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KNU Statement on Bomb Attacks in Rangoon City

   (BOXUN Received from Burma's Chinese )


   May 8, 2005

    The SPDC has issued a statement alleging that the KNU, KNPP, SSA and NCGUB carried out three bomb attacks in Rangoon on May 7, 2005, killing 11 and wounding 162 civilians. Regarding this matter, the KNU would like to issue a statement as follows.

   1. Mass killing of innocent civilians like this is an outrageous atrocity of inhuman act and we, the KNU, strongly oppose and condemn it.

   2. The KNU is not an organization relying on terrorism and violence. It is a political organization which has been leading the revolutionary resistance of the Karen people, with valid and correct political goals. The KNU is an organization of the people, by the people and for the people. For that reason, it has the duty only to defend the people and has no reason to harm them. Accordingly, the KNU has nothing to do with the bomb attacks.

   3. Though the KNU has nothing to do with Ye-Lamaing attack, Kyaukpya village attack in Mone Township and now the bomb attacks in Rangoon, the unfounded allegations against the KNU by the SPDC is a wicked plot by it to make the KNU appear as a terrorist organization in the domestic and international arenas and we forcefully denounce it.

   4. In the pre-WW II period, there had been an incident in which the Nazi regime clandestinely carried out arson attack on the German parliament building and then accused the opposition of being the perpetrators. The bomb attack in Mandalay Zaygyo bazaar and the present bomb attacks in Rangoon are systematic and premeditated attacks of horrendous magnitude against the innocents. After these attacks and nefarious accusations, there can be more repression of the opposition and the people. For that reason, we must be alert to the development of such machinations.

   5. We have been relentlessly striving for the emergence of tripartite dialogue for resolution of political problems by political means, a process which is best for all the forces. However, instead of the emergence a political dialogue, there has been only disturbing developments. If the SPDC continues to refuse to resolve political problems through dialogue, more disturbing situation could arise and, for that reason, we, the KNU, strongly urge the SPDC to relinquish its policy of total elimination and to start dialogue for resolution of political problems, without delay.


   Central Headquarters Karen National Union

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