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The Burmese Generals Are Wild Beasts!

   (S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese 貌强 ) 10-6-05

   General Ne Win overthrew in 1962 the parliamentary democracy system and established the rule of military dictatorship.Since then the successive military regimes have solved all the domestic problems by using the guns.

   The Burmese generals believe for ever in “political power grows out of the barrel of guns”.

   The guns have no eyes and regconize only the ruler's own interest. So the second strong man Maung Aye, united with the first strong man Than Shwe, to arrest the third strong man Khin Nyunt and his followers, including his two sons. They dismissed the whole Khin Nyunt’s MIS Department,saying that all of them are found guilty of corruption ,smuggles and economic crimes.

   These criminals dare not to say anything. Those who had defended themselves were tortured to death.

   Cease-fire agreements were all signed by the cease-fire groups and Khin Nyunt, so the new officials and commanders do not respect the agreements and force the cease-fire groups to surrender. The ethnic nationalities realize again that the Burman chauvinists break again their promise. So some ethnic people pick up their arms again. A group of Shan forces declared independence, other ethnic forces are considering to do something.

   Burma's military rulers are now at one of the most crucial crossroads since theyseized power nearly 17 years ago.

   Anyhow, most of the ethnic resistance forces reaffirm: “We insist on our struggle for real federalism in which all nationalities and states have equal rights”.

   NLD led by Aung San Suu Kyi declares that they oppose violence. They are for Gandhi’s non-violence . Sai Wansai, General Secretary of Shan Democratic Union comments that the English government that Gandhi had opposed ,was the parliamentary democratic who were afraid of killing people. But these Burmese generals Aung San Suu Kyi has been opposing are the military Fascists who dare to massacre,defy laws, human and divine.

   Thousands and thousands of revolutionary civilians, workers, farmers, students and Buddist monks said ,“Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for 15 years.Although we are outside, the junta kills and tortures us what he likes. We rather die for a noble cause than a shameful life”。Some student activists have been planning to blast bombs in junta’s Rangoon .

   The Communist Party of Burma has called for mass demonstrations, student struggles, movements of workers and farmers against the junta.

   The leader of Parliamentary Democracy Party PDP established by U Nu said that a revolutionary party should lead the people to fight the tyranny, and never let people wait and die.

   On May 7 three bombs blasted in the heart of Rangoon at several key commercial centres .So stunned and shocked were Burma's generals that they blamed everyone: Shan and Karen rebel groups, students, exile government NCGUB ,USA CIA and Thailand.

   Although the junta said less than 20 people had died in the explosion, thereconfirmed more than 60 victims.In the weeks since the bomb blasts there have been hundreds of hoax bombs.Fake bombs, including newspapers stuffed in bags have been left outside cinemas, malls and hotels. The authorities rushed to the locations, cordoned off and searched the area etc.

   The regime is still in the dark as to who was be-hind the bombs .That has left the generals reeling.The generals are on pins and niddles.They are facing increasing international isolation and internal strife as they strive to strengthen their control.

   Massive security measures have been imposed all over Rangoon. Metaldetectors have been installed at the shopping malls and hotels. Road blockshave been established along the major roads. Buses are stop-ped and the passengers searched.

   Letters and even e-mails threaten continuously that there will be bomb threats to key commercial centres in Rangoon. All people are scared.

   Two weeks ago Yuzana Plaza Hotel, near the Shwedagon temple received more than 40 letters threatening to blow up the shopping stores in the mall.The internationally well-known Traders Hotel in the city-centre has also been targeted with bomb threats.

   People said that further bombs had been detected and defused. But the regime keeps silent on this. Instead, they have effectively blacked out all news on the event.

   A flight from Kawthaung to Rangoon was found a bomb. The authorities suspected somebody had carried the bomb on the airplane, so all the passengers were arrested .

   There rumors that the student terrorists are coming to Rangoon .So all the busses are stopped and all the passengers are forced to get off as the soldiers search the busses.

   General Than Shwe has taken over control of the important investigations,saying that the new officials and new commanders are with poor experience and the police can not be trusted. His protege, Rangoon commander and head of the new military intelligence branch, General Myint Swe is in charge of the day-to-day operations with the help of the 11th Light Infantry Division based in Rangoon.

   The Burmese junta is a beast of prey. every day they kill the workers, farmers, civilians, students, Buddist monks and nuns. They massacre our ethnic brothers and sisters, burn and destroy ethnic people’s villages and paddy fields, force the villagers to displace and work for them. They let Burma’s soldiers gang-rape the ethnic women as a Burmanisation policy of their civil war.

   In the meantime, the regime is continuing its witch-hunt against the familyand supporters of the former prime minister Gen Khin Nyunt.They kill and torturenow among themselves.

   The Burmese Generals are indeed wild beasts!

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