   Foreign Policy also stand out, to explain their
   own TOP 100 in the end is how the vote out.
   For example:
   TOP100 documented selection of the Articles of
   What is the definition of the TOP 100 Global
   TOP100 selection process like? Recommended or
   alone Huiyanshizhu Foreign Policy?
   TOP100 thinkers in the end what is thought?
   Their "great ideas" in the end of human
   civilization and progress over what kind of
   Foreign Policy If the above can not answer basic
   questions, I am afraid to conceal his own
   trickster's work, right? Presumably Foreign Policy
   is still not low-level crooks with the Chinese
   mainland, as just a few people, rent an office,
   and then casually make a stamp dare to engage
   in what century Who's Who "or" project financing
   "acts like it?
   I remember, I have been fortunate enough to
   come into contact with Shi Sansheng behemoth
   such as the World Trade Fund Beijing
   Representative Office. In fact, riding a dead
   horse lame, led to several Chinese and foreign
   small Minions, rent on office in the capital city
   of Chang'an Avenue, under the banner of the
   name of foreign adults, specifically to deceive the
   Chinese people. Dead crooks really pay attention
   to both the desk, or reception room, everywhere
   not placed, is stuck in colorful national flag.
   Not to mention also, is so that some of the fraud
   gang under the banner hanging from the ocean
   adults, have been the Chinese government party
   nuclear trial, is the the barely veiled legitimate
   Of course, Foreign Policy Unlike the WTO Fund of
   the continent, the people, after all, living in a
   talk about "procedural justice" democratic
   society based on the rule of law. Even so, Foreign
   Policy will order "interests", like many involved
   in the foreign media as a golden egg from the
   Chinese party?
   [Shi Sansheng Monday, November 5, 2012 13:46 China]
(2012/11/05 发表)

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