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Statement on Second Anniversary of De-pe’-yin Massacre

   (S.H.A.N. & Burma's News published by Burma's Chinese)

   On this day two years ago, at least 282 innocent and unarmed members andsupporters of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party were brutallymurdered by thugs. It was widely known that Soe Win, then Secretary (1) ofthe SPDC regime and today Prime Minister of Burma, had personally takencharge of the operation and directed the massacre. His primary target was to kill Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on the spot.

   With a view to hoodwink the international community and others Soe Winordered his henchmen to use bamboo staves, pikes, swords and sticks in place of guns, which would finger his armed troops, licensed to hold arms in the country only. However, Soe Win’s henchmen, several dozens of long-term convicts promised with freedom and cash incentives amongst others, failed to do the job. Our sorrows and undying gratitude go to those NLD youths and others, for giving up their lives while defending their leaders to the last.

   Obviously, Than Shwe led SPDC military regime has no inclination, much lessindication, to hand over power peacefully to the people in line with the1990 multi-party election results. This fact is reinforced by the SPDC still refusing to repeated calls by the NLD and the international community for meaningful dialogue until today.

   When the people of Burma and international community’s calls for peacefultransfer of power become loud and determined, Than Shwe’s regime resorted to murder Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the most popular and legitimate national leader at De-pe’-yin, out of desperation and spite. When the plot failed Than Shwe’s regime put her under house arrest and kept her incommunicado until today. And Soe Win was rewarded for his cowardly deed with the PrimeMinister post, entrusted with running the country today.

   As known worldwide, the SPDC regime is riddled with gross human rightsabuses, forced labor and child labor – more than 70,000 child soldiersrecruited among 400,000 armed troops in Burma – not to mention drugproducing and trafficking placing the country in the second spot in theworld.

   On this day we strongly urge the United Nations to take substantive andconcrete action, in place of issuing unsubstantiated and hollow statements,condemnations and others, on Soe Win’s regime. And at the same time we abhor and condemn all governing bodies, specifically in the ASEAN and some western democracies in the world still collaborating, cooperating and acquiescing to Soe Win’s lawless and murderous rule in Burma, instead of calling for investigation into the De-pe’-yin massacres, the most heinous crime of the 21st century.

   While offering our condolences to the families of those brave martyrs forgiving their lives for their leaders and country two years ago on this day,we vow to bring justice on those responsible for the murders and continueour struggle for freedom and democracy until ultimate victory.

   All Burma Students Democratic Organization (Australia)

   Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA)

   Date May 30, 2005

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