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Burma Needs 2nd Anti-Fascist Movement

   (S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese 貌强 16-6-05 )

   Most Burmese revolutionary organisations and parties, old revolutionaries and veteran do not agree to name the March 27 “The Burma-Army-Day”.

   Dagon Taryar, the famous patriotic people's poet and some writers remembered that CPB leaders Thakhin Soe and Thakhin Than Htun, BIA General Commander Thakhin Aung San (CPB founder-member too), Pegu Commander Bo Kyaw Zaw , patriotic organisations and persons established in 1945 secretly the Anti-Fascist Front, cooperated with the Allied Armies of England, USA and China, to launch the all-Burma Anti-Japanese War on March 27 1945.

   The ethnic people of Karen, Mon, Shan, Kachin, Chin etc joined the movement very actively.

   Bo Kyaw Zaw ,member of Anti-British 30 –Comrades,the Pegu commander and 1950sDefence Minister, said, “We 30-Comrades together with Thakhin Aung San, in 1941 went to Japanese Taiwan and Hainan Islands for the Japanese military training. The Pacific War broke out on December 8, so we quickly united the overseas Burmese in Thai cities and ethnic nationalities at the Thai-Burma border and established 1500-men Burma Independence Army in Bangkok. When we entered Rangoon with the Japanese Army, our troop increased to 20,000 soldiers.Therefore, the Burma-Army-Day should be the December 26.”

   The March 27 is in fact the day of Anti-Fascist-Japanese , which was waged by the people of Burma and led by the revolutionary parties. Ne-Win seized the military power in 1954 and declared March 27 as Burma-Army-Day. His army has tried by this way to steal the anti-Fascist victory-fruit gained by all nationalities of Burma.

   Why did a patriotic people’s amry degenerate to the anti-people and counter-revolutionary one? Why our people’s army, after having been griped by the Fascist generals, become the junta’s instrument to massacre and torture workers, farmers, students, civilians, monks and nuns?

   Now the world-people witness that these Burmese Fascists have daily been killing, looting, burning, torturing, gang-raping the people, forcing the villagers to displace and labour .They commit crimes against human being.They abuse the human rights.

   Bo Aye Myint, an assistant of Bo Kyaw Zaw and now a veteran,said, ”our army was the people’s amry during anti-British and anti-Japanese time. We came from people and for the people. Our motto: ‘people are our parents!’ ,‘serve the people heartily!’, ‘ unite the people during the war’ ”. So people love and respect us. After the Fascist dictators grabing the military power, our amry’s motto have changed to ‘Army is the patron! Without us, there will exist no country nor people! ’.In the end,our amry become the people’s enemy.They are hostile to the workers, farmers, students, civilians, monks and nuns”.

   They have degenerated now to “gang-rape during the war, Burmanisation with gang-rape”.

   Our army becomes now the wild beast. How can we save them?

   The old poet Dagon Taryar said, “We fight for independence aiming at democracy and freedom. If we obtain democracy and freedom, our country will surely be peaceful and prosperous, all ethnic nationalities can enjoy good life, we can unite each other.Now because those dictatorial generals deprive us of our democracy and freedom, our Union are dissociating, there is civil war, all nationalities can not peacefully co-exist and cooperate. By means of non-violence we must turn enemy into friends and transform dictatorship into democracy and freedom”

   The veteran Bo Aye Myint said, “our slogan for the reserve officers is ‘ You are future good officers!’. Our slogan for the new soldiers is ‘You are future good soldiers!’. We do hope our soldiers and officers remembering always “’People are our parents!’, ‘Serve the people heartily!’ and 'Do all for our people!’. ”.

   Dear comrades, please struggle to become patriotic people’s officers and soldiers! We must restore our patriotic and serve-the-people tradition!

   Bo Kyaw Zaw, one of the 30-Comrades ,Aung San’s old warrior and former Defence Minister, said, “The biggest enemy of democracy, freedom and peace is the dictatorial generals.If we donot fight them down , we can not get democracy, freedom and peace. We have to do two things: 1. Among the people, we must unite all what we can to oppose the dictorial junta. 2. In the army,we must unite the soldiers to fight the anti-people and counter-revolutionary generals.

   Bo Kyaw Zaw, as an experienced old revolutionary, told us in sincere words and earnest wishes, “The dictorial junta is the biggest enemy of all ethnic nationalities. Whenever there is dictatorship, there is power struggle, unrest and civil war. Wherever the junta contends, turbulence and split occur. The generals want to add act.104 in the Constitution, which is chains for democracy, freedom and peace, jails for all ethnic nationalities, source of another unrest, the strongest political base for the junta ”.

   All the old poets, old revolutionaries and veteran believe that Burma needs the second anti-Fascist struggle to overthrow the dictatorial junta.It will be indeed the second independence and liberation of all ethnic people of Burma.

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