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貌强:Statement of Concern by Burma's Chinese

   by Maung Chan (Burma's Chinese)

   The existing EU Common Position bans all high-ranking Burmese government and military officials from travelling to Europe.

   But we find that under the empty promises and manoeuvring tactics of the military regime, the EU Common Position seems softening and trying to allow the participation of Burmese ministers and high-ranking military officials in the various ASEM/ARF meetings to be held in Europe in 2006.

   We do not believe that the E.U's softly approach can so easily persuade our Burmese state-usurper, the heinous generals to make democratic changes or transfer power to 1990 general election winners.

   People of all nationalities of Burma are all aware that the military regime, in order to maintain their illegally seized power, is systematically dismantling the National League for Democracy, inhumanly persecuting and genocidal slaughtering the federalism-demanding ethic nationalities . Burma's entire people are deadly oppressed and are in fear, distressed and of no human rights, democracy and freedom.

   Here ,we Burma's Chinese, joining with all democratic forces and oppressed ethnic nationalities of Burma, urge the European Council of Ministers to grant no exemption from the visa ban for the Burmese ministers and military officials to attend the ARF and ASEM meetings in Europe, until and unless our people's leader Aung San Suu Kyi is freed for national reconciliation, tri-partite reconciliation dialogue (the junta, the democratic force and the ethnic force) is held and an accountable government is in place.

   Moreover, EU Common Position on Burma must be strengthened instead, especially sanctions on oil and gas sector.


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