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貌强:Good Deeds Will Be Rewarded and Evil Punished

   --Thoughts on reading BURMA DIGEST’s Editorial: Triple Six Uprisings (article attached)

   by Maung Chan (Burma's Chinese)

   From the God-grandfather General Ne Win to the nowadays "grandson" General Than Shwe,although all generals having seen the whole country extremely poor,backwards and everywhere bodies of the starved,they are never moved,without feelings of any guilt or pity.

   The generals are in deed the arch usurper of state power.Since the coup of March 2,1962 ,they have waged the genocidal war, as well as forced displacement and forced labour, to oppress the ethic nationalieis who demand national equality.In 1962,1974 and 1988, they massacred students,civilians and monks who demanded democracy, the death amount increased from a hundred in 1962 upto thousends in 1988, but they did not care. In 1990 they lost the General Election but have till now refused to handover power to the winners NLD, SNLD etc. Regardless of the protest of Burma’s people and international community, they have house-arrested NLD’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi for 10 years and jailed more than 1100 political prisoners including the elected people’s representatives.They prohibit all activities of opposition parties and democratic activists of Burma. Accusing with “ dis-integrating Burma” and “splitting people’s unity”, they massacre cool-bloodedly our democratic force and our ethnic forces.

   The generals grab everything from people through deceit or by force.They invent names such as “Nationalization”,“Demonetization of the currency notes”,“Anti-market-players”,“Defend Socialist economy” etc to filch people’s economic lifelines and plunder people’s industry, commerce and wealth. They exploit the peace-loving people so much that the latter can hardly survive. The people are suffering hell on earth ,weak and sick due to malnutrition, their children have little chance to study because the schools are often closed by the junta due to stduent movements. However, the generals eat too fine and need to reduce body weight.Their children study mostly abroad.

   The generals can have everything at will because they have power.The half-century dictatorial rule and civil war confirm the generals that the political power grows 100% out of the barrel of a gun and that justice and conscience is nothing. The generals like to ask,“ The Western Democracy,Federalism or Scientic Knowledge,how much per kilo? ”.

   Maybe their subconsciousness tells the generals that they have done evil too much and will definitely fall deep into the bottom of the hell,the generals are now

   --day and night in a state of anxiety.

   --Praying exaggerately Lord Buddha.

   --Kneeling down before supernatural spirits for good luck.

   --Using their dirty money to build pagodas and “donate”the monks.

   --begging the astrologers for advice to excape unluck.

   By these ways the generals hope in vain to rescue themselves from the hell.

   The blind faith in spirits and astrologers of Burma’s generals has become the laughing stock of the world.

   --General Ne Win blind-worships number 9.He believes 9 will bring him health ,wealth and good luck.

   --Just according to astrologers, last year General Than Shwe secretly spread “millions of gold goes abroad”,in order to let false Than Shwe go away and real Than Shwe long live in Burma. In Burmese “Than Shwe” means “millions of gold”. Nevertheless, this children’s rumour stimulated the gold price leaping up and causing Burma’s skyrocket-inflation.

   --According to astrologers too, the junta moved 11 Ministrial Deparments on November 11 to the New Capital.Thousands and thousands of governmental servant were forced to move at that very numbers 11.11.11.When the move started, all the servant had to shout loudly:“1,2,3,Capital Moves! Capital Moves! Capital Moves!”so as to let the spirits be definitely informed. --According to BURMA DIGEST Editorial: the junta is afraid of the number 6 too, which means “threaten” in Burmese.That means number 6is every second threatening the junta.

   In fact, according to the Theravada Buddhism,good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil.If the reward is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not arrived yet. When the time arrives,one will get all the reward he deserves. If one commits too much evil deeds, he will die, all of a sudden ,even healthy.

   You generals have killed for a half-century nearly a million of innocent people, committed all sorts of wickedness and been guilty of the most heinour crimes. You definitely can not escape from theboundless bitterness and endless circle of rebirths Samsara.

   Anyhow, in case you give up evil ways, try your best keeping the basic 5-precepts of Buddhism:

   1.kill not: Stop killing democratic force and ethnic people.

   2.steal not: Abolish your plundering & dictorial rule , handover the stolen power to people.

   3.commit not adultery: Stop using rape as a tactics of war on the oppressed ethnic people.

   4.lie not: No more deceiving the people of Burma and international community.

   5.drink not intoxicants: Give up drug money & drug traffic.

   Then,your monstrous crimes will decrease and you can climb upwards from the hell-bottom.

   Lord Buddha teaches us “Better save one life than build a 7-storied pagoda”.So, no need to copy General Ne Win who has built a golden pagoda under the historical Shwe Dagon Pagoda of Rangoon. There are a lot of very effective ways to do good deeds.

   Lord Buddha is infinitely compassionate and merciful.

   Listen! Butcher generals!

   The circle of rebirths Samsara is endless! The sea of bitterness has no bounds!

   Repent! Drop your butcher knife! Stop committing evil ! Keep 5-precerps! Redeem sins by good deeds! Do more good deeds!...... The shore is at hand.



   The following is BURMA DIGEST Editorial ,22-28 Jan 2006, the journal for democracy & human rights in Burma, with title " Triple Six Uprisings" ( by Zay Ya ):

   Baydin Sayar’s “King Of The Dying Manor" satire in last week Burma Digest put me deep in thoughts for a long moment. The author says the targeted date is the 6th of June 2006 or rather 6.6.06.

   He refers that day as the mark of the Devil, 666. Now it will be about four and a half months from now to reach the target date. In my view, as the number "six" is pronounced "chauk" in Burmese (‘chauk’ means ‘threatens’ in Burmese language)- unilaterally chauk, chauk, chauk, the junta's leaders are threatened by three different, but similarly-intended ways.

   First threat - People's united power

   Second threat - Global actions, esp. from the UN Security Council

   Third threat - Cooperation between international community and overseas Burmese activists.

   The current political atmosphere has appeared like this, not because the junta is pushed there, but because the junta has chosen their own roadmap to their collective cemetery by confronting with all Burmese and ethnic people and the world including even the ASEAN.

   Let's do something for our country.

   Organize people around to participate in this movement.

   Pressure the junta the hardest. Create any wise movements and campaigns.

   Support any feasible movements and campaigns, regardless of whowver or which ever group is organizing it.

   Honour those who died for the struggle of democracy.

   Honour those who are now in the prisons because of their political belief.

   Stir our courage up by remembering the ocean of blood shed in the 8888 uprisings and the 2003 De-pay-yin massacre.

   Forget minor diversities among ourselves.

   Please do it collectively. The unity now we collect will become the final blow to the dictatorial junta in the triple six uprisings on 6.6.06.

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