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   2007年4月19日, 12:16

   the spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said the Chinese Government ''has repeatedly stated clearly that such an incident should never happen in China.''
   ''Should it occur,'' he said, ''the relevant departments will punish people according to the law.''
   The spokesman, Zhu Bangzhao, was presumably referring to the overt sale of organs, which has been declared illegal in a Health Ministry regulation.
   But the practice that gave resonance to the New York charges and has fueled global ethical debate -- the everyday use of executed prisoners as organ donors -- is legal here. China insists that organs are taken only from voluntary donors. According to one Chinese expert, who broke the general silence about this issue in a 1996 article in a Chinese medical ethics journal, a majority of all organs used in transplants in China come from executed prisoners. This could not be independently verified.
   · 作者 thomasgguo 中共说谎的铁证
   2007年4月19日, 12:21
   None of the bodies, it says, are those of executed prisoners or people who died of unnatural causes. Mr. Geller said. “We traced the whole process. None of these would be executed prisoners.”
   Officials at the Customs Bureau here in Dalian and the Dalian Medical University, however, said they had no records showing the supplier of Premier having acquired bodies and then transporting them to exhibitions abroad.
   “I don’t know where the bodies came from,” said Meng Xianzhi, a spokesman for the university.
   “All the copycat exhibitions are from China,” Dr. von Hagens said. “And they’re all using unclaimed bodies.”
   Mr. Geller, the chairman of Premier, counters Dr. von Hagens: “He says his full body specimens are all donors, but his organs may not be from donors. Listen closely to what he says.”
   By DAVID BARBOZA August 8, 2006
   · 作者 thomasgguo 靠谎言治国的流氓中共
   2007年4月19日, 12:23
   NYTime US Says 2 Chinese Offered Organs From the Executed
   Published: February 24, 1998
   the Chinese Government has long denied that the practice is widespread. Chinese officials contend that the transplants occur on a limited basis, and only when the prisoners or their families have given their consent. Mr. Wang and Mr. Fu were charged with conspiring to sell human organs, a practice that is illegal under Federal law, which requires that any organs used in transplants be donated. Mr. Wu said most of the kidney transplants so far in China have been done in military and other Government-run hospitals. ''If they don't have a national policy, no one could make it available.'' he said. ''So the Chinese Government is responsible for all these inhuman practices.''
   · 作者 thomasgguo 在2006年12月以前中共反复否认用死刑犯人体器官!
   2007年4月19日, 12:29
   China Issues New Rules on Transplants
   The Associated Press
   April 07, 2007
   The official Xinhua News Agency said most organs used in transplants come from deceased Chinese citizens who had voluntarily donated. But Bequelin said research showed more than 90 percent of organs used in transplants were obtained from judicial executions. A senior health official said in November that most organs harvested from cadavers were from executed prisoners, with their prior consent, according to a China Daily newspaper report.
   · 作者 thomasgguo 2006年11月18日中共首次承认人体器官主要来源于死刑犯!
   2007年4月19日, 12:32
   Los angeletimes China admits taking executed prisoners organs
   Demand is high, and supply is low -- except on death row; the nation leads worldwide in capital punishment.
   By Mark Magnier and Alan Zarembo, Times Staff Writers
   November 18, 2006 http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/
   BEIJING — After years of denial, China has acknowledged that most of the human organs used in transplants here are taken from executed prisoners and that many of the recipients are foreigners who pay hefty sums to avoid a long wait. Speaking at a conference of surgeons in the southern city of Guangzhou, Deputy Health Minister Huang Jiefu called for a strict code of conduct and better record-keeping to stem China's thriving illegal organ trade, state media reported.
   "Apart from a small portion of traffic victims, most of the organs from cadavers are from executed prisoners," Huang said Tuesday, according to a report Thursday in the English-language China Daily newspaper.
   Rules adopted in 1984 state that executed prisoners' organs can be used if the prisoner's relatives are unwilling to take the corpse or if the prisoner or his family agrees.
   · 作者 郭国汀 2006年4月中共还在欺骗世界坚决否认割取死刑犯人体器官的指控
   2007年4月19日, 12:35
   AI Bulletin Vol. 9 No.8, 13 April 2006
   AI Index: ACT 84/008/2006
   Organ trade
   China. Health authorities denied accusations that China harvests organs from executed
   prisoners, according to the China Daily. Ministry of Health spokesman Mao Qun'an said that
   organs used in the country's transplant surgeries mainly come from voluntary donations (11
   · 作者 郭国汀 2002年8月中共极力否认割取死刑犯人体器官的指控
   2007年4月19日, 12:39
   More and more patients are traveling to China, where at least 68 offenses carry the death penalty and executed prisoners provide a rich source of supply.
   The Chinese government vehemently denies the practice, but only last month a patient died after receiving an executed prisoner's kidney in Guangzhou, according to a report in the Hong Kong newspaper Cheng Bao.
   · 作者 郭国汀 华盛顿邮报报导中国承认割取死刑犯人体器官。
   2007年4月19日, 12:49
   而此前中共则反复否认之,为何中共突然变得[诚实]起来了呢?原来加拿大前国会议员检察官大卫乔高和国际人权律师大卫MEDAS于2006年7月7日发表的 有关法轮功学员人体器官被大规横有组织地盗卖的调查研究报告,骗子中共再也不能继续骗下去了,正如2003年初的[杀斯]案一样,中共历来要一直赖到实在 赖不下去了才会被迫承认事实。这是由中共流氓政权的邪恶本质决定的。
   washingtonpostcom China Admits Taking Prisoners Organs http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/11/1...
   1 of 1 11/25/06 2:51 PM
   China Admits Taking Prisoners' Organs
   November 19, 2006; 1:14 AM
   BEIJING -- Chinese health officials have admitted China takes organs from the bodies of executed prisoners for transplants, but said this was only done with the prior consent of the prisoners or their families, state media reported.
   Mao Qun'an, a Health Ministry spokesman, denied organs were taken without consent.
   "Some overseas media cook up stories that China randomly transplants organs from executed criminals, which is a malicious slander against the Chinese judiciary system and deceives the people on purpose,

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