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貌强:Harn Yawnghwe, EU, USA and Burma’s Junta


Burma’s Chinese minority has spread the following information in Chinese media worldwide :

   1. the Panel Discussion of the Association Suisse-Birmanie on 29-3-2007

   2. EU extended diplomatic and economic sanctions against Burma few weeks ago

   3. EU-USA leaders agreed to step up pressure on Burma’s junta recently

   4. Burma’s junta on the broad grin: “Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun”

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Association Suisse-Birmanie in Geneva

   A Panel Discussion was organized by the Association Suisse-Birmanie on 29 March 2007 in Geneva. Panelists are 1. Harn Yawnghwe, Director of the European Office for the Development of Democracy in Burma (Euro-Burma Office), Brussels 2. Professeur Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteur for Burma; 3. Dr Jean F. Freymond, Director of the Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations (CASIN), Geneva. Members of the Burmese delegation to the UN Human Rights Council, expatriate Burmese, activists and the general public total more than 100 people attended. Voice of America, Burmese Section, and Radio Cite Geneva carried reports on the event.

   Ms Blooming Night Zaw, Joint-Secretary of the Karen Women’s Organization, presented a copy of “State of Terror”, reporting the Burma Army’s violence against Karen women, to Professeur Paulo Sergio Pinheiro.

Five Main Points Concluded after Discussion:


   It was generally agreed that it was not productive to argue over whether sanctions against the SPDC have worked or not. Sanctions were invoked as a symbolic measure to censure the SPDC over its failure to respect the will of the people of Burma in the 1990 elections, and for its gross abuse of the human rights of the people of Burma. As such, sanctions against the SPDC must be retained because the human rights situation in Burma has not improved and the elections results have not been honoured. Regardless of what happens politically in Burma, or who is in government, if human rights are abused by the authorities, it is the duty of the international community to report and highlight these abuses.


   It was generally agreed that the dire situation of the people of Burma calls for the international community to deliver humanitarian aid. It was agreed that it should not be dependent on whether or not the SPDC agrees to allow the aid to be delivered. If people are suffering, they should be helped. Innovative ways and means to deliver aid to the most vulnerable populations should be explored even if it means crossing international boundaries.


   The official position of the Burmese democracy movement towards tourism was pronounced by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in 1996. She said, “Do not come now.” This policy was set in the context of the SPDC’s then campaign to earn foreign exchange to sustain its rule through tourist dollars. The situation has changed drastically in the last ten years and it is now possible to visit Burma without giving funds to the regime. The SPDC is also no longer looking for tourist dollars. The sale of natural gas is now the regime’s mainstay. However, since Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is being held incommunicado, the movement’s tourism policy cannot be changed. The participants respected the movement’s existing policy but noted that under other dictatorships, tourism can be a factor in making people less dependent on the dictatorship by giving them an alternative source of income and information.


   It was generally agreed that the SPDC, which holds power in Burma, has to want a transition in order for it to happen. It was also agreed that the SPDC has to initiate and participate in any transition in order to minimize instability.


   It was generally agreed that the SPDC does not want a dialogue with the opposition. However, it was felt that in order to bring about a transition and better conditions for the people of Burma, it is crucial to engage the SPDC in a dialogue. It was suggested that new approaches and entry points should be explored.

The sanctions of EU & USA

   We have seen that US and European Union leaders agreed to step up pressure on Burma’s military junta during a one-day summit meeting in Washington on April 30 .The summit was attended by US President George Bush and a number of European government leaders, including Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, which currently holds the presidency of the European Council.

   The summit press secretary’s office said in a written statement that the US and EU had “successfully cosponsored” resolutions on human rights and social affairs in Burma”, “We continue intense exchanges on Burma at all levels,We are convinced that the effectiveness of our efforts is amplified by delivering the same political messages and coordinating possible actions.”

   The statement also said the EU, which extended diplomatic and economic sanctions against Burma last week, had used the Asia-Europe Meeting, or ASEM, “to press the Burmese regime to adopt a more inclusive political process and introduce a timetable for democratic reform.”

   EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg last Tuesday reiterated their call for national reconciliation in Burma and expressed concern over human rights abuses and restrictions on the work of domestic and international human rights organizations in Burma.

   Neither sanctions nor constructive engagements worked out well. In fact 55 millions suffering people become the victims of geopolitics, nothing more.

Political Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gun

   Dear friends,

   Have you not seen that the Burma’s Fascist generals are holding bottles of Whisky on the broad grin?

   Harn Yawnghwe, our revolutionary leader and Director of the European Office for the Development of Democracy in Burma told us, “the Burmese junta believes absolutely that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and wants definitely to rule Burma for ever ,if possible, under its dictatorship”.


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