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·Help me to Build a Paradise on the Earth/Xuefeng
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·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·How to Predict Your Own Afterlife
·The Interpretation of Predestined Ties
·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
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·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
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·800 Values No.701~800/xue feng
·800 Values No.301~400
·800Values No.401~500
·没有阶级 城乡脑体工农差别消失——第二家园亮点系列十六/逸仙草













   Deiform Celestial





   Everything Lifechanyuan has done was in broad daylight since being set up. Whatever we do is publicized in website; we don't organize secret activities; we never do anything beyond the value of Lifechanyuan. Except Chanyuan Celestials, none of us was honored with preach work; even Chanyuan Celestials needn't to take any obligations and responsibilities; whatever they do follows nature; they even never take special task, because Lifechanyuan isn't neither a religion nor a political organization.




   Lifechanyuan takes game as its focus, which will never carry on any organizations and activities and never arrange people to preach. Besides the website of Lifechanyuan, there aren't any other types of individual and organization. The founder of Lifechanyuan doesn't arrange people to do special work. The value of Lfiechanyuan is to maintain government; self-refinement and self-improvement in Lifechanyuan are all publicized on website, which won't organize and arrange factional activity.




   Chanyuan Celestials' list is publicized on website of Lifechanyuan; besides the name in the list, there isn't a person who is entitled with Chanyuan Celestials and regarded as special person belonging to Lifechanyuan.




   Because there are devious people who hold the flag of Lifechanyuan to cheat and bluff, so I warn kind-hearted people raise your vigilance, and don't be tricked. If you had doubt, you could publicize it on website at any time, and we would make it clear.




   Furthermore, I want to say that there aren't any forms of religious and political groups or all forms of organization behind Lifechanyuan; there aren't any powerful individual and backer patron but the Greatest Creator.




   Meanwhile, I declare again, Chanyuan Celestials are to get into Lifechanyuan instead of participating in Lifechanyuan. We don't have any archives and procedures about a person except the list on the website. To people who want to get into Lfiechanyuan, as long as you are ready, we will honor him/her a name of Celestial Being, we never ask his/her age, real name and social and culture background; so to Chanyuan Celestials who want to leave Lifechanyuan, as long as they declare they are quit, it take effect instantly. We just pity for them, we never force them stay on the list, which is totally different with some websites statement-it is difficult to escape from Lifechanyuan.


   生命禅院的理念是针对全人类的,不是针对某一个国家的,是针对未来生命禅院时代的,不是针对现行体制的。光明正大,一切都暴露在世人面前接受人类的监督检查是生命禅院 一贯的方针和原则。凡任何人由于生命禅院的名义上了当受了骗,建议及时公开,并按照国家的法律行事。






   Values of Lifechanyuan aim at the whole body of mankind rather than a certain country, at future era of Lifechanyuan rather than current system. It is Lifechanyuan's consistent policy and principle to be fairness and be exposed in the face of common people and be supervised and checked up by humankind. Anyone who are cheated in name of Lfiechanyuan, we suggest them publicize timely and handle matters according to national laws.


   Hereby notify




   Oct24, 2006

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