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·How to Know Our Previous Lives
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
·The Only Purpose of Becoming a Chanyuan Celestial
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·You are Invited to Join Lifechanyuan International Family
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Notice for who wants to apply for Chanyuan- celestial





   Notice for who wants to apply for Chanyuan- celestial








   Xue Feng





   Chanyuan celestials are "ripen crops", and they shoulder the important task of pioneering the Lifechanyuan era for human beings.




   Standards to be a Chanyuan celestial.



















   01. Revere the Greatest Creator, revere life, love nature and do not oppose government and the ruling party.


   02. With graceful mind, civilized and cultivated, with certain degree of reading ability.


   03. Healthy, well presented, gentle, kind, hard-working, honest, and trustworthy.


   04. With a certain economic foundation and be able to solve one's own problems.


   05. Having read at least one-third of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus


   06. Age from 18 to 60.


   07. Willing to enter the 2nd home to live a new collective life of Chanyuan with no family and marriage.


   08. Willing to devote everything to create a joyful, happy and free Lifechanyuan era, an environment, where things are harmonious, and everyone belongs to a big family which has lots of happiness, joy and freedom.




   Chanyuan celestial will NOT take the following:






































   01. People who do not believe in the Greatest Creator.


   02. Enemies of the government and the ruling party.


   03. Incapable of reading.


   04. Too much occupied with worldly affairs or engaged with too many human feelings.


   05. Less than 18 or more than 60.


   06. Those who can not help themselves.


   07. No access to the Internet or incapable of computer network.


   08. Eaten up with diseases.


   09. Vulgar language user and with the inclination of bullying people.


   10. Abusing one's parents.


   11. Profaning God and Buddha, insulting ancestors and abusing the state leaders.


   12. Liars and hypocrites who do not respect the facts and science.


   13. People who are in favor of magic arts and the exceptional function.


   14. High demanding for material living conditions.


   15. Eccentrics, unable to integrate into the collective life.


   16. People who are very jealousy and use to complain and compare.


   17. People who are too egocentric or cynical.


   18. Incapable of expressing one's own wishes and thoughts completely and accurately.




   Chanyuan celestial not only needs to have the ability to solve his own problems, but also needs to have the ability to solve the problems faced by all human beings, so the Chanyuan celestial should have a Mahayana aspiration, and should be hard-working, perseverant, brave and selfless dedicated, should be open-minded, optimistic, positive, cheerful and unfettered, should have the courage to overcome all difficulties and march toward the ultimate goal, should have the quality of being true, kind, fair, honest and trustful.





   Chanyuan celestial is not a common self-improver or self-refiner with the Hinayana aspiration, and he/she has to be an outstanding person, has to be the elite of all human beings, has to be the mainstay of human civilization, and a pioneer for the new life of all human beings.

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