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貌强:Sai Wansai & Maung Chan Talk about Burma’s Situation

Sai Wansai is General Secretary of Shan Democratic Union.

   Maung Chan is the main responsible person and distributor of the S.H.A.N. & Burma’s News Published by Burma’s Chinese.

   In the follwing: M= Maung Chan, S= Sai Wansai


   M: the world affairs are same as Taiji’s Yin and Yang, changing all the time according to favorable climate, geographical position and support of the people.There must be a reunion after a long time of separation and vice versa.When you reach the highest point,then you will fall down.The positive and the negative are struggling ,intervening, diffusing and co-completing each other.

   The distinguised talent Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping is the great master of Taiji. He knows how to solve problems: step forward or backward, upward or downward just according to Taiji's Yin-Yang changings. He, as a Kungfu’s master, knows when he must defeat down the enemy with one blow or one kick.He shows communism but realizes capitalism ,faces eastward but goes to west direction, always beyond expectations of both communist and capitalist countries.

   Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang ,3 in 1, has led the poor and weak China marching through mountains and over rivers ,within 25 years,transfered this “Far-East Patient”becoming the economical, scientifical, technological and military giant of the Asian No.1 .

   However, the junta of Burma does not learn Deng Xiaoping’s cleverness and hard-working.It copies Mao’s Great Cultural Revolution and practises the proneness to boosting and exaggeration .The result: wrecking our country and ruining our people.

   In 1987, our country Burma, the richest one in South-East Asia, has already become one of the most poorest in the world.

   S: You have told me that Mr. Deng, Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhao three heroic swordsmen have saved China by means of curve-line. Now some blind schoolars and stupid experts say that Burma’s junta is copying China’s Open-door Reformation and applying the curve-line.

   M: Our dictatorial generals always say one thing and do another.They are selfish swindlers.The fathers of our generals have been educated by the Fascist Japanese during 1941-45. So the sons are more cunning,cheating, cruel and opportunistic.They just practise the law of jungle and harm others to benefit themselves.

   See their names: they call themselves during 1962-87 “The Revolutionary Council of Burmese Way to Socialism”,then “the State Law and Order Reconstruction Council”, from 1993 onward “the State Peace and Development Council” up to now. How great and glorious they look like! In fact they are good in appearance and bad in essence.

   S: The dictatorial junta “nationalizes” (robs officially!) people’s fortune, occupies national treasury and squanders people’s sweat and toil. By upholding the great Burman Chauvinism, they launch the civil war against our ethnic nationalities for a half century.

   According to Buddhism ,the junta’s evil result lets them face now retribution for a life of crime.

   M: Are you so kind to tell the Chinese people inside and outside China about Burma’s current situation?

   S: The country the most bitterly hates and detests Burma is the USA. The President and other top-leaders of USA denounce Burma very openly whenever they have chances and request the world to punish these "local tyrants, gangsters and terrorists” .They have forced successfully the UN to brief on Burma’s violence of human rights.

   Europa is the origin of the human rights, so EU respect the human rights the most and therefore have set the economic sanction on Burma since decades.

   Under the pressure of USA, EU and international community, ASEAN has changed recently its “non-interference of member’s internal affairs” and asked Burma to speed up its democratisation,release Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners and go on the reform.

   “ Don’t let ASEAN lose face and the Asian Value!” said ASEAN to Burma.

   Above all, my dear Maung Chan, don’t forget the death-or-life protracted struggles of our people including you and me that play a great and definite roll.

   M: In 1962 we protested against the military rule in our Rangoon University compound and hundreds of our schoolfellows were shot dead by the junta.I was lucky . In 1963 we synpathised the farmers and workers suffering so much from the civil war .We demonstrated :“Domestic peace!”and ”Stop the civil war!”. Student leaders like our schoolmate Ma Htwe Kyi of Prome etc were expelled for ever from the universtity study. I was unpunished for not being student leader.

   In 1967 world-rice-storehouse Burma unbelievably met with famine, the junta plotted the anti-Chinese riot and escaped from the crisis .I worked then for the Burma Industrial Development Cooperation and was nearly killed by the thugs in the street. I left Burma in October 1967 sadly for my specialised study in Germany. More than 30 years I have heard, seen and dreamed how our people in Burma resisting bravely the fascist junta and thousands and thousands of them were killed .I can not sleep well and therfore rush about and cry out for them.

   Dear Sai Wansai, You are from Shan revolutionary family, I can not , of course ,compare with you.

   S: The junta knows only how to grip and maintain power,its genius is anti-people, anti-society and anti-progress.Now the generals have been hit to the corner by the international community. The junta has declared yesterday that it allows Asean’s foreign minister to visit Burma and collect the first-hand meterials.

   M: China’s Mao, the farmer revolutionist told us correctly “If you do not give a heavy blow to the reactionary, he will not fall down”.

   well, you have told me that the junta faces now 2 crises?

   S: Yes, one is the constitution crisis.You were teacher in Burma and have taught the history of Burma to the younger generation. You know well the history has been distorted by the Burman Chauvinism.

   We non-Burman nationalities have signed the 1947 Union Constitution based on the 1947 Panglong Agreement which was initiated by our Shan leader Saw Shwe Thaike and Burman leader General Aung San. The 1947 Constitution recognizes all nationalities have equal rights and self-determination.

   In 1962 the Burman Chauvinism led by General Ne Win nullified the1947 Constitution and has ruled since then our country with the military dictatorship.

   M: I have told the progressive students that the ethnic nationalities are angry at nullification of the 1947 Constitution, hate the Great Burman Chauvinism, oppose the military one-party dictatorship.

   S: What we hate the most is, the junta manufactures various forms of racial conflicts and then stigmatizes us “disintegrating the country” ,“destroying peace and national unity” and then oppresses us on a large scale. You know the Union of Burma is integration of the ethnic states: with their respective territories and all the properties on and under the territories e.g. people, natural resources, fortunes etc.The Panglong Agreement gives evidence that all states and all nationalities have the same rights.It is the junta that disintegrates our country and destroys our national unity.

   M: How about the 2nd crisis?

   S: The crisis of Democracy and Human rights.

   The junta rules our country under Fascism. It intensifies the civil war and oppression and thus abuses seriously human rights.In 1990 the junta lost the General Election but refused to hand over power to the absolute winners NLD and SNLD. It even jails and tortures the leaders of Burman NLD and our Shan’s SNLD.It oppresses the activities of democratic force and ethnic nationalities. All nationalities of Burma, both the Burman or the Non-Burman,are suffering politically, economically and socially.

   The military dictatorship creates political prisoners, the civil-war’s refugee,forced labor, displacers, drug traffickers, HIV/AIDS, thieves, robbers, thugs and verious social problems which not only harm Burma itself, but also neighboring countries.

   M: The junta reopened its “National Convention” on December 5 and said “First draft the constitution, then we’ll rule the country by law”.Didn’t he?


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