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1983年2月1日协会散装油类保险条款(Institute Bulk Oil Clauses(1/2/83))
   Clause 1-Risks Clause
   1 This insurance covers, except as provided in Clauses 4,5,6,and 7 below,
   1.1 loss of or contamination of the subject-matter insured reasonably attributable to

   1.1.1 fire or explosion
   1.1.2 vessel or craft being stranded grounded sunk or capsized
   1.1.3 collision or contact of vessel or craft with any external object other than water
   1.1.4 discharge of cargo at a port or place of distress
   1.1.5 earthquake volcanic eruption or lightning,
   1.2 loss of or contamination of the subject-matter insured caused by
   1.2.1 general average sacrifice
   1.2.2 jettison
   1.2.3 leakage from connecting pipelines in loading transshipment or discharge
   1.2.4 negligence of Master Officers or Crew in pumping cargo ballast or fuel,
    1.3 contamination of the subject-matter insured resulting from stress of weather.
   第1条 风险条款(Risks Clause)
   1 本保险承保除下列第4,5,6 和7条规定者外的
   1.1 可合理归因于下述原因的保险标的灭失或污染
   1.1.1 火灾或爆炸
   1.1.2 船舶或驳船搁浅、擦浅、沉没或倾覆
   1.1.3 船舶或驳船与水以外的任何外部物体碰撞或触碰
   1.1.4 在避难港或避难地卸货
   1.1.5 地震、火山爆发或闪电
   1.2 由下列原因造成的保险标的的灭失或污染
    1.2.2 抛弃
    1.2.3 装货、转运或卸货过程中从连接管道中的渗漏
   1.1.1 船长、高级船员、船员在泵吸货物、压载水或燃油过程中的过失
   1.2 恶劣天气造成保险标的的污染
   第2条 共同海损条款
   第3条 “互有责任碰撞”条款
   Clause 4-General Exclusions Clause
   4 In no case shall this insurance cover
   4.1 loss damage or expense attributable to willful misconduct of the Assured
   4.2 ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear of the subject-matter insured
   4.3 loss damage or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter insured
   4.4 loss damage or expense proximately caused by delay, even though the delay be caused by a risk insured against (expenses payable under Clause 2 above)
   4.5 loss damage or expense arising from insolvency or financial default of the owners managers charterers or operators of the vessel
   4.6 loss damage or expense arising from the use of any weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter.
   第4条 一般除外条款
   4 本保险在任何情况下均不承保
    4.1 可归因于被保险人故意赎职的灭失、损害和费用
    4.2 保险标的的通常渗漏、通常重量和体积损失、或通常磨损
    4.3 保险标的的固有缺陷或性质造成的灭失、损害或费用
    4.4 近因是迟延造成的灭失、损害或费用,即使该迟延是由于某种承保危险引起的(但根据上述第2条支付的费用除外)
    4.5 船舶所有人、经理人、承租人或经营人的破产或财务困境引起的灭失、损害或费用。
    4.6 使用原子或核裂变和/或核聚变或类似反应或放射性力量或物质制造的任何战争武器引起的灭失、损害或费用。
   第5,6 和7条
   Clause 8-Transit Clause
   8 8.1 This insurance attaches as the subject-matter insured leaves tanks for the purpose of loading at the place named herein for the commencement of the transit, continues during the ordinary course of transit and terminates either
   8.1.1 as the subject-matter insured enters tanks on discharge to place of storage or to storage vessel at the destination named herein, or
   8.1.2 on the expiry of 30 days after the date of arrival of the vessel at the destination named herein, whichever shall first occur.
   8.2 If, after discharge from the oversea vessel into craft at the final port or place of discharge, but prior to the termination of this insurance under 8.1 above, the subject-matter insured or any part thereof is to be forwarded to a destination other than that to which it is insured hereunder, the insurance on the subject-matter insured or such part hereof shall not extend beyond the commencement of transit to such other destination, unless otherwise agreed by the Underwriters upon receipt of prompt notice from the Assured.
   8.3 Subject to prompt notice being given to the Underwriters and to an additional premium if required by them, this insurance shall remain in force (until terminated under 8.1 or 8.2 above and subject to the provisions of Clause 9 below) during delay beyond the control of the Assured, any deviation, forced discharge, reshipment or transshipment and during any other variation of the adventure provided such other variation is beyond the control of the Assured.
   第8条 运送条款(Transit Clause)
   8.1 本保险责任始于保险标的在载明的地点,为装船并开始运送而离开油罐之时,在通常运送过程中持续,并终止于
   8.1.1 保险标的进入油罐卸到所载明的目的地的贮存处所或贮存船舶
   8.1.2 船舶抵达载明的目的地后满30天,以先发生者为准
   8.2 如果在最后卸货港或地点从海船卸入驳船后,但在根据上述第8.1 款本保险终止之前,保险标的或其部分转运到非本保险承保的目的地,此种货物的保险截止于向此种其他目的地开始运送之时,除非收到被保险人的迅速通知后,保险人另行同意继续承保。
   8.3 取决于迅速通知保险人并支付保险人要求的附加保险费,在被保险人不能控制的迟延,任何绕航、强制卸货、重装或转运期间,以及被保险人不能控制的任何其他冒险变更期间,本保险继续有效(直至上述8.1或8.2款规定的终止和受下述第9条规定的制约)。
   第9条 运输合同终止条款(Termination of Contract of Carriage Clause)
   Clause 15-Adjustment Clause
   15 Claims for leakage and shortage recoverable under this insurance are to be adjusted as follows:-
    15.1 This amount recoverable shall be the proportionate insured value of the volume of oil lost, to be ascertained by a comparison of the gross volume certified as having left tanks for loading on to the vessel with the gross volume certified as having been delivered to tanks at the termination of the transit, except that where the contract of sale is based on weight and not on volume the amount recoverable may be calculated on a weight basis from such certified quantities.
    The term “gross volume” in this Clause 15.1 means total volume without deduction of sediment and water content and free water, except to the extent that the amount of water can be shown by the Assured to have increased abnormally during the insured transit as a result of the operation of a risk covered by this insurance.
    15.2 Adjustment shall be made to the calculation under Clause 15.1 above to eliminate any change in volume caused by variation in temperature and any apparent change in quantity arising from the use of inconsistent procedures in determining the certified quantities.
    15.3 Where this insurance provides for an excess to be applied to claims for leakage or shortage, such excess shall be deemed to include ordinary loss in weight or volume except when caused by variation in temperature or settling out of water. Where there is no such provision , the amount recoverable in accordance with Clause 15.1 and 15.2 shall be subject to reduction for any ordinary loss excluded by Clause 4.2 above.
   第15条 理算条款(Adjustment Clause)
   15 根据本保险可获保险赔偿的渗漏或短卸索赔,按下述规定理算:
    15.1 可获赔偿额,由离开油罐装船的确认的总容积,与运送终止时卸进油罐的确认的总容积比较后确定的灭失油的容积那部分保险价值,但如果买卖合同是基于重量而非容积,则应以重量为基础确定赔偿额。
    15.2 在根据上述第15.1款计算时,应作知当调整,以尽量减少温度变化引起的容积变化和在确定重量时由于使用不一致的程序引起的重量的明显变化。
    15.3 在本保险规定渗漏或短卸索赔的免赔额之场合,此种免赔额应包括重量或容积的通常损失,但不包括温度变化或扣除水分引起的损失。在没有此种规定的情况下,根据15.1 和15.2款可获赔偿额,须受前述第4.2款除外扣除任何通常灭失的制约。
   SPECIAL NOTE:-This insurance does not cover loss damage or expense caused by embargo, or by rejection prohibition or detention by the government of the country of import or their agencies or departments, but does not exclude loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured caused by risks insured hereunder and sustained prior to any such embargo rejection prohibition or detention.


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