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·Burmese Monks Pray for Democracy
·Deliver the Junta of Burma to the International Criminal Court
貌强:Prof. Win's An Attempt on Jigsaw Puzzle


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    The following points have been discussed by Prof. Win, European scholars and Maung Chan:

    1.Burmese problem is basically the struggle against the Burmanization program, imposed by a major ethnic Burman tribe over the ethnic nationalities?

    2.All the roots of the problem such as democratic struggle, ethnic cleansing, narco industry, forced labour and forced relocations, gross human rights violations, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, etc are related to the ethnic cleansing?

    3. Now everybody wants to be Bo Aung San and unwittingly in their zeal ended up as Bo Teza, so much so that the standard joke of putting two Burmese in a cell will form three political parties?

    4.Unity in diversity: All Burma's nationalities should seek common ground while reserving differences ,work together for the real federal Burma?

    5.The constitution must run on the Federal lines whether it is copy from Canada, Switzerland, Germany or what so ever there must be a hard and fast rule where the ethnic nationalities must be able to uphold their own culture, history, literature, values and the likes. The internal administration of an autonomous region within Burma must be left in their hands of their respective locally elected rulers with their own constitution?

    6.Modern Burma is not a single monolithic entity or a nation state but all the ethnic people agree to stay willingly under the Union of Burma provided they are treated equal and if the concordat is destroy than every ethnic nationality has the right to take whatever actions necessary. This is the crux of the Burmese problem and until and unless one can tackle this basic problem there can be no peace and tranquility?

    7.A nationality is great if it respects and relies on itself, consciously checks and corrects its mistakes and constantly improves itself. foreign aid is not the first necessity? ++Maung Chan, Burma's Chinese, the main editor of S.H.A.N. & Burma's News Published by Burma's Chinese.

    ++Prof.Kanbawza Win (Dr. B.T.Win): Incumbent Dean of Students of AEIOU Programme, Chiangmai University, Thailand. Senior Research Fellow at the European Institute of Asian Studies, Under the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium. Earlier Consultant to National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma. Editorial Consultant, “Asian Tribune.”


Appeal for the Federal Union of Burma

An Attempt on Jigsaw Puzzle

    Kanbawza Win

    It seems that the ethno-democratic forces of Burma having lost in the battlefield have come out with flying colors in the diplomatic field and is now in the home stretch where it will have to use all the reserve energy to sprint off to the winning post of the genuine Federal Republic of the Union of Burma. Are we able to do that? In other words can we work together to achieve our goal or be like a Burmese proverb, "Hsin Ta Gung Lone A Mee Nar Mar Tit" literally interpreted that after conquering the whole elephant you fail only at the tail. This is the most crucial period of our long struggle, where we will have to make it at all cost. The secret of our success is working together, even though we may have divergent views or to put it more beautifully is unity in diversity.

    Working together can help us find new ways of approach and thinking but however working together isn't easy. In fact, it's hard. Trying to work together sets up the very dynamics that can cause friction, the need for patience to see things from another point of view, the need to depend or rely on one another to go forward, and the need for agreement in common cause. It has many pitfalls-jealousy, resentment, frustrations, comparisons, discrepancies, misunderstanding, disappointments etc. The problem is all about trust, and trust is not a natural quality in humankind. Unless we have faith and trust with our comrades, we cannot sprint off the home stretch on to the winning post.

    Most often we stumble in working together because of the lack of resources or time. It increases the stress of cooperation, yet it can be the very thing that drives us into needing help. We must be able to resist the challenge of going it all alone. It seems easier to do things on our own or with our own group- the one that agrees with us, the one that does it our way. Yet, there is a promise of democracy, human rights and national self- determination and lots of blessing when we try together. The process of working together increases our vision and our hope. In the past there have been several attempts to bring all the resistance groups together but in the end it always failed. They may feel elated at the beginning but when it comes to dynamics they found themselves to be hopelessly divided. Now with the prospect of putting the Burmese case at the UNSC there is an unusual opportunity to do something with the other partners, to do something that we are one and demonstrated to others our love for one another and for our motherland. At time it may not be easy. But in the long run it will pay and the reward will be immense.

Myanmar and Non Myanmar

    The world has come to know that the Burmese problem is as complicated as ever, but to put it in a nutshell is basically the struggle against the Burmanization/ Myamarnization program, imposed by a major ethnic Burman (Myanmar) tribe over the ethnic nationalities. There was much resistance by the ethnic nationalities that finally led to the military coup in 1962. And since then the country has gone downwards in all aspects of life, and up to this day the people of Burma are unable to achieve the national identity. All the roots of the problem such as democratic struggle, ethnic cleansing, narco industry, forced labour and forced relocations, gross human rights violations, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, etc are related to the ethnic cleansing. After nearly half a century the majority of the Myanmar tribe realized that in the long run ethnic cleansing does not pay while the ethnic groups have also accepted that it is far better to stay as an autonomous region within the Union, rather than a petty state in the globalize world. This is a positive aspect.

    Hence to tackle the Herculean task of putting the enormous Burmese jigsaw puzzle in its place allow me to a comparison of the Myanmar and the Non-Myanmar as the Ants and the Bees (see diagram) where they have a common factor as well as similar and different aspects. They are social animals and even though we may sometimes come

    across a bee that does not stay in the hive, or an ant that does not reside in the hole, after a certain time they eventually come back to their respective homes being of the same kind. So also among the people of Burma we may have extremist groups be it a Myanmar or a non-Myanmar. In the latter group it can be categorised as racist, or cooperating with the Junta e.g. a unilateral declaration of independence indicates that it does not care for all the remaining ethnic nationalities, leaving their fate at the hands of the Junta. Or may be secretly, hands in glove with Junta to reinforce the Junta's theory of Balkanization as something like what Khun Sa has done to wink the entire Shan revolution. In the former case among the Myanmar is there are Myanmar chauvinist who yearn for "Maha Myanma Empire", thus ethnic assimilation, subjugation and domination is part and parcel of their imperial vision and construe that all the ethnic groups are under the thumb of Myanmar kings and now they should keep quiet while the mass of the people are struggling for democracy and human rights e.g. jokingly label as the Fascist Burmese Confederation, who would not utter a word of support for tabling the Burmese case to the UNSC and whose literature are always geared to soften the impact on the Junta. These stray ants and bees, once they realise their folly and mistake may one day find their way back home where we all have to accept them as a prodigal son. This is but one of the secrets of success or in other words the First Jigsaw Puzzle to be in place. Until and unless we have a forgiven heart we cannot stomach such a deed. United we stand and divided we fall.


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