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Replication of the Ten-Thousand-Year Life





   Replication of the Ten-Thousand-Year Life








   Xue Feng





   Home without Marriage and Family , which is created by Lifechanyuan, is a transfer station from the mortal world to Heaven and the thousand-year world, and also a transfer base of self-improvement and self-refinement to Heaven, the ten-thousand year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent. The life in Home without Marriage and Family copy the life style of the Celestials in the thousand-year world, and it will serve us for the achievement of the consciousness and quality of being Celestials in the thousand-year world and for the guarantee of reaching the thousand -year world.





   The Content of the Copy of the Thousand-Year Life




   1. No marriage, no husband and wife, no family, no married or given married




   2. Nobody is capable of possessing any private property. Non-possession ownership is practiced. Individual's basic needs are to be met by collective.




   3. Each does his best; each takes what he needs.




   4. Everybody has his/her tasks and takes corresponding responsibilities. They serve mutually and they owe each other nothing.




   5. No leaders but differences in responsibilities in arranging and mediating for life and work.




   6. Anyone who is able to work must undertake a job, regardless his/her age or genre. No idlers here.




   7. Each member is required to participate in the collective learning and recreational activities voluntarily.




   8. To keep the environment clean and tidy; everything is orderly, peaceful and warm.




   9. There is no constitution, no law, no regulation, no commandment, and no dharma; there is only holographic order.




   10 Be collectively responsible for the support of the elderly and the raise and education of the children




   11 There is no currency or reward. Everything is done in accordance with the natural instinct




   12 Hold a variety of cultural and recreational activities.




   13 No temples, Taoist temples, churches and idol worship; neither burn incense nor pray or make offerings.




   14. No witchcraft, magic, martial arts, Taoistic arts and other superstitious activities.




   15. Respect for science and make the full application of science and technology to serve the people.




   16. No financial industry, commerce, accounting, courts, lawyers, soldiers, policemen and prison.




   17. Be cremated after death, without leaving the ashes, the graves, or memorial places.




   18. Do not produce any form of lethal weapons or competitive tools, appliances or toys.




   19. No tobacco or cigarettes.




   20. Two meals a day. All members take their meals at the canteen.




   21.No eating the meat of wild animals, and no eating any animals, including poultry and livestock in the end.




   22. Outdoor bathing places, bathrooms, restrooms and toilets can be used regardless of gender.




   23. Be free in love and sex. Be free from interference and control as long as they are willing to do this regardless the number of people.




   24 There is no conception of father and kinship. The baby will be raised and educated by full-time nursery staffs and institutions after his/her mother's lactation period.




   25 All members change their habitats for one time every three years.




   26 The basic standard of living will be normalized globally, no luxury, no waste; everyone will be guaranteed for sharing living resources.




   27 Each member enjoys a separate bedroom, which is absolutely freed from disturbance, supervision and control.




   28. Follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator in an all-round way.




   What is listed above are just a copy of the life in the Thousand-year world, and there left a large amount of details which will be adjusted and changed according to Lifechanyuan Value that "No dharma in the power of Buddha, it is ever changing; a rule is not always being rule, not seizing any rules is the real rule; to change the ways around the unchanging point, not to change the point when changing the ways". Everything will be carried out for everyone's joy, freedom, and happiness, and focus on the care for nature, the cherishment of life, the reverence for the Greatest Creator and the sublimation of the quality of life.




   June 8, 2010

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