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The Chinese Communist Party is the Most Shameless Party in the World Today. (中共是当今世界上最无耻的政党)

   CCP (Chinese Communist Party) always claims itself as the most correct, most progressive and the greatest political party. Since it came into power in 1949, it claims that it has emancipated China, and the socialist system that it established represents the people’s interests. However, during its near 60 years of rule, CCP has not only nearly destroyed the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, but has also fooled its people inhumanely and led the Chinese nation into a long period of deep disasters while forcing people to maintain a happy façade. Such a political party would have resigned shamefully if it were in the western world of freedom and democracy. CCP, however, has remained in power shamelessly, praising itself for benefiting the people. I would say that its shamelessness is even greater than the Great Wall.
   Different political parties, with different principals and objectives, should have a relationship of equality. After it came into power, arrogant with its own supremacy, CCP has ruled above the other political parties with the so called policy of “cooperation of many parties under communist leadership.” CCP represses the other political parties, attacks or exterminates the dissidents while trying to maintain the appearance of a relationship with other political parties described as “long-term coexistence and mutual supervision, treating each other with full sincerity and sharing weal or woe.” In fact, the other political parties are no more than a puppet show put up by CCP to cover its lawless dictatorship. This is the first reason why I think CCP is shameless.

   As the sole ruling party for a long period of time, CCP has dictated the state affairs ignorantly, has acted irresponsibly and has caused innumerable disasters for the people, but it still considers itself the most correct party and does not listen to different opinions and voices. It represses democracy, puts down the people’s cries for justice, and yet at the same time it boasts as the representative of the people’s interest justifying its single-party ruling as “democratic concentration of power”. This is the second reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   Corruption has become a defining characteristic of CCP. Greedy, licentious, authoritative, astute are other characteristics of this ruling party of China. It treads on, humiliates, and enslaves the working class while putting on a face of the people’s servant. This is the third reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   The so called socialism with Chinese characteristics established by CCP is a road with a dead end. CCP knows about its ineffectiveness but holds onto it just for its own interest. Since the so-called Reform and Open Door policy, a great deal of science and technology together with advanced economic modules were introduced to China from the western world, and freed the power of productivity that had been tied up for many years, resulting in a temporary economic development and prosperity. This should be a proof of the advantage and superiority of the western democracy, however, CCP claims that it was because of its rightful leadership that economy developed. This is the fourth reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   With the help of the state controlled media, CCP has adopted the obscurantist policy, allowing itself the right to “fart” and forbidding the people to speak. This is the fifth reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   CCP has been either arrogant or submissive while dealing with the international world. It has been killing the people, exterminating the dissidents while dealing with domestic affairs. It has been usurping China’s resources to put gold on its own face. This is the sixth reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   CCP’s leaders, dressed in western suits and leather shoes, act fictitiously when they are on the stage and in the public, hiding their dirty and ugly secrets. That’s the seventh reason why I think CCP is shameless.
   In conclusion, CCP leaders are no better than street hooligans. They should be ashamed to death of what they did, but they are still holding powerful positions and act as if they had done nothing wrong. They are incomparably shameless!
   It is immensely unfortunate for China that our great country has fallen into the hands of these people!

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