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The People are Fish on the Chopping Board under Knife

    —What I See and Hear about the Outrage of the Chinese Police
      Chinese police, pawn of CCP’s dictatorial rule, works for the rich and powerful, bullies the poor and the weak, violates human rights, and harm the innocent.

    I. Criminals at large, victims detained
    This is a typical case of Chinese police’s protection of corrupt power and abuse of good people. Grandpa Yan lives on Funan Street in Xingrong district of Datong. He lives on rearing pigs. One day on her way home back from school, his granddaughter was hit by a red van and was injured in many places. The driver stuck his head out of the window and screamed at the little girl, “Are you tired of living?!” When the family of the little girl tried to argue with him, the driver, who did not have a driver’s license and who was driving intoxicated, took out of a knife and started to wave it. The little girl’s family members had to run to duck his knife. Somebody on the street who saw what had happened called the police. The perpetrator did not show any fear or remorse, instead he told the people: “I have a big backer in the municipal police department, why should I be afraid of you?!” Sure enough, the agents from the district police department came, and let the perpetrator go without doing anything. Later Grandpa Yan found out that the driver was a relative of the deputy director of the municipal police department named Jia. Grandpa Yan, who did not have any connection in the government, had to swallow his anger. He took his granddaughter to hospital for medical treatment.
    Nobody would imagine the sequel to the accident. The driver who had hit Grandpa Yan’s granddaughter came to his house. With a knife, he wounded Grandpa Yan’s pigs, which died later. Grandpa Yan could not take it any more and in a rage he went to the culprit’s house and threw a stone at his window and broke a glass. Very shortly, the district police came and arrested Grandpa Yan. Grandpa Yan asked the police, “He hit and injured my granddaughter while driving intoxicated. He killed my pigs. Why you guys did not arrest him? I only broke a window pane and you are arresting me?! Where is the justice? Where is the fairness?” The police answered Grandpa Yan: “Why don’t you have a powerful relative?!” The policeman’s words revealed the true foundation of Chinese Police’s operation: protect the interests of the rich and powerful, bully and suppress the weak and the innocent. So the poor Grandpa Yan was detained in prison for 15 days while the real perpetrator stayed at large.
    After his release from prison, Grandpa Yan became mentally unstable…
   II. Greed Becomes the Second Nature
    There circulates a very popular saying in China: “The police have talent to solve cases, which is to eat both the accuser and the accused.” The saying means that the law officers in China request and accept briberies from both defendant and complaint. They fill up their personal wallets by abusing their power. A friend of mine whose last name is also Wang is a migrant worker from Hebei Province. After a year not seeing him, I met him on the street. I asked him what he had been doing. He said, “I just got released from the prison.” Then he told me what had happened to him. His girlfriend was being harassed by some street hooligans and when he tried to stop them they started to beat him. In defense he fought back and injured one of them. While the hooligans had some connections in the police department and were let go, he was arrested and put in jail. The police who was in charge told him he would be released as well if he had 10,000 RMB. My poor friend did not have that much money and had to do his time in prison.
    My friend’s experience reminded me of a scene I witnessed years ago when I was eating at a small restaurant. A policeman came into the restaurant followed by a guy who had been caught stealing. The police, after handcuffed the man on the heating radiator, sat down at a table, ordered some food and liquor, and started to enjoy his meal. After a while, the family members of the thief arrived, they begged the police to release the guy. I saw that they also put a roll of money into the police’s pocket. Later the policeman, dined and wined, unlocked the handcuffs and let the thief go. Then he strolled out of the restaurant to catch more thieves.
    It did not surprise me that the police are corrupt and abuse their power to the point of shamelessness. In the city of Datong, if you want to become a policeman, you won’t get the position unless you spend 100,000 RMB (14,000$) at bribery. Law enforcement in China is a very lucrative career. One year after you become a police you will make more money than you have spent at bribery. Some people believe that no matter how nice a person is he will become bad when he becomes a cop, otherwise he won’t remain long in his position. Corruption and bribery become the norm in the law enforcement. About two years ago, there was a homicide within the Datong Police Department: Huiming Li (female), the director of the political division of the municipal police department, was killed inside her house by a police from the Nanjiao district branch. The motive of the homicide is that Director Li had accepted a huge sum of money from the police and had promised him a promotion. However, when she could not deliver her promises and the police came to ask the money back, director Li refused to do so saying that she had already given the money to her superior. Out of rage the police killed her.
    In mainland China it has become an unwritten law that the higher the rank one occupies, the more corrupt one becomes. To ascend in the social and political ladder, one has to succumb to corruption. Corruption and greed have become the second nature of the government officials.
   III. Police caused death when exhorting confession, public procurator created false evidence
    The law enforcement agencies in mainland China are like meat grinders that shred, slice, and grind human beings as if they were just meat.
    It was the winter of 2007 in Yanggao District of Datong in Shanxi Province. Yuan Cheng (assumed name) was playing Mangjiang with his family when police came to his house and arrested both him and his sister, Qing Cheng, among a few more people, on charge of “gambling.” According to Qing Cheng, her brother was carrying with him 5,000 RMB, the money he got from selling his mule, but it was confiscated by the police as gambling money. When Yuan Cheng tried to protest, he was taken to another room for interrogation. Immediately Qing Cheng heard her brother’s painful screaming from the other room. Because the arrested people did not admit that they were gambling, the police took turns to interrogate them day and night not letting them sleep. “Maybe because I am a woman, they did not dare to beat me.” Qing Cheng said in tears, “Through the night I still could hear my brother’s shrills from time to time until the next morning when his screaming stopped. I thought that finally they stopped beating him. Later I found out that my poor brother could not make any sounds any more because he had been beaten to death by the police.”
    After beating Yuan Cheng to death, Yanggao District police department did not inform Yuang Cheng’s family. Instead, they took Yuan Cheng’s body to Datong No. 3 Hospital and left his body in the morgue there. The police department did not inform Yuan Cheng’s family until a few days later telling them that Yuan Cheng suffered a sudden death due to illness. When some of my reporter friends went to Datong No. 3 Hospital to interview Yuan Cheng’s family, they saw Yuan Cheng’s wife, mother and sister, looking through the window at their loved one’s body inside the morgue, crying. There were some people outside the morgue who were from the Datong Municipal Procuratorate. They did not want the reporters interview the family members because they had helped to create the false evidence of Yuan Cheng’s “sudden death” to cover up the truth that the police had beaten the victim to death.


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