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Take it Up from “the Heaven will Ruin the Chinese Communist Party” (从“天灭中共” 说起)

   The friends who practice Falun Gong explain the prophecy of “the Heaven will Ruin CCP” from a religious perspective. I am unaware of how they came up with the idea. From a secular perspective, I think that the prediction was not ungrounded but rather has some very strong and reasonable foundations.


   CCP acts against the “Celestial Way,” therefore it is going to be extinct inevitably.


   By “Celestial way” I refer to the laws of the nature, which cannot be altered by human will. We human beings have to act according to the laws of the nature, following the “celestial” way. CCP, nevertheless, has formulated the idea of “Human will conquer the nature,” saying that humans are above the natural laws and can achieve anything. Their erroneous beliefs are no better than the views of the Aesopian frog on the bottom of the well. They are actually worse, because they have caused deep disasters for the Chinese people. No matter it is “Dare to fight against the Sky, dare to fight against the Earth,” or “I am God, I am Jade Emperor, commanding the Three Mountains and Five Hills to make way, I have come!” no matter it is “”Great Leap Forward” “Great Steel Production” or “Where there is human boldness, there is farming harvest,” the stupid and blind acts promoted by CCP have led China to great disasters. Everybody knows that. Nowadays, the Three Gorges Project, which was a waste of human resources, has broken the spine of China and will bring disaster to the future generations; The economic “prosperity” after the Reform and Open Door policies was based on the pollution of the environment, the contamination of the rivers, the abuses and exploitations of natural resources. No matter it is now or then, CCP has acted against the laws of Nature and it is doomed to fail.


   CCP acts against the “Social Way,” therefore it is going to be destroyed inevitably.


   By “Social Way” I mean the laws governing the development of the society. The social law, according to CCP, consists of six stages in the societal development: Primitive Society, Slavery Society, Feudal Society, Capitalist Society, Socialist Society, and Communist society. However, we see that the socialist system established by the CCP in China was even not following its own theory. Historically China never had a stage of developed capitalism, the socialism that CCP built was constructed on the base of a semi-feudal and semi-colonial society, therefore CCP’s socialism is more feudalistic and thus is no more than a pseudo socialism which is destined to fail. To use a metaphor, we want to build a high building, how can we build the fifth floor before we have a fourth floor built? The building without a strong foundation is no more than a mirage.


   CCP acts against the “Human Way”, therefore it is doomed to disappear.


   In the Chinese history there has existed the thought of “keeping the celestial principals and exterminating the human desire.” CCP has gone way further than this line of thinking. Since coming into power, CCP has been destroying the celestial principals and exterminating the human desires. CCP has subjugated Chinese people under its single party dictatorship. The system itself is against human nature. In addition, during its rule, CCP has unscrupulously treaded on human rights, deprived the people from democracy and freedom, suppressed the cries for democracy, and arrested dissidents. Considering itself as the supreme leader, CCP has allowed itself to commit atrocities one after another but has prevented the people from leading a decent human life. CCP’s system, essentially a dictatorship, however, has been shamelessly called with a fine-sounding name of the “democratic centralism.” How ridiculous! The people in Mainland China lead an insufferable existence under the invisible prison set up by CCP, without the freedom to live, to think, and to express itself. According to traditional Chinese wisdom, things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. When the “Sleeping Dragon” wakes up and breaks through the prison, will CCP end well?


   CCP has acted against celestial way, messed up with the social way, and exterminated the human way. It has therefore enraged the divine, the society and the people. How can CCP not be doomed?

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