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哭泣的绵羊 Weeping Lambs

Weeping Lambs

    -What I Know about People’s Sufferings under Chinese Communist Party’s Dictatorship


      I am from mainland China and fortunately I escaped the tyrannical rule of Chinese Communist Party and came to the land of democracy and freedom. Out of good conscience and sense of justice and responsibility, I want to share with the world what I see and hear in mainland China to let the people know about CCP and its corrupt government’s evil rule, their killing of the innocent, their suppression of democracy, and their violation of human rights.


   The Sufferings of Rural Residents


   My hometown is in northern Shanxi Province where the land is hardly arable and oftentimes suffers droughts. But it has the richest deposit of top-quality coal in China. Since the Reform and Open-Door policy, small-scale coal mines like anthills have appeared everywhere. The owners of these small coal shafts, in collusion with government officials, have engaged themselves in frenzied exploitation of the resources without any considerations of safety and environment. Above the ground one can see holes like wounds opening up everywhere, under the ground, there are goafs and gobs left by the mining. The neighboring villages’ wells dried up, their houses became dangerous to live in. While the owners of these mines and the corrupt government officials are getting richer and richer, the life of the villagers becomes worse and worse living in dangerous houses, lacking water, and breathing air that is filled up with coal dust. When the villagers try to talk with the owners of the mines or seek help from the government, not only that their problems are not going to be solved, but sometimes they even get beaten up.

    The event I am going to tell you happened in the fall of 2006 in the village of Nianzigou, Nanjiao district, city of Datong. Najiao District’s Wuqi Coal Mine, located close to Nianzigou Village, after years of mining, caused the water level drop really low and thus the wells in the neighboring Nianzigou village all dried up. The villagers had to travel more than 5 kilometers to get water for themselves and their live stocks. Because the underground of their village is now hollow gobs left by the mining, cracks appeared in their houses which became a hazard to live in. The villagers went to talk with the mine authorities and requested for some recompensation for their damages and solution to their problems. Their rightful request, however, was answered by violence. The mine authorities had hired some hatchet men who beat up the villagers and gravelly injured more than 20 (mostly women and elderly) who had to be hospitalized in the Third People’s Hospital owned by Datong Mining Group Company.

    When I heard about the news, I went to the hospital to learn more about the event. I saw elder men and women with broken arms, legs or noses. The sight was unbearably sad. They told me what had happened to them: in the morning they went to talk with the mine authorities, before they reached the office building, a dozen of men all dressed in black ran out of the loadometer room toward them all with iron sticks or hoes, and started to hit them before they could say anything. Some women escaped to the bathroom, they chased them there to beat them. Someone called the police who arrived at the scene and watched the beating with their arms crossed. More than 20 people were severely injured and the culprits ran away.

    At present, the Wuqi Coal Mine is still in operation, the criminals are still at large, and the victimized villagers still live in their dangerous houses, lacking drinking water, trying to survive…


   The Sufferings of Urban Residents


    The people in mainland China, under communist tyranny and corrupt government, are leading an inhumane life. For example, the city of Datong in Shanxi province, with a population of about 3 million people, had about 500 state-owned companies and businesses. The greedy company leaders and the corrupt government officials made huge fortunes for themselves through embezzlement and briberies, totally disregarding the well being of their employees. Many state-owned companies are at the edge of bankruptcy and many people lost their jobs and have to worry about their daily meals. The government does not allow the companies to declare bankrupt, because bankruptcy may become a blemish in the government officials’ resume and jeopardize their chances to ascend to higher ranks, and because bankruptcy will increase the government’s financial burden. Therefore the workers of such companies don’t have a job but are not classified as “unemployed”. They receive a pittance of 100-300 RMB (14-43$) a month on which the whole family lives on. Some of them pick up garbage on the streets and in the markets. To survive, many of them try to apply for low income welfare, which becomes another trial, almost impossible to achieve, because one has to bribe the officials to get the low-income welfare! The corrupt government officials’ exorbitant exploitation of ordinary people and their lacking of compassion for human sufferings made them no better than animals.

    A relative of mine, whose name is Wenyong Wang, was a worker at the state-owned Datong Ceramic Factory. The factory was sold to an individual at very low price after the corrupt management ruined it. The factory made a 15.000 RMB (2000$) buy-out payment to my relative, who does not have a good health because of years of hard labor in the factory. Wenyong’s health prevents him from finding a suitable job, his young child is attending a vocational school, so the whole family depends on his wife’s meager monthly income of 300 RMB (43$). About five years ago he started to apply for low-income welfare, but because he had not connections in the government, he has not got it until today. Another relative of mine, Wei Hong, is an employee of Datong Energy Company. However, because the company now only exists in name, he has been practically jobless for many years. His wife works at the city’s Factory of Rectifiers with a monthly income of about 200 RMB (30$). The couple, with their son who is attending high school, lives in a very small shed, barely making a living. Wei Hong has to look for odd jobs to support his family. After years of waiting for his low-income welfare application to be processed, he realized that he had to bribe the officials to get his welfare. So he borrowed money from relatives and friends to set up a “bribery fund.” After receiving the money, the officials finally agreed to process his application.

    As far as I know, more than 60% of the population of the city of Datong lives in poverty. Those rich and powerful living on people’s blood like leeches, however, are having a glamorous, luxury, and decadent life. Most of the citizens are resentful about the government, but the only thing they are allowed to do is probably complaining in secret.


    CCP Despotic Government’s Suppression of People’s Calls for Justice


    As an old Chinese saying goes, even bunnies bite when they are cornered. During the 60 years of communist dictatorship, the people in mainland China have been treated like animals, endured all sorts of sufferings, and have become used to the violation of their rights. Nevertheless, when they are cornered to the point of no way out, they try to make their voices heard。The communist regime, like butchers, who tie up the pigs’ mouth before slaying them, stifled the people’s cry for justice and their rights to live a dignified and humane life.


    Still I want to use the example of the city of Datong in Shanxi Province. The citizens of Datong, in order to survive, came together and organized several sit-in demonstrations in front of the city hall. Their banners, made of white cloth with words written in black ink (white and black are the colors of funeral), read slogans such as “Punish the corrupt government officials!” “Give us back our jobs!” and “We want to live!” Many demonstrators and protestors were employees from companies such as Datong No. 2 Pharmaceutical Factory, Transportation Company, and Chinese Medicine Hospital. These sit-in demonstrations and protests were dispersed by the police and some of the demonstrators were arrested on account of “obstruction of justice.” How absurd!


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