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To my wife, from jail/Teng Biao

   Presently as I confront prison walls,
   Now I write this poem for you, my Love, my Lady, my Wife.
   Even tonight, the stars glitter in the cold sky of apparent isolation.
   Glowworms yet appear and disappear among the shrubs.

   Please explain to our child why I did not have a chance
   to bid her farewell. I was compelled to embark on a long journey away from home.
   And so, everyday before our daughter goes to bed,
   And when she awakes in the morning,
   I will entrust to you, my Lady, my Love, my Wife:
   I entrust to you, my warm kisses on our daughter’s cheeks.
   Please let our child touch the herbs beneath the stockade.
   In the morning on a beautiful sunlit day,
   If she notices the dew on the leaves,
   She will experience my deep love for her.
   Please play the Fisherman’s Song every time you water the cloves.
   I should be able to hear the song, my love.
   Please take good care of our silent but happy goldfish.
   Hidden in their silence are memories of my glamourous and turbulent youth.
   I tread a rugged road,
   But let me reassure you: I have never stopped singing, my Love.
   The leaves of the roadside willow tree have gradually changed colour.
   Some noises of melting snow approach from afar.
   Noises are engulfed in silence. This is just a very simple night.
   When you think of me, please do not sigh, my Love.
   The torrents of my agonies have merged with the torrents of my happiness.
   Both rivers now run through my mortal corpse.
   Before the drizzle halts,
   I would have returned to your side, my Lady.
   I cannot dry your tears while I am drenched in rain;
   I can do so only with a redeemed soul after these times of testing.
   (I wrote this on 7 March 2008, on the second day after I lost my freedom. At that time, I was not sure how long I needed to stay there before I would be released. So I simply treated the jail as my home. I meditated in front of the walls, practiced my writing and composed some poetry. I initially wrote this on a piece of paper, which was confiscated by the guard. I was released in the afternoon of 8 March 2008. That evening I wrote this down from memory. Until now, I still have no idea where I have been “jailed”.)
   Ned Kelly
   1 April, 2008
   Teng Biao is a legal scholar and a good friend of Hu Jia. He co-authored an open letter “The Real China and the Olympics” with Hu Jia. He has also been active in advocating for Hu since he was arrested. Teng was kidnapped on 6 March and was illegally detained for 2 days before he was released without charge. During his detention, the police threatened to arrest him and to have him dismissed from his position at the university if he did not stop raising Hu Jia’s case, writing about the Olympics, and accepting interviews from foreign journalists.
   As my Lady, my great Love (and my co-blogger) Catherine’s first language is not English - as mine is - she asked me to assist in polishing her translation of Teng Biao’s poem from Chinese into English.
   While I was reading Catherine’s translation of Teng Biao’s poem in English, my jaw dropped in astonishment, and I said to Catherine, “I like this man, very much. This man, Teng Biao, is is a far better poet AND A BETTER MAN than I can ever hope to be.”
   Mr Teng Biao, I bow deeply to you, with all the humility I can muster.
   (感谢Ned Kelly的翻译,感谢Catherine,你们注意到一个外国小人物的一首微不足道的小诗,这一点就让我很感动。——滕彪)

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