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·一件奇怪的事情 Something very strange
·It is quite funny 挺滑稽的
·The interactive is almost open 互动几乎公开化了
·ACPI-compliance added to the PC in netbar 网吧的电脑被装上了ACPI-complia
·They turn back to old strategy again 他们又回到老路上去了
·Brief introduction to myself. 我的简介
·Letter to Dell 给戴尔的信
·Although facing great pressure from cheap beasts, I feel it just another
·It seems a long march to go, but it had been started.路漫漫其修远兮
·My choice maybe
·可以自动翻译的网页 The translation can be done automatically in this add
·My little son had to go to the hospital last night. 昨晚我儿子被迫去医院
·I have been blocked from two of my blogs for a month.
·This is a funny morning.
·用Google translate翻译出来的主文章
·This is just another day again
·I was invited to be the chief operational office by a subsidiary of a multi-national company
·Are these all my imagination?这些都是我的想象吗?
·It is funny that the pc in the the netbar are reinstalled twice
·熊培云:黑窑与装甲车考验国人的想像力 南方新闻网
·我的工作又没了 I lost another job opportunity again
·Document rescued from blocked blog--谢谢你们
·Document rescued from blocked blog--其实两年前我就发觉有人入侵
·我的博客My blogs
·Recovered document from blocked blog从被封的博客救回来的文章
·救回来的文章-宛如惊弓之鸟的贱狗 Those cheap dogs are like birds which ha
·抢救回来的文章--今天用上USB 的即插即用虚拟键盘和鼠标
·抢救回来的关键文章Rescued article--All pieces have fallen into places.
·救回来的文章--talked with my son for three hours on Saturday. 周六我跟儿
·可笑的恐吓 Funny threaten
·明天我又要去见工了Another interview for me again.
·兵匪一家? Are they from the same family of police and robbers?
·文摘并评论: 朱元璋心狠手辣杀贪官 却奈何朝杀暮犯
·致各位MSN的网友To all friends
·引用 关于中国的24个为什么?
·文摘并评论:中级法院院长腐败现象突出 成各界“公关”重点
我的博客的统计 The statistics of the visitors to my blog

   From the statistic report by Opera.com, my friend who is readingthis blog are from more and more places, such as many provincesover China and states over US, and alos some asian countries. Now Imove the target market from China to abroad and begin to write thisblog both by Chinese and English. I will make this blog known tothe whole world. Since they deleted all tags I pasted on webstations within China, I have to move outside, where they don'tdare to delete them.

   What is interesting is what I wrote is like some diary in warfield, recording those activities I fight with cheap dogs. I don'thave enough time think of how to writ the article well since itcosts my a lot of time to fight them, when they use quite a lot ofmethods to stop me from doing anything on net. Therefore thewording is not quite good.
   As the flow of readers grows, I wish all friends on net help me topromote this blog for me, or for freedom.
   I know that quite a few are helping me on this, thanks for all of them

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