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貌强:Only Democracy & Real Federalism Can Rescue Burma!

    by Maung Chan (Burma’s Chinese)

   On April 17,2005, the Shan group led by Prince Hso Kham Hpa , declared a totally Independent Shan State.

   Hso Kham Hpa is the eldest son of Sao Shwe Thaik, the Saopha ( Shan chief) of Yawnghwe and the first President of Burma after Burma's Independence from British colonial rule . According to Hso Kham Hpa,

   1。the foundation of Union of Burma in 1948 was based on the Panglong Agreement in 1947 which promised equality among Burmans and non-Burmans.

   2。After independence in 1948, The federal union of equal rights for all nationalities, in practice became the unitary Chauvinist Burmese dictatorship .

   During 1958-62 ,the leaders of nationalities tried to institute constitutional reforms in the Union Parliament towards a more equitable federal system as envisaged by the 1947 Panglong Agreement。However, General Ne Win staged his military coup in 1962,abolished the Union Constitution and established the military dictatorial rule. In Shan State, General Ne Win and his successive junta raped, murdered , arrested, extorted & tortured the Shan people,as the same to other nationalities like Karen, Karenni, Mon, Chin, Kachin etc.

   Due to the grossly violation of Burma’s Fascist junta in human rights, nationalities’ rights and democracy, as well as confiscating ethnic people’s lands and forcing ethnic villagers to relocate and labor etc, all ethnic people are so in despair that they want their states to leave the sham Union of Burma for a total independence.

   Hso Kham Hpa said that Shan people have many options: -

   1. A total independence of Shan Country.

   2.OR Form a United States of Southeast Asia - USSA with the Arakan, Chin, Kachin, Karenni, Mon & Karen.

   3.OR Form an EU like grouping with the above partners, SEAU.

   4.OR Negotiate a totally new federal union of equal partners to include the Burmese or Burma State - with effective safeguards so that we do not have a repeat of the Ne Win-BSPP/SLORC/SPDC dictatorship; and with a totally new name.

   5.OR Join with Thai brothers.

   6.OR Join with Lao brothers.

   7.OR Form a Thai-Tai-Lao, Tai Speaking Peoples Union.

   8.OR Form an association with China.

   The leader of SSA (Shan State Army) Col Yawd Serk affirmed,first of all, the declaration of Independence by Hso Kham Hpa and other Shan elders reflecting their patriotism and good intention to free Shan people.

   “But without thorough analyzing of the situation, without consulting with other concerned parties, rushing to declare independence and formation of a Shan government would yield nothing or benefit our people. It will just be a wishful-thinking undertaking, without any chance to realize the real aspiration of the people”, criticized Col Sao Yawd Serk.

   Last year May, the editor of BURMA DIGEST, the Burman political activist Tayza interviewed Hso Kham Hpa. Our Burman brother Mr. Tayza told him sincerely and openly:

    "I support all ethnic groups' rights to have their own federal states, probably in US style or Canadian style. I understand that Quebac Province in Canada is an autonomic federal state. Shan state can be like that.”

   “I never believe that total separation of Union of Burma/Myanmar into a large number of totally separated & independent but very small tiny little countries might be a wise decision”.

    I, as a Burma’s Chinese, highly respect and fully appreciate our Burman brother Mr. Tayza who stands high up and sees far away.

   According to my humble opinion,

   All nationalities of Burma originate of the same root. We have been all along the long history in a same boat. During the British colonial rule, we shared weal and woe with each other too. We fought together for our freedom and got the united independence until 1948.

   All nationalities of Burma have suffered bitterly for a half century. The arch-criminal is the Burman Chauvinism led by Burma’s generals. The Fascist generals have massacred and bullied all ethnic nationalities since independence in 1948.They killed in 1962 our Rangoon University students who demonstrated for freedom in the university compound. The inhuman junta blew out our Student Union Building with our classmates and comrades protesting inside (being not a boarder student, I was driven out of the compound short before the massacre, so I have good luck to live till today ).In 1974 and 1988,the junta massacred thousands of Burman people who demanded democracy and freedom.

   Obviously,the generals consider only their own interest and trust merely “the political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. In order to seize, safeguard and maintain the power, the junta kill ruthlessly all opponents on the spot with no other admittance, regardless of Burmans or non-Burmans.

   Now, the world is marching towards globalization.

   25 European countries which battled each other in the history and even waged the First World War and the Second World War, have now associated the EU big family for the peaceful cooperation and development. The South East Asian countries, which fought each other in the history too, associated the ASEAN in 1967 for the peaceful cooperation and now they have formed already a big family of 10 countries. They still try best to associate 10+3 with China, Korea and Japan for a more peaceful and prosperous future.

   Our Burma has been suffering from the civil war and the military dictatorship for a half-century. It is the junta who has made our motherland one of the poorest, the most backward and freedomless countries in the world . The international community knows Burma is the hell on earth and Burma’s generals are the arch criminal.

   We oppose resolutely the junta continue wrecking our country and ruining our people. For the sake of co-existence ,cooperation and co-development, we, people of all nationalities of Burma, MUST stop to fight each other and rescue our Union of Burma from disintegration.

   We MUST establish real Federal Union in which all nationalities enjoy equal rights, human rights, peace and democracy.

   We MUST unite and strive hard to catch up ASEAN’s level and speed. It is more necessary to work with ASEAN,China, India, Korea and Japan for a more progressive and prosperous future.

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