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   When I first came to this free and peaceful land of Australia, I was an asylum seeker – a refugee. I had already experienced more torment than most Australian people see in their whole lives. For my belief in the practice of Falun Gong I was illegally jailed, tortured and brainwashed, all of which is documented in depth in my book, Witnessing History, kindly published by Allen & Unwin. In this democratic society, this book has allowed the free world to see the one of the most severe human rights abuses and the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist regime.
     我是作为一名难民来到澳大利亚这块自由而和平的土地上的。在此之前,我经历过的痛 苦折磨比大多数澳洲人一生之中所能看到的还要多。因为信仰法轮功,我被非法关押、遭受酷刑折磨及洗脑。我非常感谢Allen & Unwin出版社出版我的《静水流深》的英文版Witnessing History,使我能够向自由世界揭露中共的暴行及一场最严重的人权迫害。

      It has not been an easy road for me. During the 22 months it took for my application to be assessed, I felt like a hopeless soul wandering around in this world with no home, no country, and nobody to turn to in my most difficult times. Especially when my husband was arrested because of me, and my 9-year-old daughter had been left completely alone.
   In the wake of the bloody Tiananmen Square massacre, the Chinese Communist Party or CCP has once again created a frightening "Yellow Peril” theory, in an attempt to convince the western world that if Chinese people gain democracy, the nation of China will descend into chaos, and large numbers of Chinese people will seek refuge in the west, thus becoming a menace to the world. This is an insult to Chinese people, as well as to democracy itself.  
      Yet who is the world's greatest producer of refugees? The CCP! It holds 1.3 billion people hostage under its rule of terror, and in fact every Chinese person under the CCP regime has a valid and well-grounded fear of being persecuted.
      And what is Australia's relationship with this refugee producer? Every cent injected into the CCP regime could actually be used to persecute its own people, thereby producing more refugees for the international community, including Australia; any economic input will no doubt be turned into a political achievement for the CCP, in an attempt to desperately hold onto its own power.
      Should Australia become overjoyed at having sold 25 billion dollars worth of gas to China? Should we be elated that China imports one third of Australia's total wool clip? I believe we should be very nervous! Let us see some true figures about the Chinese economy. With the high-growth GDP having become almost the only excuse for the CCP to stay in power, in a desperate effort to maintain the so-called GDP growth, China's natural resources and environment have been damaged to the point of extreme dysfunction-perhaps to the very verge of total collapse. Many factories in China now cannot operate full-time because of a lack of electrical power.
     澳洲值得为卖给中国250亿天然气而乐不可支吗?值得为中国是澳洲 的第三大羊毛进口国而欣喜若狂吗?我们来看看中国经济的真面目吧!当高速增长的GDP已经成为中共统治中国的唯一藉口时,为维持所谓的高增长,中国的自然 资源和环境已经被破坏到濒于完全崩溃的境地。中国境内的许多工厂已经因能源不足而不能开工。
   In the past 4 years, China’s stock market has been continually declining and has lost more than half of its value. The ever-growing GDP versus the ever-dropping stock market - which is the true indicator of what’s happening with China’s economy?
      Who knows China best? Could it be the high-ranking officials such as Mr. Chen and Mr. Hao, or the tens of thousands of Chinese people who risk their lives and spend huge amounts of money to be smuggled out of China? How about the 2.5 million people who resigned from the Communist Party because of learning the truth as a result of reading the Nine Commentaries on the CCP?
      Australia, open your eyes and see through the cheating nature of the CCP. Uphold your own dignity, uphold your own principles, support this great freedom movement of Chinese people to abandon the CCP and seek for more human rights.
   Do not play a disgraceful role at the critical moment in history when the world’s spotlight is firmly focused on this nation. If Australia maintains its principles and its dignity, and when the CCP is seen for what it is, we will be able to develop a genuinely mutual beneficial trade relation with China!
      Don't allow yourself to be puzzled, deceived or horrified by the CCP. The CCP ship is going down. Don't allow yourself to be caught in the undertow and be pulled under. Jump free NOW!
      Soon you will see, by upholding some the basic principles of humanity, that Australia can not only help Chinese people to achieve real freedom and peace, but it can also free itself from the anxiety about the number of Chinese refugees coming here -– Chinese people trying desperately to escape the sinking ship captained by the most prolific producer of refugees, the CCP regime, who is even now being abandoned by history.

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