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Wei Liu: Awakening Chinese People 14—Who Are the Good Guys, Who Are the Bad Guys?

February, 2007

   【 The subject section of Awakening Chinese People: The serial essays of my Awakening Chinese People elaborate on the commonly seen phenomena in China, showing the 1.3 billion Chinese people that since the Chinese Communist Party from the west Marxism came into power in 1949, it has not and also unable to make an inch of land, an ounce of minerals, or a drop of water, but it has taken away by force the portion of the natural resources like the land, the minerals, and the water bestowed by God for people to live, which makes people have to buy those resources from it at the high prices set by it. According to the prices in 2007, just for this issue, every one in China in his lifetime has to earn 300,000 yuan or 40,000 U. S. dollars for the Communist Party for nothing. The Communist Party also uses its forces to monopolize the national economy, deciding people’s pay and people’s expenses/merchandise prices, and actually collect over 80% of people’s income for tax. These are the two roots to make the 1.3 billion Chinese people stay in poverty.

    In order to rob Chinese people, the Communist officials constantly incite the jealousy and strife among people, and put the labels of bad members and counterrevolutionaries upon many common people and even the foreigners who do not decide others’ pay or others’ expenses/merchandise prices, and in fact do not affect others’ life. In the age of Mao Zedong from 1949 to 1976, 80 million Chinese people were harmed to death by the Communist, with 2.97 million people died every year on average. Since the 1990s, the robbery of the Communist Party upon people has reached the extreme. Now in 2007, the average income of the one billion adults in China is 400 yuan a month, 1 U. S. dollar equals to about 8 yuan, unable to solve the basic life needs like housing, education and medical care at all. Moreover, the unnatural deaths in China since 2000 has reached 3.2 million every year, including 280,000 deaths from the 2 million people committing suicide, around 900,000 deaths from beating, some starved to death, 400,000 deaths from the medical accident, 110,000 deaths from the traffic accident, 120,000 death from the industrial accident, 600,000 deaths from over-working, and 750,000 deaths from pollution. On the other hand, the bureau directors of the Communist Party forcibly occupying people’s natural resources, deciding people’s pay and expenses, do not hold 0.1% of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. Today in 2007, even if a bureau director of the Communist Party does not take money from his office, he can get about half a million U. S. dollars a year. Some 3,000 relatives of the high Communist officials have the wealth of 2 trillion yuan, with every one having 670 million yuan on average. Today in China, 0.4% of the population possesses 70% of the wealth there. Meanwhile, by producing large amount of merchandise with no regard to the environment, the Communist Party aggravates the pollution, the drought and the flood. For the several decades from 1949 to now 2007, the Communist Party has only given Chinese people one freedom that is to earn money for it and eulogize it for a lifetime. Except that, it strikes people.

    The Communist Party has made China retrogress from its civilized state of several thousand years in which every one possesses a portion of the natural resources like the land bestowed by God and actually runs the market economy to the brutal state in which every one’s portion of natural resources is taken away by force and actually runs the forced economy that robs people to the extreme. This is the only substantial retrogression in Chinese history of the several thousand years, and the Communist Party from the west Marxism is the only counterrevolutionary and reactionary in the several thousand years of China. Every one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people has the life experiences full of blood and tears. It is just whether he acknowledges it or not. The real reason that Chinese people lead a miserable life is that they are being ruled by the Communist Party—the only counterrevolutionary and reactionary up to now in China.

    Now in China there come the four waves that are the discontent wave (a billion people speak negatively about the Communist Party), the faith wave (a hundred million Falun Gong believers, and a hundred million Christians), the rights defending wave (about 8 million people participated in 2006 for economic reasons), and the party quitting wave (24 million people announced their quitting the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations by July 2007). At present, some people praise the Communist Party, some people wait and see, some people are decomposing the Communist Party peacefully, some people want to launch out an insurrection. Now a major thing we people can do is to talk among the 1.3 billion Chinese people either our acquaintance or a stranger about why our life is so miserable. One should at least tell another one in his life. Everybody is welcome to republish or spread my essays of Awakening Chinese People. One day when half of the 1.3 billion people realize these truths, the Communist Party will fall out of power within two years.

    Here we conceive of the democratic and equal New China enacting the four following systems:

    1 The mayor, the governor, the president are elected by all the citizens that reach 18 years old, one person one ballot, with a serving term being four years.

    2 The citizen has the rights to demonstrate, to form organization, to run all the businesses.

    3 Divide evenly the wealth in the Communist China, which is mainly the buildings and the currency, among the 1.3 billion people. During the several decades of the Communist regime that allots wealth according to one’s power, good people have been cut and bad people have gained. Now in 2007 the average housing area in China per person is 23 square meters. New China will number all the apartments with 23 square meters of the apartment as one unit, and let all the 1.3 billion Chinese people draw a lot to have their apartments. There will be no rent for people to pay henceforward because the apartments were built by people, which will solve the housing problem of everybody in his life. Meanwhile, New China divides evenly the wealth of the around 100 trillion old yuan in Communist China, including the school, the enterprise, and the currency among all the people. Then like the changing of other regimes, New China will outlaw the old yuan, and will give every one of the 1.3 billion people 100,000 new yuan, with the value being comparable to the old yuan. 4 One person has one portion of the natural resources. Every one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people should have a portion of land for him to live, to do business, and to do farming. The floor area in the city is counted as the land. Every peasant can have about two mu of arable. (A mu is 666 square meters.) When the time comes, the congress will discuss other areas of the land that one should have. Every year the government after deducting the expenses of the personnel and equipment, will divide evenly the value of the exploited natural resources of that year like oil, timber, gold, silver, copper, iron among the 1.3 billion people by sending out 1.3 billion checks to every one of them.

    Once the 1.3 billion people elect the candidate holding such views into the government, with the support of the people-elected government and most people of the country, the above systems can surely be realized. Then the grievances and poverty accumulated during the several decades of the Communist regime can all be solved, and everybody’s basic life needs like housing and food can be solved too. It is a great defending of righteousness and human rights for the 1.3 billion people to get back the wealth that belongs to them.

    In fact, when every one gets back his own wealth, the problem of China will be solved. But it is impossible for one to achieve that by his own capacity. Every one who wants his wealth back needs to spread these truths among others known or unknown. There is nothing to be afraid of for all the 1.3 billion people should be on our side. For those who are willing to earn tens of thousands U. S. dollars in their life for the Communist Party for nothing, we let them be. All those who largely agree to this subject section can call each other the Awakened Chinese People, who are also the democratic workers, to facilitate our communication. We are carrying out a grand all-people revolution that extricate the 1.3 billion people from the robbery of the Communist Party and build up the democratic and equal New China. The same pain, the same tears, all the 1.3 billion Chinese people, we rise up. To the wonderful New China, forward—, march!


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