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“New Discovery" of China’s Darker Sides

   “New Discovery" of China’s Darker Sides
   --Response to Reader’s Letter
   Dear Valerie,

   Thank you very much for your most beautiful and encouraging letter. Like some other letters I have received, it once again makes me feel that all of my efforts in writing this book were not in vain.
   I am reasonably certain that the book you read is the Australian version published by Allen & Unwin. I am pleased to inform you that a U. S. edition of it will soon be published by Soho Press in New York. I have attached the cover of the US edition.
   In answer to your question, my husband is still in China. We are constantly working towards having him come to join us in Australia.
   Last year I was invited to speak at a primary school in Brisbane. I gave speeches to students in classes from years three to six. We had a great time together. Some of them asked heartwarming questions; I just told them what happened to me and they showed great interest. I especially feel that 10th graders have begun to think about many questions involving life itself—of how they should look at the world; their own lives; their role in the world, etc. What originally attracted me to Falun Gong when I read the books for the first time was the answers it provided to all my questions about life. These had nothing at all to do with politics or governments. They were actually questions that human beings have persistently asked over thousands of years. Only because later on the Chinese Communist Party chose to persecute this practice, and Falun Gong practitioners accordingly chose to try to end the persecution by exposing it, has it come to be regarded as something related to politics. When the persecution ends, people will again find that Falun Gong is purely concerned with basic values and understandings of the universe and human life.
   Yes, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still impacting negatively on me from afar; perhaps also close-up as well. The most notable impact no doubt has been the spying activities that have targeted me; some of which have happened right here in Australia. The spying has impacted, not just on me, but on other Falun Gong practitioners as well.
   Yes, China has many darker sides which the CCP has been working very hard to conceal. The most shocking "new discovery" is the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in various labour camps in China. The following is the letter I wrote to President Bush yesterday:
   Dear Mr President,
   Re: Urgent Situation Involving Live Organ Harvesting in Nazi-style Chinese Concentration Camps
   I trust you have already received many letters about the harvesting of live organs from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners in China. I will not take up your time by repeating those allegations already known to you. However, as a survivor of a Chinese labour camp myself, I would like to bring the following simple facts and points to your attention:
   1. When I was detained in Beijing Xi’an Female Forced Labour Camp from 2000 to 2001, I was threatened many times by the police that if I didn't give up my belief in Falun Gong, I would be sent to a camp in North-West China. It was made clear that if ever I was sent there, there would never be any chance of coming back. I did not take these threats seriously at that time, as I was too naïve to imagine what lay behind them. However, after reading recent reports about the live organ harvesting in the death camps, I was chilled to realize that that dreadful reality did exist behind the police threats.
   2. The Communist regime has denied, not surprisingly, the existence of these death camps and such organ harvesting. But according to the regime's official figures, in 2004 alone, 10,090 cases of organ transplants were conducted in China. As organs must be transplanted within 48 hours of collection, the Chinese Communist regime needs to explain the origin of all those readily-available organs. The regime has never openly announced how many people they execute per year, but human rights organizations estimate that about 3,000 to 8,000 people are executed per year in China. Therefore, even if every executed prisoner's organs were used, the figure is still much smaller than the number of transplants. Given that there is also an issue of tissue-matching, the opportunity for using every executed prisoner's organs is extremely low. Many of the Chinese websites promoting organ transplant hospitals openly promise to overseas recipients that they can find a suitable provider for them within days of their arrival in China. If there didn’t exist a large live storage of organs, this could never be achieved.
   3. During World War II, allegations of the Nazi camps were not believed by the world until 2.5 million more Jews were killed. The same thing is happening today! People are being killed right at this moment for their organs.
   Thank you very much for your attention.
   Yours sincerely,
   Jennifer Zeng
   Valerie’s letter to Jennifer
   I am 46 years old and I read a lot. This is only the second time in my life where I tried to contact an author to tell her how much her book meant to me.
    I picked up your book at my local library. I seem to like to read nonfiction books about other parts of the world. (since I don』t always have the money to travel this is a cheap way to learn about the rest of the world.) I could not stop reading your book. I read it in 3 days. It really affected me on a deep level. I have always loved history especially when dealing with women. I also have always had the awareness of how different my life would have been if I was born in a different part of the world where women had less freedoms/ rights.
    I LOVED your book! It touched me on a deep level. I had the idea that China had been better about human rights in recent times. I do not know where I got this idea, but your book told me this was wrong. I have a hard time thinking that these horrible abuses of human rights occur in modern, recent times. Next year I will be teaching special ed. government in our local high school. You can be assured that I will talk about your book in my classes. So many people here take many of our freedoms for granted and too many do not vote!
    After reading your book I have a few questions.
    Will you be going on any book signing tours in U.S? Is your husband still in China or has he been allowed to join you in Australia? What message would you give to my classroom of 10th graders most of whom are not interested in politics or government? Can you live in peace now or is the Chinese government still messing with you from afar?
    I think you are a very brave woman and I thank you for writing your book. I learned a lot from it.
    I wish you only the best and I hope you continue to write.

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