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貌强:Turning A New Page/Enter 2006!

   --BURMA DIGEST's Editorial:

   ( BURMA DIGEST is a journal for democracy & human-rights in Burma, published weekly online, with Prof. Kanbawza Win as Patron ,Ko Htun Aung Gyaw, Sai Wan Sai, Ko Sa La, Dr. David Law , Dr. Win Naing (NLD/LA/UK) as Board of Advisors and the Tayza Thuria, Zay Ya and May(Blog Editor) as Editorial Team ).

   Good Bye 2005. 2005 is gone with its long list of important happenings.

   Disasters topped the list of events in 2005_ around the world and inside Burma as well_ unprecedented severe earth-quakes, Hurricanes around the world, and unusual fatal Bomb-blasts in Burma.

   In 2005, we saw the rise to power of hard-liners in Burma’s military junta. We saw increased oppressions on ethnic minority people. We heard the news of lengthy prison sentences to ethnic leaders, extension of house-arrest of Aunty Aung San Suu Kyi, imprisonment of Ma Su Su Nway. We witnessed the increased fuel prices leading to overall inflations in Burma, along with uncertainties and insecurities of civil servants forced to transfer to new unfinished capitol, Kyat Pyay.

   In 2005, Burma was named as an out-post of tyranny. Burma was ranked as most corrupt, most oppressive but least democratic country in the world.

   But, there were some glimpses of hope coming from US, UN and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

   US leaders, both in White House and Capitol Hill, are giving more and more attention to Burma.

   UN had a discussion in Security Council on Burma’s problems.

   ASEAN did pressure Burmese Generals to give up ASEAN Chair. And now they have even abandoned their non-intervention policies to be able to take an important role in solving Burma’s problems.

   So, what will 2006 bring for us?

   One thing definitely sure is SPDC military regime will approve their pro-military constitution in their own way. And then a new fake civilian government with retired Generals will be installed. Their Kyant-phont(USDA) Organization will be come the official party in power.

   What we don’t know is what will happen to Aunty Aung San Suu Kyi, her National League for Democracy, and other ethnic groups.

   But we can hope that our great friend, the United States, will pressure UN to take more serious actions on Burma and which in turn will prompt ASEAN to drive the hard-line Generals of Burma’s military junta to a sincere round-table-dialogue with pro-democracy and ethnic leaders for a true National reconciliation.

   Burmese people has been trying to be regain their national glory and prestige which they lost exactly 120 years ago when their country fell under colonial rule. Although they got their Independence back in 1948, they has never got a chance to stand up proudly among the international community so far as they have to cower under the iron-heels of successive military-regimes with great notoriety for corruption, ruthlessness and oppression.


   (Maung Chan is the main responsible person & contributor of “S.H.A.N. & Burma’s News Pulished by Burma’s Chinese”)

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