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The symbol of Lifechanyuan era





   The symbol of Lifechanyuan era








   Xue Feng





   The past era of human was an era of disorder, an era of fighting openly and secretly among nationalities, political parties, religions, races, countries and other interest groups, an era of people majorly pursuing the material comfort, an era that the winners make the rules, and the losers were always wrong, an era of everything depending on powers and forces, an era of people falling apart, an era of countries being set up a separatist regime by force of arms, an era that was locked in a seesaw struggle between the truth, goodness, beauty and the fake, badness, ugliness, an era that people were confused with gloomy heart and soul, with decadent spirit and anxious mind, who could not see the trend of future development, in one word, an era of reigning by Satan.




   This era will come to an end marked with the big adjustment of universal life around the year of 2013, and the times will belong to Lifechanyuan era after the year of 2013.




   Lifechanyuan era are mainly characterized with the following 8 features:




   1. Countries will disappear.




   2. Religions will disappear.




   3. Political parties will disappear.




   4. War, illness, hunger and crime will disappear.




   5. People will change from pursuing the material comfort into pursuing the spiritual enjoyment.




   6. The production and livelihood of people will be globally planned as a whole, guided by saints, managed by sages.




   7. The knowledge related to the Greatest Creator will enjoy popular support; and human beings will live together with other advanced life; Nature will be in a harmonious and orderly state.




   8. The family life will disintegrate.




   Beyond that, there are 8 small features:




   1. Desert will be changed into oasis.




   2. The good order of "no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in" will appear in society.


   3. 人与人相互尊敬爱戴,相互信任,亲如一家。


   3. People mutually respect, love and trust each other just like members of one family.




   4. Good weather for the crops with distinct seasons, and the natural calamities such as earthquakes and storms etc. will be remitted greatly.




   5. The bad customs such as one's dignity depends on his amount of money, his power and influence, his fame and prestige will be changed.




   6. The forms of love between sexes will present diversification.




   7. The life span of people will be extended to about 500 years.




   8. The death time and the manner of death will be determined by individual.




   This era will be initiated by the people in Lifechanyuan; the human population may reduce sharply; and countless extinct species may be resumed completely; the world, sky and rivers will be off-pollution and restore to delicate and pretty.




   This era will belong to the Greatest Creator and the people who have devoted their painstaking efforts of whole life to Nature and all human beings.




   The era of Lifechanyuan will last one thousand years; and after this human will enter into another era.




   The people with telegnosis will certainly perceive the breath of this era and strive for it; the people with no telegnosis may think this statement is ridiculous, ignorant, absurd and nonsense.




   The approach of Lifechanyuan era will not change according to the will of anybody but is the necessary evolution result of universal life; it is the law and order of Tao; we will enter into the Lifechanyuan era if we follow the Tao; otherwise we will be abandoned by the Lifechanyuan era.




   So we can say that the future of the people in Lifechanyuan is bright with splendid prospects.

(2011/12/26 发表)

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